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Sunday 18 October 2009

TIME Magazine's depiction of Nollywood

This is no Sunday Fun post...but it's a post that will make you laugh hard... or make you very angry; depending on how you see it.

A friend of mine drew my attention to it and I went to TIME Magazine's website to see and read for myself. I found it hilarious, maybe because I don't like to take things too seriously but some of you might view it differently.It's kind of sad that this is the way the outside world view our movie industry.

The article is titled:
Nollywood: The stars of Nigeria's movie biz
Photographer Pieter Hugo captures actors from Nigeria's film industry.
From the book Nollywood, published by Prestel Publishing.

To create these images, photographer Hugo asked teams of actors and assistants to re-create Nollywood myths and symbols as if they were on movie sets.

And please read the captions from the website under each photograph.

Nigeria's film business, a.k.a. Nollywood, is the third largest in the world. Its filmmakers produce as many as 1,000 movies each year for the home-video market

"Many of the movies are produced and marketed within the space of a week."

"The narratives are almost always overdramatic, with no happy endings."

"The production companies have extremely limited budgets and only the most basic scripts."

"Plots revolve around situations familiar to the audience and include witchcraft, bribery and prostitution, in addition to romance and comedy. "
"Most of the films are shot not in studios but on location in ordinary homes, hotels and offices."

"The preferred aesthetic is loud, violent and excessive."

"Nollywood represents the first time that Africa's rich oral and written storytelling has found a voice in mass media."

"Both the photographs and movie scenes they draw from are deeply rooted in the local collective imagination."

"It is estimated that Nollywood generates from $250 million to $500 million annually."

Nollywood: The Stars of Nigeria's Movie Biz.

As a Nigerian, are you offended by this depiction? Or do you find it funny? But most importantly; Is this an accurate depiction of our movie industry?
Let's know what you think.

Meanwhile this is the link...http://www.time.com/time/photogallery/0,29307,1926470,00.html


Anonymous said...

It is not hilarious Linda and you should not find it so. First and foremost, all the pictures were stage managed by the author to depict Africa not just Nollywood.

You may think it is funny, but they are sending out an underlining message to people that this is what all Africans are like, and we should never allow that stereotype to go down well with us.

I am embarrassed that you would find this funny but then again that I forgive your lack of exposure. The western world has an agenda, do not help them perpetuate it.

Admin said...

This is nonsense,whoever did this is not using his rightful thought

luvbogg said...

linda, I am still trying to understand those pix, i want to first visit the website but till then i reserve my comments.....and o, really this is funny but not 'ha ha' funny.....

Myne said...

This is not funny neither is it a true representation of Nollywood. However it reminds me of some of the movies I have seen with very wonkily done effects. Even vampire films in naija? I tire for Nollywood sometimes.

The way I see it, any publicity is good publicity. People see this on TIME they google nollywood. The photographer has exhibitions around the world and so the scope of our influence expands. Those in the system should use this as a wake up call and start plugging the gaps. The deluge is coming...

Anonymous said...

I am not surprised you find this funny.
A little bit of exposure will do you a whole lot of GOOD.
How you will even fathom that anyone slyly masking insults at Africans as "art" is something to laugh about is beyond me.
Anyway,i truly am not surprised,THIS is what we get when people who refuse to see beyond their environment are exposed to how the outside world view us.
You start to act the atypical closeted buffoon for the western world.
If the photographer himself had shown this to you,WOULD YOU HAVE LAUGHED.
Classic sign og insecurity of the African--always wanting to approve of what the west does,even if it is to OUR detriment.
Someone like you should never marry a foreigner,as i fear for the type of power you would give him over yourself.

Pissed off anon who has seen what "they" do to us and how they view us.

jobopportunitiesnigeria said...


Anonymous said...

this isnt funny in the slightest bit... what type of nonesense is this... im soooooo pi**ed off with this depiction of ''nigeria'' its getting ridiculous...hmmmm. they always see us like animals why? because we never challenge their so called '' views'' of us...
linda,i dnt find this sooo funny

Anonymous said...

