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Wednesday, 29 November 2006


Akon revealed casually to DJ Angie Martinez on a radio programme recently that he practices polygamy and has THREE WIVES. Is this true? I heard he's been banned from talking about this by executives of his record label for fear that could make him loose some of his fans. He lives in the USA where polygamy is not possible or understood. Sincerely, if Akon has three wives, then I must say I'm deeply disappointed. He claims to be 27years old, how can he have three wives at such a young age? What the hell is a young man doing with three wives at this day and age? I hope its not true. His only known/official wife is Latrice pictured below

I'll also like to say Akon's brothers look so much like him. Check out Boo on Akon's right and and Omar on his left

The Thiam brothers


Anonymous said...

Dat's what i'm talking about. Like d saying goes 'Blood is thicker than water'. :) Blood brothers for ever. Gba be o.

Anonymous said...

Yeah man Akon Rules big time!! And his brothers look exactly like him so weird yo!! It's like they,re twins if they really are though!! Well Akon is my #1 Fan!! And he is awesome!! And if Akon is muslim and he understands what i'm gonna say then asalaam!!!

Anonymous said...

Asalaam uwalaykom warah matalaahi wabarakato!!!Akon rules big time and he's my #1 fan!!! His brothers look so much like him it's just like crazy yo!!! Well rock on Akon!!

Anonymous said...

omg! who is his other wives?

Anonymous said...

LMAO. Akon only has one wife. He has three baby mommas though and four kids- three boys and one girl. I guess he still cuts shows with all his baby mommas- maybe that's why he calls them all wives. More like concubines...

Anonymous said...

People don't really understand. Akon is from Senegal, there it's common for men to have more than one wife, typically around three, more if they can afford them. They're not his baby's momma's, it's his culture and people should try to be accepting even if they don't agree because it's not as if he tries to bring his personal life into the limelight. That said, I was born in Africa as well and I'm down for becoming #4 :).

Badiacriola said...

I saw Akon in a interview saing that he haven't got 3 wives. It was just a joke, some kinda publicity to make people paying attention on him.
Akon has 4 boys. I so their picture when they went to the Kids Entertainement Awards, I think.

dollar boy said...

i had met akon brother omar at a club in miami that nigga cool as hell

Unknown said...

akon has 3 brothers
bu and omar
there go their myspace page

Unknown said...

akon is the ceo of konvict muzik
omar is the president
bu is the co ceo

Unknown said...

omar akon brother is president of konvict muzik and that akon youngest bro. www.myspace.com/omarkonvict ist his myspacepage 6463778436

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