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Sunday, 15 July 2007

Music News + 10 crazy facts on love

Sound Sultan releases 3rd album
Lanre Fasasi a.k.a Sound Sultan on Saturday July launched his 3rd album titles 'Naija 007'
I hear his new album is off the need to check it out.

Weird Mc releases new single
Naija's most sought after female rapper Weird Mc recently released a new song 'ri ran wo' (see something) from her forth coming album set for release in the last quarter of 2007. This is one song that will garner much airplay

Dare Art Alade back in the studio
Dare Art Alade is said to be back in the studio to put finishing touches to his second album which will be released before the end of the year...hope so. Loved his last album

Muma Gee moves up
Singer Muma Gee is set to officially release her album 'Kade' in South Africa. The nubian queen was invited to SA by What Now Production to kick off a promotional tour for her well loved album. Muma Gee also had a recording session with South Africa's dance Icon, Somizi. This is one hard working woman. Good luck to her

Usher addresses his fans
Singer Usher has penned an open letter to his fans in which he addresses the many rumors swirling around his relationship with fiancee Tameka Foster.

In the letter, Usher addresses a report that appeared in Thursday's New York Post that speculated that the crooner and Foster, who recently announced they were expecting a child in the fall, had moved their wedding date up to the end of July and that the wedding was to take place in the Hamptons. Though he did not confirm or deny the date, he indicated that the information would not be made public any time soon.

"Since my wedding day will be special to Tameka and I, this is information that we would like to keep private," the letter said.

Usher denied that Foster has taken control over his life, leading to him firing his mother, Jonetta Patton, as his manager. "I am happy, excited, completely clear and independent on my direction, feelings, decisions and I am NOT BEING LED," he wrote. "Some media and bloggers have been totally instrusive, they have misconstrued aspects of my personal life and, because of this, my 'true' fans are not sure about what is fact and fiction." Whatever!

Janet moves to Island Def Jam
Janet Jackson has officially left her longtime Virgin label home and set up shop at Island Def Jam, boyfriend Jermaine Dupri's label.

Dupri confirmed the move, but admitted that he won't take the lead on Jackson's new album. "She's on Island, but it's more or less [Def Jam CEO Antonio 'L.A. Reid's] project. I let him deal with that on a day-to-day basis," Dupri revealed.

T.I attacks fan
There are reports that rapper T.I got angry after a fan threw a cup on stage while he was performing at an ESPY pre-party in Hollywood on Tuesday night.

Witnesses said T.I. got so mad that he jumped offstage to confront the culprit face-to-face. When he found who he was looking for, he reportedly hit the party-goer with the microphone, leaving the victim bloodied.

Remy Ma sought in shooting incident
Rapper Remy Ma is reportedly being sought in connection with an early morning shooting in Manhattan, Sources say that Remy allegedly shot and wounded an unidentified female following an altercation after leaving Manhattan eatery, Pizza Bar.

The shooting left the victim, an acquaintance of the 27-year-old former Terror Squad member, in critical condition at St. Vincent's Hosptial, a source from the New York Police Department said. The incident allegedly took place while the two women were riding in a three-car caravan after leaving the Pizza Bar shortly before 4 a.m.

After a verbal exchange took place between Remy, born Remy Smith, and the 23-year-old victim about a block away from the bar. Remy fled after the shooting and is being sought for questioning by the NYPD. Investigators are currently interviewing three witnesses of the shooting.

Rihanna's Umbrella Lyrics

You had my heart
and we'll never be world apart
Maybe in magazines
but you'll still be my star
Baby cause in the
DarkYou can see shiny Cars
And that's when you need me there
With you I'll always share Because

When the sun shines
We’ll shine together
Told you I'll be here forever
That I'll always be your friend
Took an oath
I'mma stick it out 'till the end
Now that it's raining more than ever
Know that we still have each other
You can stand under my Umbrella
You can stand under my Umbrella
(Ella ella eh eh eh)
Under my umbrella
(ella ella eh eh eh)
Under my umbrella
(ella ella eh eh eh)
Under my umbrella
(ella ella eh eh eh eh eh eh)

These fancy things, will never come in between
You're part of my entity
Here for Infinity
When the war has took it's part
When the world has dealt it's cards
If the hand is hard
Together we'll mend your heartBecause ...


You can run into my Arms
It's okay don't be alarmed
(Come into Me)
(There's no distance in between our love)
So Gonna let the rain pour
I'll be all you need and more Because ...

[CHORUS] till fade...

Love: 10 crazy scientific facts

Read this in a book and thought to's quite interesting...and crazy!

1. It’s like looking in a mirror! It turns out we all have a little something in common with Narcissus—the mythical fellow who fell in love with his own reflection. Scientists at the University of Liverpool recently concluded that our brains favor people with familiar faces. The research team asked over 200 participants to view a number of digitally altered human faces. They found that subjects preferred the features they found the most familiar—whether that means his or her own visage or that of a family member. This may explain that common phenomenon of couples looking like they could be siblings.

2. Manner, schmanners: Go ahead and stare. Another new study says that when a woman walks into a room, she is considered more attractive if she turns her eyes directly toward a certain man. Men would rate the same woman as less desirable if she doesn’t make strong eye contact. In this study, conducted at Dartmouth University, lead researcher Malia Mason had male participants sit and view a series of faces of fashion models, digitally enhanced to either be gazing toward or away from the participant. The study authors asked the viewer to rate the likeability of each model and found that those who turned away were seen as less agreeable. The study’s researchers went on to suggest that a woman’s gaze can be a powerful arousal cue and that our impressions are largely formed by nonverbal communications such as eye contact. So start locking eyes, ladies!

