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Friday 30 December 2016

Looking for where to Invest… Think Pennek Nigeria

One of the biggest opportunities of this era is to be a stakeholder in real estate. Pennek Nigeria is developing Lekki Southern Villa Annex 1 near the new Shoprite which doubles as the biggest shopping mall in Lekki Lagos.
This is the reason you should invest in the Lekki Southern Villa Annex 1 today. Located just 2 minutes away from the Novare Mall(Shoprite) Lekki, it is one of the most promising investments in the whole of Lagos.

With a C of O as title document and very flexible payment plans…it is
absolutely the best deal.
Amenities to be provided in the Estate include:
-          Tarred Roads
-          Effective Drainage System
-          24 hour surveillance equipped with CCTV Cameras
-          Creche, Gardens, In-estate shopping center and many more.

*Also available are our:
Lekki Southern Villa Estate Phase 2- Just a minute away from the Lakowe
Golf Course

Pen Gardens Phase Estate Phase 2- 10 minutes’ drive from the New
International Airport

4Bedroom Terrace Duplex   ......26m
Lekki Southern Villa Annex 1 ... 12m

Lekki Southern Villa phase 2 ... 5.5m

PEN Gardens phase 2            ... 1.8m

PEN Gardens,Owerri              ... 3.5m

You can secure with minimum deposit

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Hotline - 0700 1000 000

Sales@pennek.com www.pennek.com


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