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Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Naija Gossip

I haven't given y'all Naija gossip in a while...a few people told me not to write stuff about other people I wasn't sure of...I saw reason, but what the hell, what's life without a little gossip right? So here's a little gossip for u&u. But you know what they say about gossip? Don't believe everything you read...enjoy!

Basketmouth robbed in London
Rumour has it that dreadlocked top comedian, Basketmouth was robbed of $3, 00, his luggage, international passport on his recent visit to London. They said he came back to Naija with the help of our High commission and a friend over there. Hmmm...those of you who live in London...did you hear this gist?

Ex-actor Ernest Asuzu in Kirikiri prison
Troubled actor, Ernest Asuzu is currently in Kirikiri. Why? On Monday July 23rd 2007, he went to visit a friend who was owing him N5, 000, at barbing salon at Okota. When he demanded for his money, and his friend couldn't provide it, Ernest destroyed valuables in the salon worth thousands of Naira, after which he was arrested by the police and prosecuted. And because there was no surety on ground to meet requirements for his bail, the actor was transfered and remanded at Kirikiri Maximum prison on Wednesday July 25th. Recall that he destroyed property worth millions at MITV in 2005, that he was locked up for? And the fight he got into at Murphis Nite club in Surulere, where he was beaten mercilessly? He was also sent to the psychiatric ward in yaba sometime last year because his behaviour seemed sick...this is what he had to say some days ago from Kirikiri prison, about his problems
Ernest "It's my enemies again. They want to silence me by all means. Please I want all Nigerians to come to my aid and remember me in their prayer. Each time I keep off the public eye, I won't have any problem, but immediately I make any move to relaunch myself I become a different person. I'm beginning to think that somebody is behind this, because immediately I entered the police station, my eyes cleared. When they read my charges, I broke down in tears as per how and when did this happen?"
I feel sorry for this guy...some people are alleging that an ex actress girlfriend did something to him...don't know the real truth, but I hope God comes to his rescue before he wrecks himself finally.

Mike Ezuronye and Nonso Diobi at war. Rumour has it that this one-time best friends have turned sworn enemies because of a certain lady called Ebiere, who is a student of the Rivers State University of Science and Technology. The girls was supposedly dating Nonso but cunningly got Mike's no from Nonso, called Mike and started an affair with him. Heartbroken Nonso had to part ways with Mike and Ebiere, who rumour also has it didn't care about Nonso's feelings. Mike is said to have introduced Ebiere to his mum and the relationship seems serious...the rumour carriers even speculated marriage between the two lovebirds but remember what I said...don't believe everything you read.

Ben's baby mama joins company
I'm sure not too many of you know that Ben has a love-child? Well, he does. The news now is that the mother of Ben Murray Bruce's love child, Tina Vukor Quarshie, an ex-banker, now works with the Silverbird Group. She is said to be one of the top managers and her coming has not gone down well with some members of the Murray Bruce family.

Paul Obazele Beats Zeb Ejiro
On Saturday, Friday July 27th 2007, Paul Obazele, defeated Zeb Ejiro during the Association of Movie Producers general elections held at the National Theatre, Lagos. So Paul is the new AMP President.

Movie producer sets his Hummer Jeep on fire. Arinze Egesimba, the man who runs Mega Movies, set his Hummer H3 Jeep, worth over 11 million, on fire during the production of his movie titled "Yankee Girls". The movie features Stella Damasus, Omotola, out for that movie

Olumide Ogunlesi, Model Charles Oguntoye' s wives deliver
Funmi, the beautiful wife of Olumide Ogunlesi, the son of Chief Fola and Idowu Ogunlesi, who got married a few months ago ago, gave birth to a baby boy in London some days ago. Also, top model turned designer, Charles Oguntoye's beautiful wife gave birth to a bouncing baby boy some days back...big congrats to them.

Eddy vs Kenny St Brown
Recall I told you sometime ago about the break up between Ex-Remedy member, Eddy Montana and Gospel crooner, Kenny St Brown? Well, the lady accused her estranged husband of wife battery, adultery, etc...well Eddie replied her this week by granting interviews with most soft sell mags in Naija...this man talked too much about the whole's a little of the things he had to say about his wife and why his marriage packed up

Do you see any hope of a reconciliation? Eddy "Hardly! I will always love Kenny but I don't think that as a right thinking person, I should mend fences with her. Any woman that would pack out of her home that has two kids and she professes to be a christian, is not a wife or a mothers. She never wanted to build a family with me, she carried an Ogungbe passport in my house for 3yrs. It took my stubbornness to make her change her name from Ogungbe to Brown. Her family married her off because she was getting old but she wasn't proud of me or the Brown name"

They allege you beat her often
Eddy "That's a brand new lie. I never beat her."
Why did you two quarrel often?
Eddy "It was all due to her infidelity, she was very unfaithful. Are you aware that she dated D1?, Kingsley Ike, and one Bayo at Ajao Estate...long explanation...let's cut it short"

Whats Kenny's relationship with Essence(R&B singer)
Eddy "I started getting uncomfortable with her relationship with my wife after I walked in to find both of them in the bathroom naked, This is a woman who doesn't like me to see her nakedness. What were they doing?"