When Africans continue to live in ignorance, then every other race will leave us trailing behind. Nollywood is a big joke! A movie in a week, wack storylines, horrible acting, makeup, pictures. It is because we are content that is why we are where we are today. If Africa gets their acts together we would not be a laughing stock to the western world. Asians are now getting the respect of the world, in the US here Bollywood classes are springing up because of the remarkable improvement of the industry. If you put up something nice the whole world would be interested. Nigerians should forget about Sony AD, District 9 and SIT up, we are a big joke to ourselves and the world.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, Africa has been depicted in so many negative ways, so it's nothing new. My thing is if Africans want the stereotype to stop, get yourselves together, act like some people who have common sense. The truth is that's what Nollywood movies is about anyway, and that's what it looks like to the outside world.

We can get mad all day long, call it nonsense, rubbish, if we don't prove that we are so much better than the stereotypes, it will not stop.

The interesting thing is, sometimes, these people like to exaggerate, go overboard, to see Africans' reactions. A lot of them know better than that. I remember when my American friends used to make fun of me, say stupid things like, you guys live on trees, eat monkeys, and that's why you guys have AIDS, etc. I used to be so angry. One day I just decided to ignore them, and started laughing about it, and went about my business. Eventually, they stopped, and even realized how stupid they sound.

My point is Africans allow the outside world to disrespect them in so many levels, and I just can't blame the outside world. For example, the United Nation, that took place in the States, few months ago, not one African country can represent out of the 52 countries, and Muammar al- Gadafi that represented Libya, look at how he became a joke to the media.

So I actually find it semi-hilarious, but I'm also aware that this is very serious.

Anonymous said...

it s no surprise that nollywood is viewed in such a way. with the unskilled cast and crews of the industry ,nollywood movies are not worth watching cos it just seems like a waste of time.first the name nollywood makes the whole industry ridiculous,secondly,the artiste are too dramatic .a friend of mine once mentioned that the actresses look like girls in porno movies...inexperienced and so dramatic!

omo naija said...

Linda this is not funny aaat all....you should never support/condone people that p*ss all over your Continent.

True Nollywood is shit - I'll be the first to admit that, but isn't it just a question of improving the production/quality of the movies? I've seen a handful of decent Nollywood movies, so there is some potential there. Try to remember that Nollywood is relatively new (in comparison to Hollywood or even Bollywood) so its going to take some time to catch up. I'm a big supporter of anything that encourages Entrepreneurship in Nigeria, because I think that is the only way forward for Nigeria - it's the only way a free market economy can ever emerge in the midst of all that corruption.

Thanks for sharing this with us Linda. But shame on TIME magazine - they are trying to tell us something with this, but that doesn't give them the right to sh*t on the efforts of a few enterprising people.

And Linda, I would strongly recommend that you start watching the History Channel, especially during Black History Month, so that you can gain a deeper understanding of just how far we have come as a people and understand why it is so important that you do not condone this type of tripe.

Anonymous said...

This is from an old article from TIME Magazine, for those of you who really want to know the whole Context, I suggest you read it for yourselves. Linda, I agree with the Anon above, "A little exposure will do you a lot of good". It is not enough to copy and paste things from the western world, you really need to have a clue to have an opinion.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1;35 and anon 6;12,u pple get issues o,anon 6;12 not only do u have issues u need help,u are so sad,c'mon!go resolve ur issues and dont take it out on Linda,as much as i dont support the article,u can t deny the fact that there s some truth in it infact 85 percent so get a grip of urself and stop venting at the wrong person

Anonymous said...

WTH?!...i am even more pissed that u find this funny than i am at the bloody article itself! Its people like u that help them perpetuate this absurd nonsensical depiction of Africa!

lemme say it in a language u may understand...one that u can relate to perhaps....u know all those times u keep complaining that "nigerian models are not respected, or given much jobs outside...or that foreign models get all the royal treatments when they come down to naija for shows and y'all get crumbs?"...well i hope ya find that funny too...bcos these are all branches of this ruthless media seed.

Ur ignorant and arrant jest of this situation is not cute atall...i know u r not that exposed but damn!


NaijaScorpio said...

Maybe i'm slow, but i don't even understand what they depicting. They are just perpetuating stereotypes that have nothing to do with Nollywood. They should leave our nollywood for us. No be by force.

Anonymous said...

jesus christ u ppl never cease 2 amaze me

why r u taking ur frustrations out on linda now lol

ok, now those pics u saw were not done by time magazine it was done by a nigerian artist and was exhibited all over nigeria. it ws the artists exagerated imaginations of stereotypical 9ja movie characters. IT WAS NOT TIMES THAT TOOK D PICS OOO, lol

Anonymous said...

