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Tuesday 25 July 2017

Warning for Women Over 35: Stay away from these 3 weight loss scams

This is a sponsored post...As a busy woman over 35 who is trying to look trim and attractive, it is easy to fall for many of the useless weight loss products out there.

This article was written because last week, a woman called our company from Kaduna.
This year alone, she has spent N725,000 buying all the 3 weight loss products I will be mentioning here - and the only results she got from using them is - she gained an extra 12kg

I gave her the same advice you are going to get in this article.
But first, what are the weight loss scams you should stay away from?

SCAM ONE: Slimming Teas - This is now the number one weight loss scam on social media especially on Instagram by various celebrities.
The ugly truth is - Anyone who says they got that trim, sexy waist just by drinking slimming teas was paid to do so.

Drinking slimming teas alone will never help you shed excess fat. Some might help you lose water weight initially but you will gain it back faster.
Yet, people are buying them for as high as N18,000 per bag because they are recommended by their favourite celebrity who most probably does not drink the tea.
Apart from slimming teas, the other 2 weight loss products you shouldn't bother wasting your money on are: Slim Patches or anything that has to do with Green Coffee Extract
So, What Do You Do Instead?
If you want to get that trim waist without starving or killing yourself in the gym, the first and most important step you have to take before joining the never ending number of women who struggle with their weight or belly fat is...

Understand How Your Body Works!
When you are 35, your body switches to a fat storing mode and any small food you eat takes time to digest. Instead, it begins to accumulate in your arms, thighs, tummy as pure fat.

You begin to think - "But I used to eat Pizza twice a week when I was 25 without gaining weight - how come I now add weight fast even though I have cut off pizza, fried foods and eat once in a day?"

Well, the Answer Is Because
Your Body Is Now In A Fat Storing Mode.

Same thing happens to women who have given birth to.
When your body switches to this FAT Storing mode, losing weight will be tough regardless of the diet or exercise routine you are on.
Until you switch your body from "fat storing mode" to "fat burning mode", you will continue to experience frustrations with diets, exercise, teas and other weight loss techniques

There are 2 Effective Ways I Know of For Switching Your Body to a Fat Burning Mode

(1) It is either you go on a extreme workout routine that combines cardio with a lot of weight training or resistance workouts. This would mean spending at least 3 hours in the gym daily and 5 days a week.
(2) or Try a new approach that is called the HGB formula.
This HGB formula is a new, unconventional fat loss formula that goes against everything you know about fat loss...

It has nothing to do with counting calories
It is NOT a special way of exercising.
It is not another strict diet.
The formula does not require a lot of willpower.

If you are a woman who wants to shed off some excess fat or you want to get rid of that stubborn belly fat, then you owe it to yourself to get the HGB formula report

This 6 paged report explains how you can use the HGB formula to convert your body from "fat storing" to "fat burning" mode

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