They also accused you of infidelity
Eddy "Yes, I'm a man, which man would not look for pleasure outside when he's denied it at home? My wife denied me of sex for 8 months. She only came to me for sex when she needed it. That was to have kids."

They said you made your house help pregnant? Eddy "That's not true. My wife and I found out who impregnated the girl"

What's your relationship with Keke Ogungbe
"Keke has never liked me. When I married his sister in 2000, he gave me N25, 000 as a wedding present, and he didn't contribute a dime to my wedding, neither did he come for my children's naming" bla bla bla

Long interview, painful and amusing to read...the wahala with marriage sha! Oh, BTW, Essence denies being a lesbian.

Abike Marries Segun Erewa
Abuja lawmaker, Honourable Abike Dabiri got married to her heartthrob, Segun Erewa on Thursday July 26th, 2007, at a private gathering in a residence in Lekki Phase 1, Lagos. And on Sunday 29th July 2007, another wedding took place at her father's residence in Surulere...the couple met two years ago in South Africa. Congratulations to the couple.

Ekene Dili Chukwu Boss Dies at 74, battle over his assets. Transport mogul, Chief Augustine Ilodibe popularly known as Ekene Dili Chukwu is dead. He died o Sunday July 1st 2007 at St Nicholas Hospital, Lagos at the age of 74 after a long battle with prostrate cancer. Now rumour has it that his wife Ifeoma has taken over the running of his empire and the man's family are set to know all the 'wahala' that starts after a wealthy man dies? He had two other wives who gave him children...long story...too much drama...moving on...

John Fashanu re-marries
I read that he's now married to a Nigerian wife...didn't know he had divorced his Gabonese wife, Melissa. according to him, he met his new wife at a cafe in London...they fell in love and they are now married...but he refused to give her name, when they got married and if they have any kids together.

Dele Momodu buries mum
On Saturday July 21st, 2007, Dele Momodu buried his mum in a carnival like event that held in Ife. The event was organise was co-ordinated by Ibidun Ajayi Ighodalo's Elizabeth R and was graced by a lot of dignitries. May her soul rest in peace.

Bob Manuel Udokwu, new host for Gulder Ultimate Search. On Saturday July 28th, names of 10 (6 male and four female) finalists for the GUS 4 were announced @ the planet one centre, which is scheduled for the 9th - 29th of August, at Shere Hills in Jos, Plateau State. The news is that top Nollywood actor, Bob Manuel Udokwu will anchor this years competition. Recall that Chidi Mokeme anchored GUS 1&11, while Austin Tin Tin, anchored the 3rd.

I'll get you more gists later, have to get back to I always say, your comments make it worth do drop a line. Take care always!

28 comments: said...

Now, dis is real Naija gossip!...Rock on Linda!!!

Anonymous said...

seting his hummer on fire?...I DONT THINK SO!...besides thats absololutely unneccessary!...becos even here in hollywood...most cars they set cars with only the body work...and the rest is special effects!
instead of wasting 11million on a film that is so likely will be pirated the next day it comes out....the movie producers should educate themselves more about using upto date recording equipments and special effects!

Anonymous said...

oh i saw tina in ovation so that makes 3 kids 3 men??? na wah oh if it is true that ben bruce had a baby with her that is

Anonymous said...

nice work but at least acknowledge your comments and contributions . okay, notice you dont do that

Anonymous said...

about mike an nonso, i saw them hanging out with each other recently. they did not look like enemies at all.

Unknown said...

Azuzu Needs Help
While all right thinking people should condem Azuzu for his ordeal, but I think Azuzu needs help more than anything, if he were to be in a developed country they would have done evaluation of his mental state.

I heard that most things that got the dude at logger head with people are things that are worth less than one hundred naira. The last one I knew was a cd he got involved in a fight and about six people engaged him, he was badly beaten but those six guys will always tell the story of the day they fought a crazy horse.

This guy na real Kolomental and should be given a permanent room at Yaba Mental hospital or Aro.
He damaged multi-million naira equipment in MITV and when he was taken to the police station he shit in the cell and started using it to plaster the wall.He should be kept away from the society.The next time he stikes he will attack OBJ,ATIKU and IBB and those thieves who have stolen our Billions $$$$:)))Azuzu don turn to real WERE (Crazed Man)

Anonymous said...

what a load of rubbish regarding mike and nonso. get your facts straight gossip mongers

Anonymous said...

Picture of ben bruce's baby mama pls...

Tyra!!! said...

Na so! Set his hummer on fire my black ass. Abegi. Next!!!! Congrats to Abike Dabiri, i am happy for her.
Ernest Asuzu, don't worry, it shall be well with u.
I am glad Bob Manuel is hosting the next Ultimate search, i love his husky voice and charm.
Ben Bruce is a very shameless man! He cheated on his wife, got another woman pregnant, his wife forgave him and still stayed with him, now he has brought his concubine into the family busniess. The man really has guts. He is VERY shameless!

