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Friday, 30 December 2016

Disagree or agree.. Check out LIB's player, manager and World Football Team of the year

All football lovers will agree, that 2016 has been a very eventful year in the world of football, and whether it was the EPL, Laliga, Euro Cup, Copa America, Rio Olympics, Champions league and even women's  and youth tournaments, soccer fanatics were glued to their Tv sets as they watched their favorite players fight for glory on the pitch.

Not surprisingly, no Nigerian player made the list, but Mikel Obi made the substitute bench for his exploits at Rio 2016, Ballon d'or winner C.Ronaldo was included for his heroics at Euro 2016 with Portugal and champions league success with Real Madrid while Jamie Vardy starts upfront in my team of the year.

See the World football team of the year 2016 below, and say whether you agree or not (with reasons)..

Formation :  4-3-3

Goalkeeper : David De Gea: His breathtaking saves were the major reason Man U ended in top 7 last season and also won the F.A cupand what makes his success so remarkable is the fact that he turned around to snub a Madrid move and refocused on his Old Trafford career. De Gea simply put, makes saves, dives and flies that even birds could dream of, no wonder he's been votes Man U's player of the season for three years in a row.

Defenders : Sergio Ramos, Pepe, Wes Morgan, Marcelo
Sergio Ramos' inclusion is no-brainer actually! Apart from the fact he's a defensive stalwart, a no-nonsense defender who can actually play three different positions, his very crucial goals for Real Madrid have helped the club win the Champions league, Club World Cup and very crucial matches. Wes Morgan together with Huth helped Leicester city have a defensive line up that ensured the won the EPL title. Morgan is highly under-appreciated, but real football lovers know a good defender when they see one.

Pepe, with his full throttle approach towards defending, helped Portugal and Real Madrid win the Euros and champions league while Marcelo is undoubtedly still the best left full back in the world.

Midfielders:  N'Golo Kante, Kevin De Bruyne, Iniesta

This was the hardest category to choose because there are a lot of talented footballers that play in midfield who deserve to be here but aren't. De Bruyne can easily be classed among the best midfielders in the world this 2016 for his great performances with Belgium and most especially Man City who he helped to win the League cup.

Kante, the bedrock and solidity of Leicester city in their title winning season is undoubtedly the best defensive midfielder in world football at the moment. He's now playing for Chelsea and the likes of Mikel Obi, Matic and Oscar had to be sacrificed because of how well he shields the defence line for Chelsea, and France too! . Iniesta, a midfield general is included for his title winning forays in midfield for Barcelona even though he will admit it's not been the best of years for Barcelona or Spain.

Strikers : Cristiano Ronaldo, Jamie Vardy , Lionel Messi

Jamie Vardy- from being a technician making medical splints in 2006, to the man who led Leicester city to a record breaking premier league title, beating Van Nistelrooy's goals record in the process.He deserves to be in this team of the year list.
Lionel Messi had a not too good year judging by his standards, but led Barca to
 La Liga and Copa Del Rey titles. He retired from national duty after failing to lead Argentia to national glory at Copa America but later revoked his retirement. For scoring 51 goals in 2016, he makes the team of the year list.

Coach of the year : Claudio Ranieri (Leicester city)/  Fernando Santos (Portugal)

Claudio Ranieri is tied with Fernando Santos in this category for two reasons;
 1. They could have achieved less and no one would have complained or blamed them for doing so.
2. They both won very important trophies with squads that were average except one or two star players. They injected the spirit of unity, passion and never-say-die attitude into their players, hence their team's success.

Player of the year : Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid/Portugal)- The Real Madrid player really has no competition in the world of football this year. Apart from winning the UEFA Champions league and Euro Cup with Real Madrid and Portugal respectively, he also won the Club World Cup in Japan this December and has also won the 2016 Ballon D'or award.
 He also showed exceptional leadership qualities during the Euro cup finals, as he came back to the pitch to motivate/coach his teammates till the last minute despite being stretchered off the pitch for a serious knee injury. Exceptional player!

Team of the year Substitutes/bench:

Laurent Koschielny (France/Arsenal),Gareth Bale (Real Madrid/Wales), Antoinne Griezmann (France/ Atl. Madrid), Iniesta (Barcelona/Spain), Leonardo Bonnucci (Juventus/Italy), Luis Suarez (Barcelona/Uruguay), Neymar (Barcelona/ Brazil), Alexis Sanchez (Arsenal/Chile), Manuel Neuer (B.Munich, Germany), Mikel Obi (Nigeria/Chelsea), Riyad Mahrez (Leicester City/ Algeria), Paul Pogba (Juventus/Man U/ France)Luka Modric (Real Madrid/Croatia), Andres Gomes (Portugal/Barca). Thibaut Courtois (Chelsea/ Belgium), Zlatan Ibrahimovic (PSG/ Man U/ Sweden)


Unknown said...

I agree

dj banti said...

Aunty Linda u don enter football.
Very soon u go be naija female team coach.

