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Saturday, 16 June 2007

World Entertainment News.

NBA sensation, Lebron James and his long time girlfriend, Savannah Brinson recently welcomed a second son aleady named Bryce Maximus James...some women are lucky. See the hotness called LeBron...

Controversial singer Akon has just released a new song that has everything to do with the incident involving the 14 year girl he bumped and grinded at a concert some months ago...

The lyric goes thus...Daddy should have never let her out that was I supposed to know she was underage in a 21-and-over club?...the song is already out...go check out the crappy lyrics at youtube.

The mess called Britney Spears. Thank God she covered up this time...

It just came to my notice that wearing 'saggy pants' is now an offence in Louisiana. Offenders will be fined $500...where's freedom of expression...freedom of fashion sense? The mayor of Louisiana said wearing of saggy pants have gotten out of hand, not just within the black community, the white community have also joined the trend. Well, what they say about strange laws...

The headline says it all. Lindsay will be 21 on July 2 2007 and she is currently in rehab...still finding time to party...the few friends she has are betraying her. Her former bodyguard is writing a book on his time with her... and American's will buy it? God bless ... and every place else.

Is that Ankara Fabric Sienna Miller has on?

I also hear that P.Diddy has dropped Cassie from Bad Boy Records...true?

There are rumours that Nicole Richie is pregnant for boyfriend, Joel Madden. She looks pregnant but I have my doubts.

Ex's Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz looked cozy together recently at the European tour of Shrek 3 which they both co-starred...I wonder what Jessica Biel thinks of this...

Rare public display of affection between Jigga and his lady love, Beyonce.

The hotness called Beyonce

Rumour has it that former rapper Foxy Brown is pregnant. Is she really?

Amazon River longer than River Nile?
Scientists in Brazil are claiming to have established as a scientific fact that the Amazon is the longest river in the world.

Amazon is recognised as the world's largest river by volume, but has generally been regarded as second in length to the River Nile in Egypt.

The claim follows an expedition to Peru that is said to have established a new starting point further south.
It puts the Amazon at 6,800km (4,250 miles) compared to the Nile's 6,695km.

Got anything to say?


Anonymous said...

ummm...Linda, wot d'u mean by "go listen to [Akon's] crappy lyrics"....The song is noice! i heared and loved it! Besides, i concur with every single thing he said! If n e one wants to prosecute Akon, start from the very A of musicians to the Z bcos they all do the same if not nastier stuff on tour!...and u dont even wanna know what goes on in their hotel rooms. Akon's case is diff. bcos the girl in question is underaged, but how was he to know?....Looking at that girl, who in the world would believe that she's even under 18 w/ her dressn, boobs,dancn and all?...And how in the hell did she get into a 21 limit club for pete's sake?!....And her papa nko?...where in the world did he think his 14yr old daughter was at at such a time of the day!...a freakn tea cup party?..pulease! The club owners and the girl's father should be held responsible not Akon!

Anonymous said...

lol..Linda, how does Sienna's dress look like Ankara material?...If u look closely, u'll see that it's silky rather than the ankara cottony. It really doesn't look like ankara to me sha...maybe the color is wots making u think so.

Britany is a total nut case men...i'll pray for her sha

oh and abegggi! how is Justin and Cameron looking "cozy"? don't u see the awkward tension on their faces?..ofcourse they had to take a pic together now...its call promotion! They can't avoid each other during the premier and have paparrazi speculate and possibly have it dampen the ticket sales...remember Shrek is a kid friendly movie!

Anonymous said...

britney,nichole and lindsay , trust me nobody cares anymore.

akon, it always get to their head, when they've got a good thing going on they always have to ruin it.

beyonce, all possed out it's a publicity stunt. you can see she wants the camera to get them in the right position.

cassie heard she couldn't sing to save her life,

Poor cameron she's still not over justin, at the london premiere she made the first move to get his attention and the so called kiss everyone's going on about happened.

sienna, definitely not a african print dress,

and as for lebron and his wife in the words of jack bauer of 24 DAMN IT!!!!!

(am not trying to be rude, am happy for them it just that she's definitely a luck gal and he's soooooo sexy)

Anonymous said...

You gotta wonder with the paparazzi that take their time and aim for Britney's Vajayjay. Okay she could get out of the car in a graceful ladylike way. But must they capture her Vajayjay every damn time!

Toni Payne said...

Beyonce and her bad weaves sha. who is that guy with all the tats on his body.. can somebody say ewww

chidi said...

Akon released a song about that girl?? He just made her famous for nothing!!

Meadows j. said...

Sienna's dress is floral not ankara.
i bought one top from Topshop and my mum swore she had an ankara wrapper that looks just like it, it looked good with my skinny jeans sha.

Unknown said...

O Girl, U hot no be small. Where do u get ur gist from?!?!!!? LOL!!

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