The only thing i find funny is how people are justifying/semi-justifying the article bcos they think nollywood is "crap" and need this as a wake-up call ....(which is obviously debatable)....and i don't really care of what u think. BUT it baffles me that many of u do not see the underlying factor here. This isn't about nollywood.. this is another opportunity for white supremacy. They are trying once again to depict africans as low life, poverty striken animals. I mean common! These pictures went way too far and does not depict nollywood in its entirety. They are str8 up slanderous. Look beyond and look at the bigger picture.


Anonymous said...

This is just plain stupid. Ignorance of the highest order.
I have worked with several foreign media houses and helped them cover Nollywood.
Who did this nicompoops at Time work wit?
It hurtful and we need to correct this misinformation.

Anonymous said...

1 thing I still respect late Abacha for was that he was prepared to tell the West 2 go F themselves. Its unfortunate that those Nigerians posed 4 fotos which depicts us in an unfavourable light - I guess they were hungry 4 any kind of publicity. Nollywood is def. not Hollywood and is not meant 2 be - we are unique and will evolve and mature into a more meaningful, professional & mature industry if they just give us a break and some support 4 a change instead of dis constant dissing. I beg make dem go siddon ojare - who need oyibo man approval 2 do anything - na colo mentality dem want make we continue.

Linda Ikeji said...

Like I said at the beginning of the post, it will make you either laugh or make you very angry.

@Nma and all the anons calling me names...take it easy people...we can’t all see things the same way. Maybe like you all said, it’s my lack of exposure. Things u see as an affront, I find funny and I have no apologies for that. Do I think it’s a right depiction? Absolutely not. But do I find the photographs funny? Yes!!!
But please from now on, remind me to stick to my Sunday fun posts. This abuse is too much. Damn!!! I need a plane ticket...

Anonymous said...

I don't condone it, but it doesn't stop me from saying the truth. To me, it's better to laugh about it than take it so serious. Africans keep making fools of themselves, and you can't blame the western world, but Africans themselves. Someone said, that's why I respect Abacha when he says to the westerners to F themselves.

Are you kidding me? Do you realize how ignorant that sounds, and how stupid Africans look when they do it, Abacha, Mugabe, etc. Look at the whole continent for goodness sake, and what's going on there.

The western world have every right to see Africa the way they see it, because it's not a stereotype, it's the truth based on facts and evidences. Look at how Asia stepped up, how the westerners are starting to respect them. Instead of Africans learning from the good and the bad, but no, they open up their mouths and talk so ignorant. Greed, wickedness, selfishness, lack of common sense, pride will take them no where, and they will continue to be a big joke.

At the same time, I want to commend Africans who are working effortlessly, to make the continent a better place, and some Nigerians working so hard to make the country better, Fashola, Donald Duke, and many others.

Elfonnie said...










Anonymous said...

Um is this a joke or something??

Anonymous said...

All you Anons taking jabs at Linda that she is not exposed because she barred it all on her blog that she has not left the shores of Naija. What makes you guys exposed is it your illegal entry into the US and Europe that make you guys exposed.

Newsflash!!! you don't have to travel to be exposed, there is is a reason why the world is a global village. I am sure if Linda wants to travel she can and she is more than capable, she is making her money in Naija and she does not have to flee to look for greener pastures like all you anons that are claiming exposure.

As for the pictures they are more than hilarious!!!. If white men they vex una SIT in your country stop running your mouth.

Linda dear, keep up the good work dont let anybody run you down, its your choice to stay in Naija and contribute your quota to make this nation great again, dont mind all these second class citizens claiming exposure.

Anonymous said...

What is there to laugh about?

Anonymous said...

lol linda dont mind them jare, me personally i think u condone a lot of rubbish comments on ur blog if they dont like wat u say or post they should close eye now shwooo lol

d problem with 9ja commentators is that we sometimes take things 2 seriously ah ah. i saw dis pics ages ago at an exhibition and we all found the art really funny and intriguing

and plssss wat is all this talk about what "they" are doing to us......abeg its time 4 us 2 move on 4rm dat rubbish mentality and grow d hell up

also pls nobody shld force their rightoeus over patrotic, over zealous opinions on others LIGHTEN D HELL UP guys

luv u linda u r such a big girl

Anonymous said...