Ohiren Erimiakhena said...

I never liked football....so,i will pass on this.

dj banti said...

Up Mikel

dj banti said...

Mikel euro 2016.........
Who see that one


Disagree with strikers... Aguero,suppose to b dere

Unknown said...

I know nothing about football so I neither agree nor disagree

Anonymous said...

congrat to all winners ' cr7 keep winning ' am a huge. fan of ronaldo

CHERYL (aka FROM GLORY to GLORY) said...

Not a football fan

Long Live LIB

Unknown said...

None!Please agree on what huh? Who paid for this huh? Please which one is manager and World Football Team of the year huh? Manager huh? Wait make i call liar muhammed on phone. U even went as far as claiming the pictures with LIB eww FREEBORN WEPT! Well freeborn never finish monitoring apc,hausa,afonja,muslims,killary supporters and terrorist buhari TALKLESS OF ARGUEING WHO BE THE BEST MANAGER OR WORLD FOOTBALL TEAM OF THE YEAR. Linda if u don't have any thing to post ask me THE COLOR OF MY ASS.

#sad indeed


Ronaldo... Deserve it

Anonymous said...

linda,i think you meant to say olympics.Mikel obi didnt play in Euro 2016

Unknown said...

This team your team of the year is weak without modric and suarez,and the best player is king messi.

Eddy Ogbunambala said...


NaijaDeltaBabe said...


...merited happiness

Olusola Oke said...

There's an error in the write up.. Mike Obi didn't play in Euro 2016 as stated by yours but in Olympics.. kindly edit.. thanks @flowjossy

Unknown said...

-D great anonymous now as Vivian Reginalds

Unknown said...

Fair enough

Anonymous said...

Christian Ronaldo is the player of the year no contest.

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Ada Amawbia said...

Afugo m fa

Chi#1 said...

Don't agree wit player of d year... LIONEL MESSI IS THE PLAYER OF THE YEAR

Ifeoma1010 said...

Linda my name should be on this list Abeg....No story.

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Unknown said...

Says who??? Linda take note!

Unknown said...

I'm never a football fan. However, I would like to suggest you also try creating NPL first eleven.

OSINANL said...


Unknown said...

Linda stick to your normal gossip

Anonymous said...


chosengospel said...

Linda Ronaldo Ikeji weldone.

chosengospel said...

Linda Ronaldo Ikeji weldone.

Anonymous said...

Don't agree is a no no for me lot of errors on dis u need to watch more of soccer

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

It's so obvious this list wasn't compiled by Linda. Stick to gossip dear. Leave sports for the experts.

Monkey Dey Work said...

Kukuma start Linda Ikeji Football and finish your self by your self. Mscheeew

Unknown said...


Sunshow said...

Me I disagree, the writer favours Madrid stars and United players.

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Unknown said...

So na bench Suarez dey😆 how can u chose Vardy over Suarez,seriously? Rubbish

Unknown said...

All join...

Unknown said...

Lol, I forgive this nonsense lineup because you are a woman and you know little about football. Wes Morgan Is no where near the level of carvajal.
The midfield is all nonsense asides from iniesta. I can name 10 players better than de bruyne, Modric, kroos, rakitic, isco, couthino, dembele, thiago alcantara... How is mikel on the bench?
Vardy? Really? Scoring the highest in the premier league doesn't make you best in the world.in terms of performances last season He is not in the same bracket as stated, Neymar , bale, aguero or even Harry Kane.

Linboh said...

Madam, how many Iniesta do you have for one to be in the midfield and another on the bench?

Unknown said...

Lol... midfield without kroos or Modric but with iniesta....
Def a joke..
And Mikel won't make any world ranking bench... Renato Sanchez and pogba will

Linboh said...

Madam, how many Iniesta do you have for one to be in the midfield and another on the bench?

Unknown said...

Yaya toure should be in the midfield. List is not complete

Unknown said...

This list get bow leg sha..
Where's Aubameyang?

Anonymous said...

Kroos? Ozil? Lewandoski? Zlatan? GRIEZMANN? Na wa for this list

Unknown said...

Ronaldo and messi are not strikers. Benzema is the striker for Madrid, while Suarez is the striker for barca. They play supporting striker position sometimes.

Anonymous said...

How did Mikel play Euro when he's Nigerian?

Anonymous said...

Why is sergio busquet name not there?

Anonymous said...

Aboki u better to don't take dis ur bitter and deluded no-do-good weeping mind into 2017 or else you may never see good things again in ur life and be sorrowful forever.


Anonymous said...

What is Mikel doing there and you forgot Ozil that did very well with Arsenal this year?

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Anonymous said...

Iniesta on the bench will be a substitute for the Iniesta of the 1st 11 abi? Maybe them be twins

Unknown said...

Enter your comment...u know nothin about football jamie vardy ahead of luis suarez this is the best joke of the year.

keke driver said...

Football isn't my forte

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