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Monday, 8 March 2010

Fresh violence in Jos - About 500 people killed

About 500 Berom natives in Dogon-Hauwa village, five kilometres south of Jos, were massacred on Sunday morning by Fulani herdsmen who raided the community through a border village in Bauchi State. Neighbours joined Dogon-Hauwa villagers to wail as the bodies of elderly women and children littered everywhere among the dead.

Witnesses said the violence began in the mostly Christian village at about 3 a.m. Sunday — an hour when the area should have been under curfew and guarded by the military. Jos has remained under a curfew since violence in January left more than 300 people dead — the majority of them Muslims.

Police and military officials declined to comment on the attack or the motivation for the violence.

"It appears to be reprisal attacks," Red Cross spokesman Robin Waubo said. He also said the agency did not know how many people may have died in the fighting, though officials have been sent to local morgues and hospitals.

Source: Nigerian Daily Independent.

When will this nonsense stop in Jos?


Anonymous said...

all these riots are poverty in action, result of a failed system. if these guys were living a quiet village life - decent jobs, a small house, couple of kids in a functional public primary school, electricity, good roads on which to ride a bicycle on, ya think they'll be killing each other? nigeria ooooooooooooo

Anonymous said...

What nigeria need now is prayer 4 God to deliver us 4rm d hands of this barbains

Anonymous said...

abeg the new NYSC folks about to start in Tuesday in Jos should be exempted o!!ha!!

Anonymous said...

wat?500 wat?Jesys take the wheel

Anonymous said...

what is wrong with Nigerians? Why killing each other? Meanwhile the usual suspects have escaped....

F said...

The nonsense will stop in Jos when the nonsense stops in Abuja. All this shadowy politics needs to cease so that the people can have access to basic ammenities. They say a hungry man is an angry man. It is the same in the Niger Delta. If everyone was well-fed, had access to quality education, power supply, clean water and a decent standard of living, who would think of trying to kill off another religious/ethnic group seen to be "competing for space"?

If there was abundance, these people will not feel threatened enough to do this to their fellow men. I am not justifying their actions AT ALL because taking human life is wrong. We know this. Yet, we will continue to express anger/disgust at these killings- this will not stop them from happening. Dealing with the root cause is the only solution to this on-going tragedy.

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