My Deraest Linda,

Abeg no vex oh, you hear? As for everyone who has insulted Linda in any manner, shape or form, please you guys should apologize ASAP. Linda is doing us a great favor by even opening this blog to the public, and the least we can do, is to appreciate her for it. If the rest of you like, call me ass kisser, I no care. I love this blog and get my daily fix of naija news on it.

When Linda said the TIME magazines were funny, I did not find that in anyway offensive. I was more offended that a Nigerian photographer could come up with such a photoshoot to capture the essence of his country’s budding film industry. I am even more offended that some Nigerians support the pictures and justify it by saying that is how Nollywood is. Is that really how little you think of Nollywood?

I will be the first to admit that anytime Nigeria comes on the lips of foreigners, my heart always skips a beat. I always expect them to be rude or to say something nasty about Nigeria (419, juju, corruption, you name it). What annoys me about the whole thing is that these same foreigners, while in Nigeria will BS their way through everything, lie to the average Nigerian and tell them they love the people, the culture, the country, and everything else. Then once they leave, they start badmouthing Nigeria to their friends and families back home.

There was no justification for this photoshoot. Foreigners already associate blackness with backwardness and instability, witchcraft and all sorts of evil, and for these pictures to grace the covers of a prestigious US magazine is very distressing. Indians would have complain, Pakistanis would complain, everyone would complain if anything negative appears about their country, yet anytime it’s Nigeria’s turn, people expect us to take crap and be quiet. They say Nigeria is corrupt, the people are poor, Nigeria is a failing country, nothing works there, and yet those same people come to Nigeria for precisely the reasons listed above. They come to take advantage of the very thing they say is wrong with Nigeria.

Please people, let us put a stop to all these negative press we have been receiving. Nobody has the right to tell a single story about us, and put that as the only story (up chimamanda!!) Anytime we try to do something right, they shove 7 million wrong things back at us. Na wetin we do sef? Na who we offend?

Please let's come together for the good of the country.

Alrighty, just thought I should put in my two cents. Once again Linda, please don't vex and stop all those juicy news you give, we all love you.

Shadenonconform said...

Thanks for bringing this to our attention Linda. Personally, there is nothing funny about these images. I scrolled through all the images with my mouth wide open. I wonder why he did not recruit famous Nigerian actors and actresses to partake in this foolery he calls art? smh.

Different "intellectuals" have commented on Hugo's work. Here is one such example:


Jolaade said...

awww, so sorry Linda that some pple diverted their anger to you and nort peter hugo the photographer.
By the way, people learn to pass across messages with no insults..Linda does a good job posting informative and entertaining news on her blog least we can do is too address her respectfully in ur comments...besides she has never been rude to us readers.

To you Linda, good job you do,I read you blog like everytime to keep abreast wiv wassup in town...
Keep being you...keep your flag flying, God bless u always
From a happy lindaikeji blog reader ...Jolaade

n N.B am not the Jolaade in the model contest...lol
Glad to see a name sake do her thing model wise tho'...my name hasnt being popular until recently..lol

Jaga said...

OMG! WTF! what was/where the author(s) thinking. Total Rubbish!

Yinkuslolo said...

sometimes, i wish commenters would leave a link to their blogs and not be anonymous. wanna know what kind of reaction they have to other issues or their train of thoughts in gen.

i find this depiction just as expected and i'm not upset. but time mag has lost its credibility, to me, for lack of clarification before publishing.

Chykere said...

Just before we ban time magazine, I think it's important Nigerians need to get out of this 'them against us' mode and start seeing facts for what they are. Nollywood is the only thing to laugh at. Our laziness, quick buck attitudes, copycat mentality etc all make Nollywood laughable. The pictures serve to potray all that is negative about Nollywood,not to insult Nigeria, inugo Aunty Dora!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I blame the nigerian actors and directors that took part in this fuckery. How could they agree to depict their own country like this. Our people need to change their mindset, we do not have to kiss the white man's ass. This is pure ignorance.

madambini said...

