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Friday 3 February 2017

French soldiers shoot machete-wielding man who yelled 'Allahu Akbar' as he tried to enter Louvre Museum, Paris

French soldiers opened fired on a man carrying a machete and two bags as he tried to enter the Louvre Museum, Paris after yelling "Allahu Akbar". According to the police, they believe he had plans to carry out a terrorist attack.

He is said to have launched himself at the soldiers when they told him that he could not bring his bags into the Carrousel du Louvre shopping mall underneath the world-famous museum where the Mona Lisa hangs causing the building to go into emergency lock down.

He brought out a knife and tried to stab a soldier which made the  soldiers respond to the to the attack by firing five shots. Speaking on the attack, the Head, French capital police force, Mr Cadot said a solider was hurt while the attack is wounded in the stomach. "It was an attack by a person ... who represented a direct threat and whose actions suggested a terrorist context.The attacker  is wounded in the stomach. He is conscious and he was moving. Checks of the man's two backpacks found they did not contain explosives"

He also said a second person who was acting suspiciously was also arrested but appeared not to have been linked to the attack. The spokesman, French ministry of Interior, Mr. Pierre-Henry Brandet said the identity and nationality of the attacker is still unknown. The police evacuated and blocked entrance into the museum. The visitors who were already inside building were stopped from leaving.

More photos from the scene, below...



Thank God he was stopped before he could do anything dangerous.

. ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA LUMIA

Unknown said...




Mrs Trump said...

Oh Oooo after una go say Trump Na mad man!!!!

Unknown said...

gud job

Anonymous said...

Again for there? Pls shoot the dead body again.

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when you let illegal and unducomemted refugees into your country.

Two years ago, if I told the French that this would be their future if they kept letting in the unducomemted refugees, the would have just called me a "anti human"!!!

Times have changed!
I can't blame Trump for his policies?

Anonymous said...

Linda, of what use is it to waste my time on your blog if this silly Samsung advert keeps hindering me? Pls do something about it...... on a lighter note, at least I've been forced to comment after how many years of been a LIB

Unknown said...

Hang me any mofo ranting Allahu Akbar.

Unknown said...

very good
-D great anonymous now as Vivian Reginalds

Anonymous said...

And when Trump said he will block illegal refugees, this same france complained and derided him. Nothing good ever comes out of these Arabian terrorists. That's why uae and Saudi rejects them even though they are supposed to be brothers

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