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Thursday, 30 November 2006


The question most people ask about this hot couple is if their relationship will last. Hello? They've been together for four years. That's longer than most marriages in hollywood. Personally, I think they genuinely love each other and if all goes well, they'll probably tie the knot. The question for me therefore isn't if their love will last, the question for me is who is more inlove? Initially, I thought Jay z was the one madly, deeply inlove and had been begging her for years to marry him. I thought Beyonce was more laidback and wasnt really into him (I heard she turned his marriage proposal down several times). But lately, I've been seing pictures of them together, seen them together on TV, heard a few interviews she gave concerning her relationship with J and how happy she all the rumour about her possessiveness, jealousy and insecurities (regarding Rihanna). Now I'm thinking maybe she is more inlove. You think I'm wrong and Jigga man is more inlove? Then check out their intimate pix and tell me what you think

see how inlove they are

see how they enjoy each other

see how they shop together

see how they play

see how happy they look in each other's arms

see how she's giving it to him

see how she's holding onto his hands

see how peaceful she looks being in his arms

see how she's smiling up at him

see how hot she's looking for him

see how she's clinging unto him

see how she's looking into his eyes

So who do you think is more inlove?


Anonymous said...

Can't tell. I think it's equal or am i just being too placid?

Badiacriola said...

I think Beyonce is more in love than Jay Z. More.. they are the most real couple I ever seen among artist. Akon for example,did never introduce his wife/wifes on public. Why? I thing it's cauz they fall in love and flirt easily with all kinda girls and don't matter with who really love them. But Jay Z does. They are my favorite couple.

'niyi said...

Wow, just 2 comments for such a story! This same story today will get hundreds of comments. You've come a long way Linda, well done.

Anonymous said...

@Niyi....true talk oo..

Unknown said...


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