At first i was pissed when i saw the pictures, but reading the comments has left me reeling with laughter....
thats nigerians for you.....
all mouth, no action.....
oya.. go and sue TIMES for putting those pictures.....
lonnnnng hisssss!

sweet Linda! these pictures sure has made my day... everyone in the office is laughing too...

Linda... u too much joooo!

histreasure said...

Pieter Hugo is nothing if not ignorant..and no,He is not Nigerian..He is South African.
and i have not seen any Nollywood actor of repute in the pics,if any at all.

I think the author/artist left his homeland or wherever he is domiciled with this concept(if i should call it that)in mind, buys the costume and pays these people(and there's no way to even tell if they r Nigerians, and even if they are, they r obviouly paid muses,then again only you and i will observe that) all in a bid to gain popularity.

HE confesses himself that these are exagerrated but who will pay any heed to that especially as he says that he is depicting Nollywood but neglects to state that it is his overactive imagination

i have checked out his other works,the guy thrives on controversy, it seems, its what makes him popular and he puts himself forward as an expert on Africa..duh
Inspite of all that, i still think TIME mag went overboard cos it not only shows endorsement but it perpetuates the stereotype(then again,since this is about Africa, everyone accepts this as gospel)

I might not myself be a great fan of Nollywood but they try and are constantly improving.

And no, i do not find it funny.

Anonymous said...

Sad but true. It all boils down to the rot in the country. FYI not all Nigerians abroad are illegal immigrants seeking for greener pastures. Alot of us actually have a choice. As for nollywood movie industry, I guess when NIGERIANS (including the leaders and the people) get their acts together and ensure an enabling environment for investment to thrive in the Nation (by getting rid of corruption and rot in the nation etc etc) maybe then they can get real investors into the industry and pump in the much needed capital required to deliver a world class Nigerian movie. And this applies to all other sectors in the country. As I said its sad but true.

dede05 said...

The 'exposed' log on to the unexposed's blog for updates?????
yeah yeah so much for your exposure...

If u're that angry do something about the article....nonsense!!!

Direct your anger at the right channel...or as usual, una go make noise for blog end am there... petition mba, boycott mba, only noisemaking una sabi....

uka said...

Upon all your level of exposure, your are all stupid enough to continue reading an unexposed person,s blog?

What does that make you???

Exposed illitrates with over inflated self esteem based on zilch substance.

Iredotp said...

Why don't you put up links to some of the real good Nollywood films instead? The recent one by Stephanie Okereke and the one by Kunle Afolayan will do for a start. It is not new that the western media keep on feeding their people with 'thrash' all in the name of badmouthing Nigeria and the African continent, but then all I feel is pity for the poor people who get more ignorant by the day due to the misinformation. The joke is really on them not on us (The corrupt government is not included in the 'us')

Ramat said...

They should go and jump inside Lagoon,who cares for their opinion on what we do here.Nollywood has come to stay and there is nothing they can do to that than just take it that Africans and Nigeria in particular have good things going going on and they should stop seeing us in bad light.After they have our brothers and sisters doing well in USA there in different field.All hail Nigeria!God bless Africa

Ace (N4life) said...

Thanks for posting this Linda...I understand how some may find it funny & some find it offensive. I actually saw the book 'with my 2 naked eyes' (as we say! Lol) last Friday in a bookstore here in London. I was drawn to the book as the cover said 'NOLLYWOOD' & I was so happy that a book about Nollywood was in a mainstream bookstore in London. I picked it up & when I opened the pages my mouth was wide opened! I'm sure the shop assistant thought I was mad!! I couldnt believe the images & then I thought maybe it was something to do with Hallloween comin up but as I glanced thru the pages I started realising this was no joke nor Halloween... this was real.. I also thought the author was Nigerian.. to cut a long story short, I dropped the book & left the store shaking my head. I was confused...I wasnt sure if to laugh or get mad!! but I know what comes out of Nollywood & I know how beautiful our Nollywood women & how handsome our men are, but sadly not sure if the western world would know this, esp after seeing this book. Anyway hun, gotta go... as u know.. totally love ur blog & ur honesty & frankness keeps me comin back!! :).. stay beautiful1!!


Anonymous said...

shame about this while ghana is getting all thumbs up a la cadbury's new chocolate advert.....nice ad by the way...what we need... the best pr and image consultants since we are "rebranding" the country's image....

Vera B. said...