Anonymous said...

huh niger gist but still i think eddy brown and kenny saint should try work out their differences for the sake of their kids if not they should both keep their traps shut,two agbayas dem no get shame running them dirty linens outside like dat,nyways linda congrats on ur programs more grease to yah elbow jare

Anonymous said...

Ernest Asuzu's "home trouble" is called rage. He should take personal responsibility for himself. While i do not doubt the existence of "unexplainables", every problem you have is not from your "enemy(ies)". Sometimes we are our worst enemies.
Has he considered that he might be under a lot of stress when he is about to make a comeback and he sabotages himself?
Just asking.

That Brown guy, he should look for help for his toilet mouth. She is a lesbian,her passport did not reflect that she was married , she did not want to change her name, whopty,whopy woo, are they not in the arts? did she not have a name as a singer before he married her? abeg comot! .I wonder if he knows that people are laughing at him behind his back. The real victims are his kid(s). What nasty things to say about the mother of your children. Those things he said about her, he might as well have said it directly to his kid(s)
face(s). Naija men fail to realise that when you treat your wife/ex-wife good or bad, that same emotion your treatment brings up in her is the way she will treat the kids.
I am not saying she is a saint(no pun) but someone has to step up to the plate and be a hero for the kid(s) in this tawdry affair!

Toni Payne said...

men that talk too much are almost always bad news..

Unknown said...

Wow, so much gossip. I'll be back to fully digest and remark. Peace

Linda Ikeji said...

@naijagal.Ben and Tina have a kid together...thats no rumour.seen his picture...what I don't know is if she now works in his company
@anon 2.52...take a chill pill.It's gossip, nobody says it's true...wink!
@anon 1.72..will improve on that.

Anonymous said...

giv us mooooooooooooore of diz. Dammmmmmit, diz is the shiz. Eddy is a LOOOOOOOOOOSER bigtime!

Anonymous said...

yep...basket mouth got happened after the show at zen bar...

Anonymous said...

Hmmm....i never heard dat Basketmouth story here o. As for Mike Ezurounya & Nonso, it's so silly dat they'r fighting over some slut. I'm sure she's moved on to an aristo.
I thought Abike was a married mother all these while. it's a good thing she's married cos we don't want another Condolezza in naija politics.
Chidi would be devastated dat they didn't renew his contract.

Anonymous said...

Before people will abuse the life out of Tina VQ. She is smart and an egg head. She is not an air-head. have we considered that she may have been unlucky and not too smart in the love department? Although some people will call a woman who has a child out of wedlock with a rich married man 'smart'. I believe she has a consulting firm , but reason and good sense has to come into play here. No matter what services she can offer silverbird, methinks it is in poor taste to bring her to the business, that is if the gossip is true.

but then again I am talking about Naija when reason and good sense are the last to direct some men . that thing in their 'shokoto' comes first.

Ms. Catwalq said...

men ur naija gossip is always gen-gen!

Anonymous said...

wow! so much gist.
dat interview was painfully funny. how can a civilized person speak like that publically?

Unknown said...

tina has only one child? the girl abi? All this time i never knew he was the papa, wonderful!

I hope Abike settles down really.

That Ilodibe gist is sad if its true, because all of his kids seemed to get on fine when he was alive

Anonymous said...

here comes the faking accent by bob manuel, with alll the americanised rrrrrrrrrr's in his speech. He pisses me the hell off when he speaks like that. Why cant you nigerians speak your own damn accent instead of always faking, especially many of these nollywood actors. Its so clearly fake and so pathetic.

Iyaeto said...

Congrats to Abike o! Eddy or whatever his name is should just shut up . The guy looks like a fool. And would you please advise him to stop calling himself a musician?I saw onw of his musical video recently he reminded me of the John Player Disco championship days.He should just go and sit under bridge and smoke his Igbo. I wonder what Kenny saw in him ( is she any different?) He talks too much sha (what do u expect from a wounded lion?)

Anonymous said...

Linda thumbs up for you, at least we wey we no day naija get someone like you wey they give us gist (real or near real) about our obodo naija and its amazing people. Most importantly, congratulations to Abike Dabiri and hubby on their wedding. May they find and continually enjoy the bliss of matrimony. As the saying goes, "ape koto jeun ko kuku je ibaje"

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hey are you a professional journalist? This article is very well written, as compared to most other blogs i saw today….
anyhow thanks for the good read!

Anonymous said...

Well, I read your article on Tina Vukor-Quarshie. And frankly I think you have your facts wrong and so do other people who have commented on this. Tina has two kids, not three. Yes, she had a kid with Ben Bruce, we all make mistakes. Must we crucify her for it? Also, she DOES NOT work in Silverbird, she has her own firm which had a contract for some months for Silverbird. And also, yes his family forgave him and everyone moved on with life, she is not his concubine as they are no longer in a relationship. When I was in school, she was my role model and she still is. She is incredibly smart and like I said we all make mistakes. We cannot judge anyone, only God can. So everyone should stop acting like they know anything about them and leave these poor people to live in peace.Then again, this is just another gossip site, nothing meaningful or even true so to believe all this shows how gullible and gist-hungry people in this country are.

Anonymous said...

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