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Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Random Pix + Future Awards Nominees party pictures

Ok ok ok, I will most definitely change the cover of the magazine. They say the voice of the people is the voice of God. If most of you don't like the cover, then it must not be good! I really appreciate your sincerity.

I've always had my reservations but everyone at work seemed to like it.

I have this very Voque-like photo of another top model...I'll let y'all see it soon.

Meanwhile, I was robbed at Eko bridge yesterday morning. Robbed of N200. Please laugh abeg!

I couldn't stop laughing. Who laughs after a robbery? Cheap ass robbers!

I was driving with my windows down (Not very wise), in traffic and these three guys came from nowhere demanding that I 'find them something'. The traffic was almost at a standstill, couldn't move left or right.

Fortunately, I had N200 in my hands. I'd wanted to use the money to a buy a can coke from those street hawkers before the boys came to say hi to me...hahaha.

So I gave them the N200...

But there was a problem. My phone was tucked between my laps and one of the guys had spotted it and made to grab it after I'd given them the money...

Take my Nokia N95? Lailai. I grabbed his hand and started screaming like my life depended on it. My screams must have scared them 'cos they all scampered off.

Despite it all, Nigeria is still a beautiful country.

The Dynamix Awards was yesterday. It was beautiful. A lot of A list Naija celebs were in the house...

Only two things I didn't like about it.
1. They had 5pm on their IV's as start off time, but the show didn't start till 10pm. Not nice!
2. There was a gatefee of 5grand. Which I don't understand, since it was an award ceremony not a concert

Anyway, all in all, it was cool!

Random pix

A pregnant JLO. Still looking stunning!

Britney Spear's 16 year old sister, Lynn Spears, is pregnant. At 16? I don't even know what to say to that!

Is this what happened to Michael Jackson?

“I’m a black man turning white on television and people can see it,” says Thomas, an anchor and entertainment reporter for the local Fox Broadcasting Company affiliate. “If you’ve watched me over the years, you’ve seen my hands completely change from brown to white.”

Thomas has vitiligo, a disorder in which pigment-making cells are destroyed. White patches appear on different parts of the body, tissues in the mouth and nose, and the retina.

“There is no cause. There is no cure, and it’s very random,” Thomas says. “I could turn all the way white or mostly white.” As many as 65 million people worldwide have the disorder, including up to 2 million in the United States.

This is an eye opener!

Michael Jackson at a bookstore. Michael looks...?

P diddy and Kim after the break up, at Kim's son's 16th birthday party

Future Awards Nominees Party Pictures
Fela Duro Toye
TY Bello

Denrele Edun
Ashionye and Gbemi of Cool Fm

The Koko master himself, D Banj
Will get y'all Naija Entertainment gist tomorrow. Cheers!


Anonymous said...

D'Banj is foine ... let me just put it out ... straight ... ok. ... no chaser. Nice one. Fine Linda abeg take am easy ... ok. u know say u bi sisi. Let the haters hate and as for u nothing spoil for ur side. U go ever dey do ur thang. You go girl!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Where do i start?

Jamie Spears - Poster child for why teens should not have sex.At 16she has no business messing with a 19 year old. This time it was pregnancy, it could have been STDs cos lord know they do not know what they are carrying.She has her own money so it does not seem that bad, but imagine that she is the daughter of a supermarket clerk , yet another statistic, kids having kids.So stupid.And she and her more stupid baby daddy are being rewarded with the publicity.

Micheal looks like the ghost of a monkey.

Ashionye is preetiful, just watch the bad fone.

Vitiligo, why is this an eye opener? There were a couple of kids with it when i was growing up in my school in Naija. At the time i thought it was a condition that happened to rich men's kids. What did i know, i was ten. And it just happened that the mostly girls, i knew had wealthy parents.So when Micheal came out with his "Story" I thought it was possible.(Still it does not explain the ridiculous nose and hair)There are a lot of people with the condition in Naija.Have you never seen one?

Anonymous said...

No connection, but i am vexed at the mo' Akon called Africa a country. (World Music Awards)Is he just stupid or he has been away from Africa too long. What an idiot!

cally-waffybabe said...

Linda, i'm so mad. After writing a long arse comment, i tried posting and bloody blogger just exited without posting! I no get power to write am again again abeg.

I would ring you today. I saw your missed call also and rang you back yesterday, but you didn't pick. Abeg text me that land line no if you'd be with it, as it's cheaper for me. Expect my call today.

