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Wednesday 26 July 2017

"Cheapass!" Doctor rewards bus conductor who returned his lost $29,000 with two bags of candy

Sumon Matidul, a conductor of Bus No. 511, was rewarded with two bags of candy for returning a backpack filled with THB1.12 million cash (more than US29,000) to a doctor in Bangkok, Thailand last Sunday.
The story that was supposed to restore faith in humanity quickly turned into internet drama, when users found out that the passenger, who works as a gynecologist, rewarded the bus conductor with only two bags of candy.

People criticized him with most calling him a "cheapass" while others are of the opinion that one shouldn't expect monetary reward for doing a good deed.
"A nice and very understanding lady, who did the right thing, because it was the right thing, and even said Thank you for the token reward. I appreciate the guy owed the money, but he would owe a hell of a lot more if it weren't for her honesty. The family really should appreciate that and chip in to give her something a little more appropriate." one said.
However, the doctor has apologized to the woman for not giving her the reward she deserved.
Matidul said the doctor called her to apologize after the story earned media spotlight and people quickly called him a cheapass.
According to Sumon, the doctor told her that the money was to pay his debts, and she personally didn’t ask for any reward and actually appreciated the candy, which she gave to her child.
“I thanked him. I said ‘I have debts too, and I completely understand.’ I mean, put yourself in his shoes. I’d cry if I lost THB500,” Sumon told Amarin TV. 
“Even though he’s a doctor, the money was to pay his family’s debt. He said it wasn’t even enough,” she said.
But Sumon’s honesty hasn’t gone unnoticed, she received a certificate from Bangkok Mass Transit Authority for her honest actions.
Source: Coconut Bangkok

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