It's not a good thing to be sterotyped in a bad way is it? So think the next time u decide to stereotype groups of people, even when they look like "you".

Stereotypes doesn't mean it represent EVERYONE in a group no matter where they may live.

Anonymous said...

those who said linda is not exposed have problems. msheew becos u managed to traval abroad. abeg Linda dnt mind them oh. there is nothing abroad. exposure cos u travelled abroad my ass.

Anonymous said...

Linda, abeg laugh well, well if you want to. I laughed too when I saw it, because it's so exaggerated, that everyone in their right mind will know it's not true.

There are so many things in life that it's meant to just laugh about, than take it serious. Why do Naijas like reigning abuses on people, that's what they are good at. Linda, no mind them jor, keep doing what you are doing. I appreciate you.

Anonymous said...

ANON 11;47 PM...

It has never occured to you that some of us work for multinationals and get posted to work abroad abi?
And Nigerian owned banks nko?with branches here.Some are students with courses that can ONLY be studied in foreign universities.DOES THAT MAKE THEM ILLEGAL?





Exposure is not all about going to London and America to buy clothes from primark and forever 21 and coming back home to shine ehn..it goes beyond that..


And as for Linda travelling or what not--shebi she will get visa first-not so???

Tyra!!! said...

Rather than throw insults at Linda for exposing some narrow minded authors, why don’t y'all go to the site and pour out ur anger on the idiots that depicted Africa and Africans this way!

There is no point spitting your venom here cos those idiots won’t know that what they have done is wrong.

She put the link to the site here, go to the site and give them ur opinion on their ignorant depiction of our people. I am going there right now, if there is a place to leave a comment, I will tell them what I think of their ignorance!

They need to hear what we think about their stereotype beliefs.

WALE said...

nma and your fellow annon posters, obafemi awolowo must be turning in his grave to see what came out of his free education. you guys are a disgrace like someone rightly said you should have posted your links so people get to see how really "cleaver" & "over-exposed" some of you lot are.

if you call exposure travelling to one hungary and spain then God help linda. if you guys call exposure the cleaning and security jobs some of you do illegally in europe and north america then you are propbably under exposed. i will not bore you with illegal immigration and frauds some of you are heavilly involved in yet you call you call a hard working person with good name to match not exposed. some of you really have cheek or is that what the comedian call effontry now?.

it is sad you guys missed the accused and choose to shoot the messanger here. i know some of you are stressed because you probably got rejected again on another asylum appeal but is that good enough reason to take your anger on an innocent person? you dont want your darling myserywood to be insulted but you can hide behind 50pence an hour or public library free internet access to run your mouth like pure water?
some of you should hang your heads in shame because you know you are talking out of jealousy and envy. you all ran overseas as if you will pick money on the streets of NY, Chicago, toronto or london only to get stocked and you come here pouring your frustration on people you dont know. you guys are a disgrace.

@ 18th annon 11:47, it is good to know there are sensible minority here. nigerians never learn anything. until they discourage her to leave the blog they wont rest. i first saw those pics last year on line so i dont know what is eating some people up. nollywood or whatever they call themselves choose to allow craps be shown how do you expect a global village world not to talk about them. i dont know if any of you saw a documentary online by some one from SABC where the oyinbo journalist investigating nollywood himself was used as part of the plot. what does that say about the industry? na only nigeria people get camera? thankfully some of us dont hide our names

Anonymous said...

WOOOWWW!!!! At last something thought provoking enough to make all you silly nollywood lovers rethink. If you think this depiction is STUPID, the entire nollywood is as stupid as these photos truly show.

Please don't get me wrong. I'm as patriotic a 9ja as you can ever imagin but when I see what does not make sense, I speak against it. Take the music industry for instance, there you see creativity. But talk about the "home videos" (thinking about it alone brings bile up my tongue) they are a shame. I can't have kids around me watch these stuffs. They dull the mind. You don't learn anything from them. They don't entertain.

Make una no blame oyibo wey dey yab una ok.

Take this criticasm as a challange and do not get so pissed about it. Nollywood should change their way of thinking and project 21st century mindset not this archaic stupidity.

licious said...

Nigerians keep me laughing. Dont mind them Linda
I also find the pictures funny, because I do not understand how TIME magazine in this day and age with all the technology available would put up such an awful depiction of Nollywood and call it an article. SMDH!

