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Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Personality: Chinedu Echeruo + America's first family?

Personality: Chinedu Echeruo
The Dec 2007 issue of BlackEnterprise Magazine listed 40 most successful enterpreneurs in the US under 40 years and somewhere I saw this guy's name; Chinedu Echeruo. I love reading about young achievers, nothing inspires me more, so I went looking for more info on him.

I present to you Nigerian-born, US-based Enterpreneur, who has captured the attention of the American corporate world. Chinedu Echeruo.

Echeruo, 33, founded, a Web-based city transit guide that provides point-to-point directions by subway and bus to get to any location in New York City; Boston; Washington, D.C.; San Francisco; and, most recently, Chicago. Echeruo plans to expand HopStop to 14 more cities in the U.S. and abroad over the next year.
“I started thinking about the problem of getting from point A to point B — and how I could leverage technology to solve it,” says Echeruo, a Nigerian-born entrepreneur who has been involved with several Internet startups. “Whether I could make it into a viable business was another question.” Echeruo, who has an M.B.A. from Harvard and experience as a financial analyst, launched a basic version of HopStop in 2004. Today, the site serves 500,000 customers each month and is expected to generate about $3 million in revenues by the end of 2006.
Read his full biography here... You can read more here... And check out his website here...

His profile
Co-founder at
Founder at
Analyst at AM Investment Partners
Analyst at J.P. Morgan and Co.
It is at times like this that I am so proud to be Nigerian. Kudos to him!
America's First Family?
For those of us following the US elections diligently, what a race right? This particular race has being called the most diverse political field ever. There's a woman and a black man who are serious contenders for the first time in the US election. I love Obama and I hope he wins but I'm a little skeptical about him winning, not because I don't think he'll make a good president, oh, I think he will be fantastic, I love his policies, but has America reached a turning point? When push comes to shove, will they really vote for a black president? What are the chances of America voting a man whose father is Kenyan?
Obama with his family
Is this America's first family? Will pictures like this work in his favour or against him? Or have Americans reached a point where they really don't care about the colour of a man's skin or his lineage? Will Americans vote Obama as their next president? What do you guys think?


Jen Juma said...


Obama is a practising Christian and He grew up in a white family (his white mother's) though his late father was from Kenya.

Funny picture though.

Anonymous said...

wow!Naija's are showing the stuff we're made off all over the world. Anyone who makes fun of the Igbos' buisness skills should be


Anonymous said...

I do not know why American will not vote for him because of trivial issues. If they can vote for that foolish Bush twice, then they can decide not to vote for Obama because of his ethnic background. This just shows that there is racism. Pure Ignorance.
Wow I really miss Nigeria. Ever since I left Nigeria to school abroad, my views have not been the same(of course). I do not mean to sound racist but I don't like white people as much. I think they need to leave the NORTH and see other things because they are too ignorant and close minded. I have to say that only a few of them impress me.

Juliana said...

Hi Linda,
You are right Obama does not stand a chance.
I have been shouting it on the roof top, Obama cannot stand a chance against McCain. Yes he is fantastic with his ideas and all but this is all media hype. Clinton-Obama ticket is it and the sooner the democrats accepts it the better if not the Republicans are in for the next four years.
As for this 33 year-old Chinedu Echeruo, it is people like him that make me proud as a Nigerian. In the same country where the likes of Oprah and CNN take delight in bashing our image with 419ers, he is flying our flag. Oprah will not see this one to put on her show o! it is 419 victims who to me deserve what they get bcos of their greed, that she will show.
She remains my idol though (lol.

Jen Juma said...

Thanks for religion amendment.

I've hardly found anyone in support of Hilary apart from Nigerians that can't vote but most young people (whites especially) I've met here in the states is pro- Obama.

Jennifer A. said...

I love Obama, but I've just gotta LAUGH at that caption abt him and his family...

U know what? I'm so proud to be Nigerian right now...I love it when I see people like Chinedu Echeruo climbing up the corporate ladder and showing and utilizing their intelligence for the benefit of!!! So glad!

Anonymous said...

Obama is also half white, so lets wait and see. But suffice it to say Obama has carefully managed to get people to look beyond his skin color.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting Obama on your Blog,I respect your views a lot, but I disagree with you on this Obama's issue. I am not expecting anybody from Africa posting or promoting pictures like these, thereby making fun of Obama's family. They deserve to live in the White house if their brother wins, and I am sure most of you will see a different picture if obama's dad was Nigerian. Besides don't forget that Obama represents the future of our children especially those of us who are Africans in America. He is an example of ordinary people doing extra-ordinary things. Do you even know that the guy that invented the super computer is a Nigerian?,that the largest church congregation is controlled by Nigerians?. just like the Chinedu Echeruo that you wrote about. To let you know, Africans are taking over and it is for real.

Anonymous said...

Linda Hi...
u see no matter what anyone feels or Hopes...what will be will be!...
YES WE CAN!...Obama will not only win the democratic nominee he will thrash Mcain! d person who says grandad Mccain will beat matter how much u say wont happen...
Obama may not have d so called list of xperience like Mcain or Clinton (eventhough what have they significantly done than authorise d war in Iraq!) but Obama has suceeded in doing what no one has been able to do in USA, bring people of different ethnicity, blue states, red states, young, old gay, straight ......evryone together!...
so what he is Black?...what is wrong with that?...does that disqualify him from sitting in whitehouse? what he has ties in d african community...does that make him a less of a person?...this guy is Havard trained...he had a chance to do a top job but turned it down to work with disadvantaged people as a community worker so as to empower and give this pple a voice....
Read up on Obama....and u guys rise up over the slave mentality that u indirectly ehibits...


O'Dee said...

i guess we just have to wait & c.
am impressed with this hotspot guy. Lets keep flying the flag.

9c blog.

Nigerian Drama Queen said...

This is my first time on your blog and I absolutely love it! Black Enterprise is one of my favorite magazines, and the forbes lists(especially the youngest billionaires)-always makes me sit up!
I had made up my mind about voting for Obama long before he announced his Im not so sure! I am re-evaluating all the politicians and their platforms...should be interesting!

Unknown said...

L. Check my articles on him (OBAMA)Out.. I have been thinking in the same line like u but, as u had pointed out in one of ur posts..Nothing is Impossible. Let's keep on watching the unfolding events...I would love to see Broda Obama in the Black House..oh, sorry Da White House?


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