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Wednesday, 29 November 2006


This is one guy I'm very proud of. For so long I heard he was Nigerian but did I believe it? It wasnt until I bought his latest album...The truth about love...and heard his intro, sang in the Igbo language, did I believe. lemar is Igbo? That's amazing. I'm mighty proud of you brother, for making it in an industry full of talent and extremely competitive.

There are so many questions I want to ask about this dude. Most significant of all is why he has never won an MTV Europe Award. Has he ever even been nominated? I know he has received MOBO and other unpopular awards but why not MTV? I won't mention the GRAMMYS' 'cos I heard you have to be practising your musical career in the USA for you to qualify for nominations. Lemar is a UK based artiste, doesn't that qualify him for nominations in the Europe version of MTV awards? Or are they saying his songs aren't good enough? As far as I am concerned Lemar is one of the best things to happen to the music industry not just in the UK but the world over. IF THERE"S ANY JUSTICE IN THE WORLD is one of the best songs i've ever heard in my life. What about TIME TO GROW, I BELIEVE IN THE THING CALLED LOVE, DONT GIVE IT UP or his latest efforts ITS NOT EASY AND LULLABY...this guy is a bundle of talent, with an incredible voice. And most importantly, he knows how to write songs. Lemar doesn't only deserve an MTV Award, he also deserves a GRAMMY. Or am I wrong? Has he won any of these awards before? If he hasnt, don't you guys think he deserves it?

To other questions, what is Lemar's real names? I've heard Obika but what is his surname?

What part of Nigeria is he from? I heard Abia state, is that true?

Where was he born? Has he ever been to Nigeria?

Lastly, when is he going to come to Nigeria to perform? That is one concert ticket I'll definitely buy.

obika what? Somebody tell me.


Unknown said...

Obika is his surname and he's been really great. His parents are immigrants of Nigerian Origin who settled here in the UK and his mum died of cancer the year he made his debut in Fame Academy. He was discovered in Fame Academy - a reality singing competetition in 2003 and came second but has been heading for the sky since then. His songs have been beautiful and he's released some more singles last year and another this year which are doing great.

Lemar has actually won a lot of awards in musical awards here in the UK. Unfortuantely, the names of the various awards have flown from my brains as I'm writing this post. But believe me, he's gotten more than just a couple of awards for the past 3yrs. To say he's been collecting them is an understatement. Thats the little I know about Lemar so google the rest. LOL!!

Anonymous said...

He's won Brits award and MOBOs, which stands for Music Of Black Origin award.

I think d problem with his songs is dat they've gone a bit gospelish over d last two yrs. If u hear his first album, u'll notice dat some of them were quite catchy, mainstream and very pop orientated.

Anonymous said...

Calabar gal, he came 3rd not 2nd. I can never forget how high my phone bill was that year cos i had it on permanent redial voting for him. I also rang all my friends here making them swear to vote for him. Not only was my landline phone bill high because of Lemar; i was also texting from my THREE mobile phones at the time! You can then imagine how gutted i was when oyibo did their usual partia and cut him at 3rd place! I cried so much that my friends were even yabbing me asking whether he had paid me to lobby for him and that tomorrow there he'd forget me! Shoo see me see wahala oo. Did he know me before? LOL. I don't believe that you have to know someone personally to support them. The whole of London was outraged, cos it was obvious that he had the best voice. If you had seen his performance of Al Green's song, Let's Stay Together, you'd have cried. It was so soulful and passionate. You know, Lemar had a lot of help from successful black stars who had also watched the show and were outraged that he didn't win; one of which was Lionel Richie, who had chosen him twice to duet with him when he visited Fame Academy to promote his new album. Even when he was cut at 3rd place, the host of the show, Cat Deely, said to him: "I'm sure we haven't seen the last of you Lemar" and he replied: "Not if i have anything to do with it" then she said: "Not if Lionel Richie has anything to do with it"! LOL. Yeye people. Oh so dem cut am because dem bin sabi say Lionel Richie go help am shey? Rubbish!
Honestly, i feel so compensated now to see him riding so high. I'm mightily proud of him because i watched him grow and emerge from just a boy that lived in Tottenham to this rising star. When i remember his family cheering him on in the crowd, including his late mother, it still brings tears to my eyes. You see how God works? Despite the obvious partiality, the guy that won, David, no longer has a music career, after having about six months of serious charts success. The girl that came second was even worse- her own success lasted for just a couple of months. And Lemar is ever so modest and humble. I don't think that guy has a proud bone in his body. Even when he was once asked whether he's still in contact with David, the original winner, and how he feels now that David's singing career has flopped whilst his is still rising, in his usual humble manner, he just sympathised with David and wished him well- and you could just tell that it was coming from his heart. May God keep on blessing and prospering Lemar in Jesus' name- amen. He is wonderful!!!
Also, the only awards he has won so far are the Brits and MOBOs (one each); i no sabi where Calabar gal bin dream the rest up from. LOL. I'm trying to remember what else you asked about him. Okay, yes Lemar is his first name and Obika is his surname.
Anyway, if there are any more Lemar questions you need answered, ask me girl. I'd be his biographer for free anyday, as i know about him like the back of my hand...i mean i watched the dude grow and supported him throughout...okay e don do now! Shoo abeg make person hia word jare otio! LOL

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