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Sunday, 29 July 2007

Usher News + FMB Magazine TV Commercial

Usher not getting married after all

Usher has canceled his Saturday July 28th wedding to pregnant fiancee and divorced mother of three, Tameka Foster.

A statement was released by Ush's publicist Patti Webster saying "It was announced today that the wedding ceremony for Usher Raymond, IV and Tameka Foster was canceled. No additional information will be given regarding the circumstances of the cancellation, but we hope the privacy of this matter will be respected."

Why am I not surprised?

FM&B Magazine TV Commercial

So my show has come and gone (Will load pictures later) I want to concentrate on my TV show and magazine. I want to shoot a TV Commercial for my magazine...I need to do a lot of promo before even printing the next issue...can anyone out there give me a very good concept for a captivating TV Com? I want to use about 10models...have any great script? Pleaseeeeeeeee give it to me...I'm pretty creative but I know there are many others more creative and I'm looking for the advert that will keep people glued to their advert that will keep people advert that will linger in people's minds, something they won't forget easily...

Like I said, I have 10 models waiting to shoot...any great TV concept? Please share. Waiting...

Gists from Nigeria Model Award (Held yesterday, July 28th) and Naija entertainment news and gossip coming soon!


Afolabi said...

ok u might find this idea funny but...
Picture this: a female- banker,student, artist, doctor all with dreams of being models get a copy of fm& b. Suddenly, the model in them comes out. They strut in their work place like it's a runway, even when their colleagues stare at them very surprised. Then, from their work places, they start walking in real runways, in very different designed clothes.
Lesson- read fm &b and bring out the model in you.

Unknown said...

Here's one....
You can have a model driving a nice ride thru some posh street in lagos or abuja...with some really nice slow tune at the back ground, she picks up her phone (next to a Mag which at that time is not the focus ) talks to another cool chick of hers(in a sexy bikini) who is apparently at some beach with some random friends, that second one leaves her friends and gets in to her own car (we also see the same mag but might not take notice) and starts driving model 2, calls up another friend of hers, who then leaves some random activity she is doing maybe (at the ofice or something or at a resturant but working on her laptop )(a little bit of effect can be that she switches from pinn up haired chick, with nice sexy hornned rimmed spectacles to some really crazy hot outfit )(well in three shots(showing at the same time , we see the three chicks sort of drving in their really exclusive rides to the same place then they get to this venue.
Them 3 chics step out of their cars and in syncrony slip the mag into their purses some how,
they kiss cheeck each other before entering .

then make a command entrance to this posh house party,obviously attracting some form of attention, untill they finally start mingling with all the other people there (who by the way are all posh too)
..The Magazine scene
They all excuse themselves to the loo, at different times to go hide and read a bit of their sooooo, intriguing and interesting mag, then they accidently stumble upon each other realising they all sneaked to do the same thing they start giggling and laughing really hard and ...for the first time we hear a lil'background on their voices as it fades , oohing and aahing n discussing one or two articles in the mag...
it could end with this tag line

Note that ...first of all i just thot this at the top of my head but i think its a good plot to work on ...
A good commercial, is in the effects and little details like:
1)the background song
2)what the models will be wearing , at first when they are doing different stuff, as they get calls from each other secondly their get up for the party
3)the setting for the houseparty , a studio would be better where you can play with furniture and colours like all white walls with colourful sofas strewn around(remenber that rothmans' advert...dont know why the sky is blu by tunde bayewa )(white and green then was so the ish then )
4)the background song must either be really catchy either a slow r n b rythm or jamin house party tune' (depends on the mood)
5)the loo where they would all end up in, hidding to take a peak of the mag must be realy nice n posh , not neccesarily the same venu.
6)their cars really nice ...jeeps wont be bad
7)there coluld be a colur theme all the feamles wearing a colur in different shades all the guys wearing one colur in different shades...its all in the details.
8)i think the models should be really chic, realy top to toe sophisticated too

...Hope i helped .... ,i like that u keep ur blog up to date cheers

Unknown said...

Hey Linda, I've not been here in a while, but I can see you're still on top. I'm not surprised by Usher and Tameka either.
Looking forward to your TV show and magazine. I believe there's a lot to achieve and I trust you will. Have a nice week ahead.

Ms. Catwalq said...


Anonymous said...

i would have been surprised if usher had married that old crazy hag.
about your tv promo, get your ten models to do a fashion show with the magazine instead of wearing designer clothes.get?

Anonymous said...

im loving your blog btw

Anonymous said...

plz check dis out 4 d advert
hi girls,am sorry i 4got to inform u all,how kola made it to d party,after we've been separated 4 over was my birthday party,i had alot of fun and also received alot of gifts,from money,to ipods,cellphones,perfumes,jeweries,d list is just endless,but suprisingly d best gift of the nyt was from kola,quess what,he brought me an FM&B magazine,i couldn't resist it and i couldn't resist him either,dats why i brought him into d party to join me as i cut d cake,it's a nyt i will never 4get.he is such a smart guy

Anonymous said...

liked afolabis concept....nice !

Anonymous said...

hmm.. bookmarked style!

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