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Monday 21 May 2007

New Naija Artistes Making Waves.

In the past few months, most of the songs making waves have been from new Naija artistes. Songs like Morachi's 'Hapuya like dat', Sanchez's 'Pick it up', Stereoman's 'Ekwe'. Beautiful songs from relatively unknown artistes. These guys are blowing our old artistes out of the water...

As a mark of appreciation, I'd like to introduce some of them to y'all. Some, you might have heard about, some, you might not know but be rest assured that these guys and girls are very talented and putting out Naija's 'Baddest' hits at the moment.

Here they are...

Artiste: Djinee
Genre of Music: R&B
Popular Song: Ego

Artiste: Obiwon (2007 NMA Male Voice of the Decade...lai lai!)
Genre of Music: R&B
Popular Song: Onyinye

Artiste: Bouqui
Genre of Music: Rap
Popular Song: Mole jo

Artiste: Soul E
Genre of Music: Soul/R&B
Popular Song: Soul E Baba

Artiste: Niola
Genre of Music: R&B
Popular song: Niola

Artiste: Black Solo
Genre of Music: Hip Hop
Popular Song: Friday Night

Artiste: Sean Tero

Genre of Music: Ragga
Popular Song: Kolo

Artiste: Guitar Man
Genre of Music: R&B
Popular Song: Dreamer (This song I particularly love)

Artiste: Morachi
Genre of Music: Hip Hop
Popular Song: Hapuya Like that (Leave it like that)

Artiste: Spider Man
Genre of Music: Dance Hall
Popular Song: Dance Hall

Artiste: Konga
Genre of Music: Dance Hall
Popular Song: Konga

Artiste: Stereo Man
Genre of Music: Dance Hall
Popular Song: Ekwe

Artiste: 9ice

Genre of Music: Afro Hip Hop
Popular Song: Little Money

Artiste: Indespensables

Genre of Music: Hip Hop

Popular Song: Indispensables

Artiste: Nigga Raw
Genre of Music: Hip Hop
Popular Song: Obodo

Artiste: Laura Ikeji
Genre of Music: Hip Hop
Popular Song: Get Down

That by the way is my younger sis. Fantastic rapper and dancer. Laura will give Ciara a run for her money anyday...for real. You should see her on the dancefloor...incredible! I used to think I could dance...but put me to shame lol. She will put alot of professional dancers to shame...

Anyway, there you have it. Some of Naija new artistes making waves. I know I missed a lot of names, can't know them all, so please feel free to send names of new artistes in Naija who are blowing people away with their songs.

Meanwhile, I watched 'Stomp The Yard', this weekend. A dance movie that features finest black actor ever (ok since Denzel) Colombus Short, Chris Brown, Brian White and Ne yo. It's the best dance movie since 'You Got Served'. Now, I can't make up my mind which movie rocked most. In terms of story line, I'd give it to Stomp The Yard. And in terms of dance sequence, I'll give it to You Got Served. Over all? I can't decide. Those of you who have seen both movies...what do you think? You haven't seen any yet? Go check it out!

Let's know other Naija new artistes making waves.

All pix, thanks to Purefoto.


Anonymous said...

linda i didn't know that you had a sister who sings. are you the oldest among your siblings? i think she's cute though...i love those boots 2.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...i see say u dey yarn for your sister small-small. Next thing, we go hear say u dey manage her. I never heard any of her songs yet, maybe u should upload am one day on your blog. As for d new artistes, i like Nigga Raw's Obodo, d video is so tight as well. And i can't stand dat Konga song. I've heard of a few new female artistes as well, can't remember their names now sha.

Dimples said...

Ohthank God..fresh faces and talents since the same old same old...2face,D'banj and co.

Djinee i know of...totally love Ego...but that's the only song I know sha.
Who the hell is Obiwon???..and i thought i was current with my Naija music.
Bouqui her Gospel singer.
Soul E baba de ya-the best on the list...FAB artist...2 Baba watch ur back oh..Soul E is up 2 international standards.
Konga-Is funny!!!..I love Baby Konga...ju kpa kpa ju kpa....bloody rude song...but still loving it.
Dunno Niola,Black Solo,Sean Tero,Guitar Man(more like boy!!) Morachi,Spider man,Stero Man,9ice,Indespensables.

Oh nice one on ur sis...Linda add a video link or something...lets see ur sis strut her stuff.

Toni Payne said...

I agree about the new artist showing themselves. I think 9ice is about to be the next bigest thing out fo naija, mark my words. I just did an interview with him here I have a good eye for these things and I am hardly ever wrong. I predicted 2face was gonna be huge and would crossover with the right management. well I was 90% correct... lol.

Ah so u have a sister that sings. You should let us hear some of her stuff.

TMinx said...

Pure photo is doing a great job and im sure you are so roud of your sis!

Anonymous said...

Yeah , I love Ego but my eight year old daughter loves it more.You just need to hear her sing it considering she's been to Naija just twice...and she sings Sony Nneji's Olukati sorry, i am not yoruba)but we sing it.
I have just heard Chinwe Ike by onemixed race girl ..that's quite refreshing.who is she,Linda?

Mimi said...

i thought Djinee's Ego had been out since like over a year ago?is the song just making heatwaves?anyway i love the my my linda,what a talented family you must have :)

Anonymous said...

So, linda, when r we going to hear u sing as well? Was watching Bisi Olatilo show over d w'kend and they featured Segun Odegbami's daughter, May7ven. Dat gyal is HOT, she can dance and sing abeg. And wait for it.....she's got a great 'budunk', as TP would say. lol

Anonymous said...

I LOOOOVE NiggaRaw! Every yung pple party here in NYC play his songs especially "HipHop Giration" and once they start playn that very song everry single body goes crazy, and at this point we all pool togetha at the middle of the dance floor and have a crazy dance off with each person doing some funny dance and us all singn along. He is the ish don here o..infact we have to organize something with him come nxt summer men.

BTW, Linda, i like ur sister's sweater...i have one like it in a diff. color

Anonymous said...


Why isn't RESONANCE on that list?! They're like one of the biggest groups in naija ever! and on my top 10 best grps....meeen all dia songs are soo refresn and they are very original. LOVE 'EM!


Anonymous said...

i loooooooooooove niga raw.his song rocks!

Linda Ikeji said...

@anon the second oldest lil sis is hot!i'll load her songs one sing? u wanna make them beat me lol proud of her
@tp, i'll let u guys hear it 1day

chidi said...

ok... i have never heard of any of this singers/rappers before & really one is called spider man??? Why choose such a name??? Maybe he has watched too much of the spider man movies. its depressing.

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