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Friday, 4 January 2008

The pregnant little girl

I saw a little girl yesterday while taking a stroll somewhere on the Island.

I stopped at a kiosk to buy chewing gum when I noticed a little girl sitting on a pavement close to the kiosk. I noticed her because she was staring at me with something that resembled a smile across her. She wasn't well dressed. But her shoes kind of looked new and she had her hands covering the lower part of her body.

I smiled and waved at her but she didn't wave back and her expression didnt change. Normally when you're caught staring, you take your eyes off, but this little girl didn't do so.

Weird I thought. Took my gum, my change, waved at her once more, thought nothing of it and left.

On my way back home from my stroll, about 20 minutes later, I saw this little girl again. Not at the same place I'd spotted her earlier, this time she was sitting on a pavement in front of a nice house a few kilometers from the kiosk.

Like the other time, she was staring at me, with the same look on her face. I waved at her again and as I made to pass, she shifted her position and that was when I noticed the swollen stomach.

This little girl I initially thought couldn't be more than 9/10 years old was heavily pregnant. I hadn't noticed it earlier because of her sitting position but now I stopped in my tracks and stared at her in confusion. Maybe she wasn't 9 or 10 yrs old but she couldn't be more than 12 or 13. So how can a girl this young be pregnant? Who would do this? Who was she? Why was she sitting there by herself? And why was she staring and smiling at me?

What is this I asked myself.

I crossed the road, went to her, smiled gently and asked how she was. No reply.
I asked for her name. No answer
Asked where she lived. No answer
Asked who she was waiting for. No answer.
I stood there talking to her for about 3 minutes but the little girl never uttered a word.

She didn't stop staring or smiling either.

Until I touched her shoulder. She flinched, moved back a bit, finally took her eyes off me, turned around and went into the building she'd been sitting in front of.

I stood there a bit dazed, thinking this is probably the weirdest encounter of my life.

I almost went after her into the building but thought better of it. Instead I went back to the spot where I'd initially seen her, asked the malam there who the little girl was...he had no idea.

I passed that street three more times yesterday, hoping to see her again. I didn't!

Now, I'm back to Surulere, so I'll probably never see that pregnant little girl again.

But I can't get her out of my head.

What was that I saw in her eyes?

Pain? Joy? Or was it a blank, resigned look I mistook for a smile?

Why is she 7/8 months pregnant?
Why had she shifted her position to make her state obvious?
She'd wanted me to see she was pregnant?
Why didn't she say a word to me?
Why did she flinch when I touched her?
Should I have gone in after her?
Who are her parents?
Whose house did she enter?
Who's taking care of her?

What's her story?

Can anyone tell me?

Meanwhile, here's the info on the Naija Bloggers party
Venue: No 10, Saka Tinubu St, VI;
Time: 4pm;
Dress Code: ? You Decide!
Hello All!!!
Well the confirmed venue is No 10. 46 Saka Tinubu Street, Victoria Island, Lagos. It is right next to Intercontinental Bank.
So how do we identify ourselves seeing we're not reserving the place??? Well I was thinking guys drape ties loosely around their necks while girls have scarves or something. Sorry, that's the best I can do for now. Can't really think of much at short notice. Ideas are welcome at this point.
Alternatively, you can call either Tayo or me when you get to the venue or if you need directions on:0803 200 6955 (Tayo); 0803 386 4903 (moi).Time remains 4pm. No particular dress code but you might as well dress like you're gonna end up in a club since you're on the Island on a Saturday evening. You just might end up in one.
See y'all on Saturday by God's grace!
Tope Williams.

I doubt if I will be there. But please have fun!


Anonymous said...

thats strange.maybe she doesn't understand english.i know i might sound........kind of silly,but maybe she's an angel.don't mind me.happy new year.and for the party,the guys should wear anything blue and the girls go on pink.hope that helps

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...dat one na real wa o. Maybe na psychiatric problem. If u're really worried, maybe u should go to dat bulding she entered, next time with a companion.

Pyeri Boy said...

The reason you saw that girl was to soften you heart. so that when i enter your office next week to talk to you about THE FOUNDATION, you will support me.

God is good!

Not that you dont have a soft heart...but i think this year...everyones eyes will see, the way our daugheters, sisters, mothers, friends, cousins, aunties, grand mothers are suffering or have suffered in SILENCE.

That will be broken in JESUS' name!

Anonymous said...

babe cant find ur email but i tot ud find this link useful for research

for ur mag, but u really shd try to get interviews even if its by email, not cull anoda source like u did last time! All the best!


Ms. Catwalq said...

I am guessing something has been switched off upstairs for the nine year old. Having something done to you that shouldn't at such an age will do that to you.

If you wish to go back to that building to look for her, I suggest you not go alone and then, I ask you, what are you going to do with her?

Will there be pics of the naija bloggers party?

Anonymous said...

what a story

Dojaa said...

Unfortunately all the child protection laws in nigeria are not being implemented and children are still abused without anyone being brought to justice.
I once visited a young offenders home in nigeria----they treated the children like trash.

lemonade factory said...

just one of those things u see and u wonder how much more worse things can get.not a word, dat silence was either she couldnt speak english or probably just a traumatised little lad.only God knows.if indeed she is really pregnant,dat some man would sleep with a girl dat young.this baffles me.hope u guys have fun at the bloggers get together

Anonymous said...

Sounds like she's a victim of all sorts of abuse (the sexual abuse is clear with her swollen belly) and she might just be a shell of who's she's meant to be.

Anonymous said...

Interesting story! Mysterious too. I am curious to know what happened to the little girl. Can you go back at your spare time and find out? As someone suggested earlier, please go with some people, never alone. I am really curious....


Linda Ikeji said...

I will definitely go back again. I can't get the whole incident out of my head so I will go looking for her again. I will let you guys know what I find out.

Anonymous said...

are you sure this girl was pregant I mean she could just have a condition that made her stomach look like she was pregant...

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