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Monday, 27 November 2006


I didn't quite set the photos right..i'm still new at this. Will definitely get it right with time. Anyway, here are 18 fotos of some of my all time favourite beauties, but I just cant figure out who is more beautiful..can you guys help me out?
Nike Osinowo v Helen Prest Ajayi...Naomi v Tyra Banks
Regina Askia v Bianca ojukwu...Beyonce v Rihanna
Priyanka Chopra v Aishwarya Rai...Genevieve v Omotola
Miss World 06 v Miss Universe 06...Agbani v Chinenye Ochuba
Halle Berry v Toni Braxton

Nike Osinowo

Helen Prest Ajayi



Bianca Ojukwu

Regina Askia



Aishwarya Rai




Miss Universe 06

Miss World 06



Toni Braxton

Halle Berry


hares_001 said...

hey.... definitely....Priyanka Chora..... she is stunnin..... n more beautiful.... ash is getttin older n she is very yucky!!!! Priyanka is da best... Right nw she is the ultimate queen of bollywood! Hip Hip Hurray for Priyanka Chopra!!! I love her a lot!!!!!!!!!!

jane iwuno meadows said...


Unknown said...

Each lady is beautiful in their own right. All adorable. I wouldnt say anyone was more beautiful than the other. Its a tough call.

Anonymous said...

As Calabar gal said, they are all beautiful in their own rights, but these are my personal favourites based on the versus you put out:
1st: Nike, but that's because she's the only one i've heard of amongst the two ladies, so i owe her that loyalty. LOL. I read about her somewhere and it was all good stuff. Also, she looks really good for her age.
2nd: Tyra, and that's because i love her sooo much. Tyra is beautiful inside and out, which is a rare quality to find amongst very beautiful successful models. She has even been hailed as the younger Oprah Winfrey. I mean can you imagine if Naomi were to host a talk show? She'd probably bitch slap every guest that rubbed her up the wrong way! LOL. BTW how come Naomi ranks higher than Tyra in these your most beautiful models lists?! Gisele Bundchen has always been 1st, Heidi Klum 2nd, Naomi 3rd and Tyra 5th. (make una industry change dat yeye list oo, cos in my eyes Tyra is 1st ALWAYS...LOL).
I love the fact that Tyra has achieved so much despite struggling at the beginning and being turned down numerous times by different modelling agencies because they said she had a big forehead! Now that "okpon" has become fashionable. My hubby and daughter have okpons and it makes them look cute and innocent. LOL. I love okpons...long live okpons!!! I love the way Tyra has turned every negative aspect in her life positive. She excels in EVERYTHING she does- be it modelling, hosting a talkshow, being the first black lady to grace the covers of Sports Illustrated, or just doing whatever...in fact, Tyra is SUPERWOMAN. If i don't stop talking now about Tyra, i'd go on & on & on...LOL. Okay lemme stop now before you ban me!!! LOL. Someone commented somewhere that you remind her of Tyra...prolly why i like you also. Oh sorry, i've stopped now. LOL. Digressing a bit now- Cindy Crawford was also turned down a lot in the early days and many modelling agencies said they'd only sign her on if she had an operation to remove the cute mould by her mouth. She refused and became very successful, with the mould being her trademark id. Today people are having operations to create that mould, so i'm kinda glad that i have one naturally. Who knows, i may also be a model someday like y'all (LOL who dash?!) Okay moving on...
3rd: Bianca, because i admire her. She's also jaw droppingly beautiful and very eloquent. Beauty and brains- now that's some achievement!
4th: Beyonce, and that's because the comparison is not even real. I mean for real, how can Rihanna be more beautiful than Beyonce? Nah mean? Oh, and Beyonce is the second black lady to grace the covers of Sports Illustrated, so that alone speaks volumes...
5th: Aishwarya, and that's because that is the NAKED truth. Her features are out of this world; in short she's a goddess. It's funny, everytime E! Channel do these their 100 Most Beautiful People/Most Beautiful Models or anything at all to do with beauty, Aishwarya has always ranked first. Even their precious Gisele comes second whenever Aishwarya is in the same category of whatever beauty comparisons E! Channel is doing. She has even been described as the most beautiful woman on this planet! So who am i to argue with history...
6th: Genevieve, and that's because apart from the height and complexion, i think she somehow looks like Beyonce. I like natural beauty and that's what i like about Genevieve. To be dark skinned and be that beautiful is something to be proud of. She's also confident of her beauty; she doesn't have a complex about herself, unlike other people who start bleaching afterwards and spoil their natural beauty. I have never understood why dark skinned people bleach. Light skinned people, i can understand cos maybe they are trying to maintain their complexions or whatever; at least it doesn't make them look uglier. But if you're dark skinned and you bleach, there is no how everything would blend equally. I can't stand seeing those black knuckles et al; it truly looks despicable. I have a friend who was once a Miss Somebody; she won the title over ten years ago; she's 5"11" tall, dark and was very beautiful. When i saw her last December when i went to Nigeria for Christmas, i couldn't believe how this once beautiful girl had spoiled her beauty with bleaching cream! Even her once pretty face is now scarred beyond redemption; she has to use layers and layers of foundation to mask her scars. So whenever i see dark skinned beauties like Genevieve, i always pray that they don't fall into that "bleaching trap". Even without make up, Genevieve is still beautiful.
7th: Miss Universe (i think i've answered this somewhere before).
8th: Chinenye. Although i have never heard of her, i just think she is. Maybe because i've seen a lot of Agbani and want to give her a chance...i don't know, but they are both beautiful.
9th: Halle, and that's because she just is. I mean, this comparison is just like the Beyonce versus Rihanna one, so just like that one, this comparison is also not real. There is no way that Toni Braxton can be more beautiful than Halle Berry...lai lai!!!

BTW the way, just to stress again that ALL the women featured are stunningly beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Most African women appear like they've been in wars. They're all war torn.
Beauty? If you call bleaching one's skin white and ugly rug looking hair weaves your idea of beauty.
Beyonce, Haille, Janet Jackson, gabrielle Union etc... are in a beauty class all by themselves. Even Liya Kebede can't hold a candle to Naomi or Tyra.
Liya looks old for her age and her skin looks dry.
African women need a lot of beauty help and the first place they should start is with their feet and hair.

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