3. You’ll know it when you see it. A recent study at the University of Pennsylvania reveals that regardless of what people say they are looking for in a dating situation, they don’t need a lot of time with or information about a person to tell if they’re interested. Single people’s behavior suggests that individuals know “it” (a person who appeals to them) when they see it—almost instantly. Lead researcher Robert Kurzban and his colleagues studied data from 10,000+ daters. They found that men and women assessed potential compatibility within moments of meeting, using primarily visual cues such as age, height, and attractiveness. Says Kurzban, “Somewhat surprisingly, factors that you might think would be really important to people — like religion, education, and income — played very little roles in their choices.”

4. Listen up. The next time you call up a potential love match, pay special attention to how they sound. Researchers at the University of Albany had 149 men and women rate the attractiveness of a series of recorded voices on a scale from 1 to 10. The researchers also gathered information about the sexual histories of the people whose voices they recorded. They found that the voices found to be the most appealing belonged to people who had sex at an earlier age, had more sexual partners, and were more prone to infidelity than those rated as having less appealing voices. So know that what’s a seductive voice to you may be linked to a person with a bit of a past…

5. I couldn’t help it baby, it’s in my genes. There may be a genetic component to infidelity, says a professor at the Twin Research Unit at St. Thomas’ Hospital, London. This is based on the fact that if one twin exhibits infidelity, the other twin strays 55% of the time. In the general population, the number is 23%. The tendency to remain faithful is a component of personality, the scientist elaborates, which is governed both by a number of genes and societal factors.

6. It’s official. Love makes us crazy. For one, it causes serotonin levels in the brain to drop, which may lead people to obsess about their lover. (The levels of serotonin, a chemical produced by the body, are also low in people who have obsessive-compulsive disorder.) Next, it ramps up production of the stress hormone cortisol, leading to slightly higher blood pressure and possible loss of sleep. Finally, a scientist at the University of London has found that when people look at their new loves, the neural circuits that are usually in charge of social judgment are suppressed. All in all, love kind of leaves you obsessive, stressed, and blind. And we love it.

7. Why broken hearts hurt... A recent UCLA study suggests the psychological hurt of a break-up is just as real as a physical injury. Two areas of the brain that respond to physical pain also become activated when a person is dealing with social pain, such as being dumped. The study’s authors used an MRI to monitor brain activity in participants while they played a game simulating social rejection. The researchers believe that the pain of being rejected may have evolved as a motivating force that led humans to seek out social interaction, which is crucial for the survival of most mammals.

8. Blushing is best. If we take our cue from apes, rosy cheeks are crucial in the dating game, says a new study. Scientists at Stirling University in Great Britain have found that primates prefer mates with red faces. A rosy glow might also act as a similar cue in humans, say the British researchers, sending a message of good health. They speculate that it could explain why women use blusher.

9. Kiss this way. Did you know there is a “right” way to kiss? People are more likely to tilt their heads to the right when kissing instead of left, says a report published recently in the journal Nature. A scientist from Ruhr University in Germany analyzed 124 pairs of smoochers and found that 65 percent go toward the right.

10. Meet for drinks before dinner. Researchers at NYU and Stanford have discovered that hungry men prefer heavier women. By staking out a dining hall, scientists had hundreds of students fill out questionnaires about their preferences in a mate. Men who filled out the questionnaire just before they entered the hall described their ideal woman as an average of three or four pounds heavier than men interviewed after they ate. Incidentally, researchers did not find the same change in women’s preferences, so guys: Go ahead and schedule that drinks date for before or after dinnertime.

BTW, the Thisday Music Festival scheduled to hold yesterday July 14th, didn't hold. I actually got a friend to buy me a ticket, we got there around 5:40pm, because we heard the gate will be closed at exactly 6pm. But by 9: 30pm, it became apparent that the show won't hold.

There was talk of equipments for the show coming in late. I also heard something about a generator. There were many side talks that I won't mention because I don't know what really went wrong...all I can say is that it didn't hold and it was a big let down. I didn't expect that from Thisday.

All the international artistes will be performing today..I can't even begin to imagine the crowd that will be there, it will be too overwhelming...unfortunately can't make the show for today 'cos something more important is happening someplace annoying that I didn't get to see Shakira and John Legend after all...hope today's show goes well...will get you gists from the show when I get it.

Have a fruitful week ahead.


BiMbyLaDs** said...

always on point.. i liked this informative post.. i learnt some new things today, im gonna listen to my other half's voice well well.. hope u had a great weekend sweetie

Ms. Catwalq said...

men, this is alot of information to process...

1. why is sound sultan looking hungry?

i have been trying to find the dare escalade video online. when will someone post the video on you tube. abeg now

Unknown said...

The last post greatly explains why i'm so allergic to Fugly girls...ewwwwwwww!

Meadows j. said...



Meadows j. said...

About the blushing bit, i buy mine thanx to MAC. noone knows when am truly

Anonymous said...

wow...r u atleast gettn a refund for ur tickets??...known naijarians...e go hard

BTW, is Wierd MC gay??

@ Catwalq chek Youtube. They have evrything!


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