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Friday 3 February 2017

Photo: Female fuel attendant in Kwara State found and returned lost N108,000 belonging to customer

A female staff of Total Nigeria has been praised for her rare display of integrity. Adeyeye Omolara (pictured in Red) returned the sum of N108,000 that a customer lost at a branch of the station. Below is the announcement made on Facebook by Total Nigeria:

"We all know that it is widespread in Nigeria that Service Station attendants are fraudulent and in fact, they have been subtly termed as "crooks". Well, I am proud to announce to you that Total Nigeria is not in that category!
It was yesterday 1st February 2017; a report came in that a customer returned to the Total service station Yakuba road Illorin Kware state, complaining that he had lost an envelope containing money. The customer did not go beyond the pump Island hence the search started and ended there but to no avail.
Later that day, an envelope was found containing N108,000 between the sand bucket and the fuel pump. The station immediately reported the issue on air through a radio station to contact the man as he had his name on the envelope with other documents. The man later came back to the station in tears, full of appreciation and gratitude and yes the cash was handed over to him.
It was so touching to know that the N108,000 was meant for the school fees/purchase of forms for three of another man's children and was given to him to execute. Thanks to our Heroic attendant, the money remained intact.
The Integrity and Gospel of good business ethics trickles down to the smallest bits of Total Nigeria Plc’s business operations. We are really proud of the discipline exhibited by our station staff Adeyeye Omolara (The Lady in Red) - she is our hero"



So nice of her, she deserves commendation. Coming at a period people steal and look for a way to blame Buhari or recession
God bless her.

. ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA LUMIA

Unknown said...

so what did total nigeria do to help her life after the good deed cos in this hard buhari regime and the good lady gave back that kinda cash.....pls settle her ooooo total nigeria

Unknown said...




NaijaDeltaBabe said...

It's really commendable

...merited happiness

Unknown said...

Good looking out to her

Anonymous said...

Who be these once way come stand for the picture covering the better girl, like say them no for take the money if Na dem find am.

Anonymous said...

Among thieves, there are saints. Nigeria still has people with conscience. Lara keep it up. Bravo Total.

R4 said...

Someone should gift ONE MILLION NAIRA to Miss Omolara Adeyeye of Total Service Station, Yakuba Road, IIllorin, Kware State, Nigeria). She is a HERO, and she serves a promotion or another company should go and poach her, FAST.

If I was in Nigeria and with a business selling to the general public, I would poach Omolara Adeyeye and triple her salary and even pay her relocation cost and rent for two years. YES.

Linda Ikeji, please, change her life. Hire Omolara Adeyeye or help her setup her own business.

Thank you.

Unknown said...

Errrrr...please why are all the men holding the envelope like they are making a donation? The lady deserves a promotion. It takes a lot of discipline and principle to do what she did especially in this present economy.
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uniquechic said...

God will uplift u dear lady ..I love hearing such stories..Not every human mind is corrupt.

Unknown said...

kind deed would pay someday!
-D great anonymous now as Vivian Reginalds

Unknown said...

This is kind of her. We need more of her and change the mindset human.

Anonymous said...

Boko haram bonairo get off this blog!

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