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Sunday, 10 June 2007

Aids In Africa...In Pictures

The pictures you are about to view might are not pleasant...we warned!

Aids exist in Africa. Please believe that!
You can contribute to aids in Africa by visiting They'll tell you what you can do to help.


Anonymous said...


people,people pls AIDS IS REAL and i have lost two pple close to me thru this illness.these pictures are childs play compared to what my eyes have seen live.
no one should joke with unsafe sex,if u r doing it for love na una sabi ooo.most of u risking ur lives for unsafe sex never get to marry that person and think if the parting gift is HIV virus!!!
hmmmmmmmmmmm people people people!!!

IJEOMA said...

CHei... i dont have the appropriate words

Unknown said...

I think more should be done for Africa especially the children in the global fight against HIV/AIDS

Every minute, a child is infected with HIV and another child dies from an Aids-related illness.The global world should continue to spend billions of dollars to help with this problem around Africa.Cos i think that the global response has been inadequate regarding fighting HIV/AIDS in Africa. It will help to remind the world that the children in africa are not benefiting in the fight against Aids

Mimi said...

ur right. those arent pretty pictures. they jolt one back to reality. hhmm..

Unknown said...

Oh! Linda thanks for sharing, though i would have wished i'd eaten before seeing those pics. Now, i've totally lost my appetite!

Unknown said...

Aids is real... and lives in our midst. Please lets be wise.

chidi said...

the pics are so sad!! My GAWd!!! Are the anti-retroviral drugs available in nigeria? It would help people alot, because so far, only rich people can afford the drugs & the poor die. The pics with the kids are so sad. God help US!!!

My 2 cents said...

As hard as this is to look at some individuals will still vomit nonsense from their mouths in the name of publishing a magazine!

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