TKB's thoughts said...

Outrageous, this not about nollywood per say, its about the conception of the whites about the blacks simple. Though some of the issues raised about nollywood are true, that was a blanket generalization of what Nollywood represents. Be that as it may, we have some good productions and we must make them public to counter the stereotypes of the whites. Our Theatre practioners should be properly schooled on promoting the positive values of the African descent. Rituals, love, and prostitution are actually exagerated themes in Nollywood and its high time we get some other dimension. Some story lines are so extended that you dont get the original story from the sub themes. We feel offended because this coming from outside, it should be a wake up call. My opinion I dare say.

Anonymous said...

to have contorted this ugliness in his mind, i cannot trust this animal from a mile away.

Oluwaboree said...

we can be so self righteous.
Yes we know they exaggerated this but at the same time, we can't say they are exactly wrong.
In my opinion, the photos say too much but the descriptives are almost inch perfect.
We want the outside world to see us in a better light then we should show ourselves as bright as we are.
Linda abeg laff if you wan laff..it doesnt mean you support it..

Miss T-i-l-i-i (African Movie Reviewer) said...

Linda there was no need to have posted the photos on your site, cos to me they are disgusting depiction of Nigeria and the whole African movie industry as a whole.

You coulda simply posted a link to where the photos are for people to go see. You have just wasted space on your blog with these disgusting offensive photos.

Even a blind mind can tell these are offensive. I already sent my letter to the editor in Chief of time and forwarded one to Pieter too.

Anonymous said...

it is not funny!!!the images are offensive and over exagerrated...but then what do we expect from them..I am so over the way we are depicted....we really shouldnt care anymore...they will never show us in good light...so we as nigerians should live our lives, be honest people and not look up to anyone for approval...

one last thing fuck the people that were involved in this project

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous 12:34pm....i think you are the sick one...and you are the stupid one.... Yes the guy made some sense in the copy and we all know nollywood can do better....but those images...are you kidding me?

TKB's thoughts said...

Linda dont be distracted by what some people wrote about the you or the story. Its a free world, so you entitled to your opinion and they are too. A lot of people cant take any negativity from an external body. Its one of those things you know, the response generated on this article should tell you that Nigerians are responsive and need more of such posts to jolt us back to the reality of our nationhood. Keep up the work,you are on the right track. Best Wishes.

WALE said...

geekgirl, tokunbo and co seriously i cant understand what your problems with those photos are. some one did a film and asked a make up artist/persons to come up with something so what is your wahala with that? did you guys pay for the original film production or what?.

as for those talking about travelling i hope some of you know Linda will not have to go through libyan desert and harzardous boat trips to reach europe or north america nor find her a refugee any where. you should know she can ask for visa all by herself to anywhere without recourse to dodgy invitation letters. and we are not talking of languishing in romania, kiev, serbia or turkey in the name of going abroad.

Annon 4:44, sadly there are too many illegal nigerians abroad for every one of your "transfered abroad" or student category pls use another lifeline.

@ Till it like it is, am i right to think some of you guys didnt see the funny side of these things when you originally bought or watched the films from which the pics were taken?

there is something fundamentally wrong in criticising linda for a film/images for which other people rightly took credit.

go check the original films and see whose ideas these pics was and criticise them if you think they were not justified for doing so. wale

Didi said...

Calm down boys n girls.
I don't know why some of you are so upset.like someone said,Nollywood is just growing, we have gotten the exposure, now we are working on producing good movies, every good thing takes time. Who ever knew that our Nigerian music videos would be making waves.
In the meantime , each and everyone of us can strive to be better Nigerians, promoting our positive image in our own little way.
There is no doubt in my mind that we will one day produce a very very good movie that will meet the approval of all them haters.

Didi said...

Calm down boys n girls.
I don't know why some of you are so upset.like someone said,Nollywood is just growing, we have gotten the exposure, now we are working on producing good movies, every good thing takes time. Who ever knew that our Nigerian music videos would be making waves.
In the meantime , each and everyone of us can strive to be better Nigerians, promoting our positive image in our own little way.
There is no doubt in my mind that we will one day produce a very very good movie that will meet the approval of all them haters.

Anonymous said...

