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Friday, 20 July 2007

Style Night...phase 3

This week was incredibly busy for me at work...thank God I've managed to get everything ready for Style Night. The handbills, posters, tickets and invites are all out. The models have started rehearsals, the designers are getting the clothes's been great.

The best thing about my job is that I love it so much. I remember being offered a mouth watering salary for a marketing job with one of these new generation banks when I finished my youth service some years back, it was tempting at first but then I thought of the unhappiness that will be mine if I accepted the job and let go of my true passion. I had to say NO. Two months later in August of 2004, I started my own company...Blackdove Communications. (The name was derived from my favourite colour and bird).

Crazy advice...if you hate your job, quit! And follow your heart and passion. I always say the best way to live life is to be happy. And please don't be afraid to start your own business, it's not as hard as it seems, as long as you have talent, passion and a little finance, you're good to go.

It will be rough in the first few months, even years, but with time, hardwork, dedication and focus, you'll exhale. Just believe! Three years on, I'm still struggling but I know one day, I'll get there.

Ok so here's what the handbill and banner for my show looks like...without the other details...

Designers: Ishy Couture, Steve Ray couture, and Jimbrooks Clothing
Musicians: Ruggedman, Spiderman, Ice Four and my lil sis, Laura and her fab dancers.
Comedian: Koffi, Saheed and Seyi Law
Dancers: Naija Dance Academy and this hot Latin/Salsa dancers
Date: Saturday 28th, July, 2007
Venue: Moods Bar and Restaurant, Ogunlana Drive, Surulere.
Time: 8pm till dawn
Supported by NB Plc, Amigos Hair, Power Horse, the Sanitarian

+ Fifteen fab Naija Models. The show will be so so nice! The IV's are all gone. Any blogger that wants to attend is more than welcome, just call Sandra on 08033595004. I'd love to have you there.

Our next Style Night will be September 29th at Fantasy land Ikoyi. We never finish one we dey talk about another one abi? That's because a particular company gave a bigger venue, and better location as condition for sponsoring the we already have a sponsor for next show. God is great!

My TV show, Catwalk wit Linda, will be shot a week after Style Night...that show will be so so hot. I can't wait to get it started...The awareness posters, handbills and banners will be out next week, I'll load it up for y'all to see.

Meanwhile, I'll need your creative ideas for the shoot of my mag TV commercial. Ben Bruce (STV) already promised me N1million worth of airtime that I haven't utilized yet. When I'm ready for that, y'all will give me ideas o.

BTW, that's me on that poster. I'm vain I know...I can't help it lol.

All those saying they've learnt a thing or two from my blog, plenty kisses to you. I love it when people appreciate what I do. I'm learning so much myself. We are on this beautiful ride together. May God continue to bless us all.

Before you go to bed this night, don't forget to put all your problems before God. Nothing is bigger than him and he loves you too much not to listen to your cry. If he's not doing anything great in your life yet, that's because you haven't come to him. On a second thought, you're alive, what's greater than that?

When you pray...expect miracles.

Take care of you and yours.

Kisses! LINDA


Anonymous said...

Yes you are vain and we love you that's gotta be right? Hope your show rocks like heaven (not hell) lol. I know....I'm a little bit in my 'lame jokes' mood so forgive my Would have attended your show if I was at that end. Have the best time ever ok.

Unknown said...

A Billion KISS for You Linda....You are simply da best!...Stay blessed always..and more blessings...

Mimi said...

best of luck babe!!! sounds fab already.

Icy PR said...

Oh my gosh this is so exciting.. Supa dupa proud of you. You look hot on the poster.. Rawk on!.. Get the footage and pics for us puh-lease yankee peeps need to be able to see this.


Anonymous said...

Wish i was there to see it all happen. I hope u'll post clips of your forthcoming shows here, so we diasporans can see it sha.

Anonymous said...

lol you're gorgeous... and you work hard..always a good combination...

Anonymous said...

oh linda nice one,just seeing this nice ehn keep it up ok......lots of love....ciao bella. warebi martha

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