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Monday, 11 June 2007

Busy Day

I had a crazy, busy day. I came home a few minutes ago and instead of going to bed like any exhausted person would do, I'm here trying to do amebo lol.

Before the amebo, I'd like to tell y'all that my events company will now be staging a monthly show called Style Night. Style Night is a fashion, modeling, music and comedy show. It will features designers, mostly upcoming, hot models, musicians, comedians, dancers and a lot of fun.

I have actually done three editions of Style Night. Twice at Fantasy Land Ikoyi in 2005 and once at former 11.45 Night Club also at Ikoyi. But I stopped it after it became too hectic getting sponsors. But now I'm doing it in conjunction with Moods Bar on Ogunlana Drive, Surulere. Don't need any sponsors for this as it is in collaboration. So guys in Surulere, expect a lot of fun and excitement from the stable of Blackdove Events.

I just got out of a meeting with everyone involved in the show. Massive publicity will start next week...the first show is for next month, July. I'll tell y'all more about it later.

To the gossip. Peter of Psquare was slapped by the police around the Ojodu area of Lagos last week Tuesday. They said his driver was driving an unregistered vehicle, they were stopped by the police, the driver misbehaved, peter was forced out of the car, as he was about to make a call, his phone was seized, then he was slapped. Reports say there was a mob at the scene as everyone recognised the superstar. Later, his twin brother, Paul and some other celebs showed up and Paul was said to have almost engaged the police in a fisticuff...they were taking to the police station where the matter was settled amicably. Let me say here that Peter denies being slapped. He said the policeman brushed his cheek as he forced the phone from his hand. I believe him. That's the end of my Amebo.

To other news...
An Evening with Timi!
Timi's Fan Club is hosting him at Planet 44, Akin Adesola Street, Victoria Island, Lagos from 7:00 pm. All fans should be seated by 7:00 pm. Timi will sing for his fans!
This event is strictly by invitation.
I'll let you all know the date of the show...
More Naija Gists tomorrow....I'll find time to post it.
Got to go. Goodnight and hold on to that special someone in your life...love is beautiful!


Unknown said...

Hey Girl, na wa o! Where you dey all these days? Good to see you're still up to date. Peter slapped? Men that's funny. Should have told the police guy to "Get Squared!"
The "Evening with Timi" will hold this Friday (15th). Anyone interested can call/sms Fred (08023409167/01-7200118) or Aziza (08023117325/01-7256142). Hmmm... so I know something you don't! That's an achievement. lol.
About your show, that's great news, and I'm so happy for you! Hope you'll invite us.

Unknown said...

Why would the police even slap him.. naija sha

IJEOMA said...

Ok why would the POlice even go as far as slapping him.. maka gini?

BlogVille Idol said...


UnNaked Soul said...

lookin forward to...
how do I get a copy of your magazine?

Benin Libran..Uncut said...

ha Linda!what about those of us that dont have 'that special someone' to hold on to? will you let us hold your own with you abi we shud just manage our pillow?? lol!

Anyhow,give us the date for the Timi kini as i'll be in lag for 2 weeks starting Sunday and I need to get my groove on whilst am there..abeg co-operate oh!

*see how am talking to you as if I know you from my village* lol!

Unknown said...

Crazy ass 9ja police...DUH!

Anonymous said...

buaaaaahhhhhhaaooooo.....tayo u just made my day about 'Get squared'. How about 'Busy Body'? Honestly, naija police get as e be sha. They always have to take things far.
I see u're getting d word out on behalf of Timi. R u now his PR now or what? lol
Linda, good luck with your style night event. I hope u keep give us updates on it.

chidi said...

policemen have no right to slap anybody at all. Whether celebrity or not. Shows you the amount of lawlessness in 9ja

chidi said...

dnt know if you got the comment i posted because of this comment moderation thing. My PC is messing up.

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