It's disgusting...appalled but not surprised..they're always looking for a reason to badmouth Nigeria but it's amazing that TIME magazine will carry such a story.

Anonymous said...

but can u blame dem!!!!

funmi obe said...

ve we eva tot of d fact dat we r d worst racist??!!!if dis pics is about afganistan or sum oda country,we no ow we will laugh n send it 2 our phone n show our friends.......nigerians r jus hypocrites who always refuse 2 see reason!!!de see d need 4 change but de r adept at using big grammer n drama 2 avoid it!!!!kpshewwwww!!

de journalist nphotographer may ve exaggerated it but we condemn nollywood 2!!!!we dat can use 1500 2 watch foreign movies in d cinemas but will badmouth ours dat is sold 4 a miserly 350!!our actress n actors cant act??!!!dats d truth!!??ok,maybe a few can but d majority cant!!!!

linda ikeji mit b unexposed but u dat u r talking ,think deeply,,,,,wat have u done 2 improve nigeria's image wi ur grand exposure??!!


Anonymous said...

Anon 10 ;47 u multinational,he he he he he haw haw haw,even funnier than the pix,them i m obama s twin sista, go fix ur self man!

Anonymous said...

@ANON 4.44....
if Linda wants to travel, she will apply and get a visa!
the fact that you were refused 10 times does not mean it happens to everyone...

SMDH @ "And as for Linda travelling or what not--shebi she will get visa first-not so???"

like it costs an arm and a leg to get a visa...get over your damn self!

Anonymous said...

If we are talking about someone who needs exposure, that Wale dude definitely needs it. What I mean by exposure, I don't mean traveling to abroad, I mean presenting your point based on facts, knowledge of something, and be open to know how a system works before you conclude.

Your point about Nigerians in the diaspora, first, has nothing to do with this topic, and all the things you said is generalization, which brings me to also mention, be educated, because you are obviously talking out of ignorance.

Anonymous said...

Yo! Linda got them keyboards rolling! LOL...Me sef I be illegal immigrant :) I don swim thru water and cross desert b4 languishing in Czechslovakia, so that I can be exposed.....lol....na so oh...... all of u logging on to LindaIkeji.com chill with the bad belle nowwwwww!!

Linda kip on (Naija movie talk)....lol....

Anonymous said...

I'm not offended. All that was said is true. If Nigeria wants to be taken seriously in the movie biz they shouldn't slack on production and get better looking actors who are not bugging their eyes out on the movie sleeve. Yes it is embarassing to have movies about prostitution, violence and corruption, but Nigerians are obsessed with all negative aspects of the west. I don't respect the film industry at all. Sex scenes? Nakedness? Fat girls in clothes 3 sizes to small? Nah. if I want to see a foreign film I will go to India. At least they have class and respect their people.

Anonymous said...

This falls under what Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie calls the danger of the single story; where one with greater power uses its superior position to tell a single and unchallenged story about a people, in this case "Africans" as the Westerners like to call us. I'm unsurprised by the images depicted in the article. It is typical of what Westerners have done for centuries when it comes to telling their version of the "single" story of Africa in general.

For once I would like an Afrian to tell his/her version of the West so they can get a taste of their own medicine. If I were to do this I would include lynched blacks, those who cannot afford health care in one of the richest countries in the world, students that have been allowed to graduate but cannot read, dead gun shot victims, crowed jails, homeless people,and racists. Sounds crazy. That's the point. The single story never makes sense b/c it lacks texture. People cannot be reduced to images whether African or Western.

io said...

Geeezez! una get beef with linda before now? all this waste of venom...

those pics remind me of some art exhibit i saw some years ago. it had all your 'super heroes'. depicted in a different light. lets assume they really exist shall we, kinda thing. what would wonder woman and batman look like all grown up and wrinkled. what if after elastic man grows old, he one day strethes his arm 5 feet but due to old age cant retract it anymore stuff like that...you can imagine how spiderman, superman and the likes were depicted. with their 'special powers', their good looks and such being the focus.

i see these pics in the same light, pick something simple and blow it up out of proportion. yes the narrative given to the pics tell a separate story but ...

io said...

PS: linda can you get some crowd control for ur blog. all the anonymous comments too much. i suggest only those with google accounts be able to comment. cos all this anonymous 11.45pm, anonymous 5.22am thing dey hurt person system sometimes.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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