Stay blessed

cally-waffybabe said...

Linda, you know Michael Jackson has actually said that he has the skin condition, vitiligo, in the story (documentary) anon 2.28pm is referring to. At the time i thought, yeah right woteva...as i didn't believe him. It also didn't help that he denied having surgery on his nose. They showed before (when he was a child in Jackson five) and after (now) pics of his nose and it was soooo obvious, cos he used to have a very flat nose when he was a child.

However, now i'm beginning to think that the skin condition thingy could be true. Like you said, it's an eye opener. Maybe parts of his skin started turning white and then he decided to bleach his entire skin to blend instead of having patches. He may have also added the hair and make up as an "since i'm now white, i may as well go the whole hog..." abi what do you think? Just my two cents.

Sorry about your robbery incident. Thank God it wasn't serious. Something similar happened to myself and my friend when i visited naija last xmas. We were in traffic on our way to VGC and she was driving and talking on her mobile phone. Also, we were both looking very expensive with our designer sunglasses and all.

Before we knew it, one man almost broke her window as he banged on it and shouted, "gimme that phone NOW"! Thank God our windows were wound up, as the ac was on. She immediately swerved and went into another lane. Mennnn i was shaking like a leaf!!!

I have also been robbed with a gun pointed at my temple during another trip to naija. That one is a story for another day. Like you said, i still love my country.

Be safe girl

cally-waffybabe said...

Found the "lost comment" lol. Was just about to shut down when i saw something minimised. Checked it out and it was my long comment i thought i'd lost lol. Posted it at last phew. So you'd now have three comments from me! Would still ring.

Stay cool


Nice pics

Anonymous said...

yeah right!...dont we love 'our country'....not until one is shot dead abi?....becos Linda the truth is if (God forbid) theu had shot u and taken ur phone....u will be lucky if u get the police to come to the rescue or get anyone make a report.....
....security is paramount in anyones life....ill take that over any patriotism.....and thats MY OPINION!

Anonymous said...

True Akon is dunce for the Africa as a country comment.......lol, madam Linda, abeg put your phone in the bag next time you're driving with your windows down o....these men are DESPERATE

lemonade factory said...

hey linda,u were at the awards where is urs,i mean pic,denrele just smacked it his pic is hot and really real ,one of those moments.this new disease scares me ho.ha this is really bad ho

Dith said...

i have been aware of that disease 4 d longest. i knew alotta folks with it back in n9ja.

cally waffy girl has a point with d whole MJ thing tho.

oh yea! ive opend d blog like i said i would. lets just hope i maintain it. men im as hungry as a horse. gtta run!

as said...

who is after micheal jackson o!! im not sure that's mj!..just another hoax....

Anonymous said...

come on linda, u know who dat is with Ashionye so why are u acting like u do not know, ASHIONYE AND FRIEND? come get a life.

Linda Ikeji said...

@anon 12:38, pls pray tell who is that with Ashionye?pls pls tell me. She looks familiar, I just dont know who exactly she is...pls tell me her name

Anonymous said...

Linda...didn't u take any pics? Also, u didn't tell us d list of winners now. Pele about d little robbery o, hope u weren't too freaked out. Dat's Lagos for u o.

It's a shame about d skin disease, i thought albanism was really bad but i think dis one takes the crown. However i don't think it's d same disease dat MJ has ojare.

Anonymous said...

That is Gbemi of Cool fm, you should know from your frequent trips to cool fm.

Linda Ikeji said...

@anon 5:01. My frequent visits to coolfm didnt take me to go see Gbemi...u know who I went to see huh? lol.
Seriously, I didnt know that was Gbemi, seen her only once or twice in real life, spoken to her just once... so please pardon me. will make the correction.

Anonymous said...

derele is just the winner........saw the other contenders in his category, abeg sweet Linda, who them be? never heard of em!
wat bout the pics from the Dynamix awards? abeg post them cos i heard from my sister who won an award dat nite that derele was lookin sweet! i love dat boy to pieces! you get im number?

Anonymous said...

I believe the future is now, cos it wat we do with today (now) that makes 2mor.
(So spend now wisely)
I believe it future is us, cos it wat we meet out of our self that make that future
(so make something outta U)
Congratulations to all the Nominee’s

Unknown said...

congradulation to change the cover of your magzine. I like the Lee thomas these photo because It shows it is real beautiy with vitiligo.If some one has qualities then People are liked by their personality not by their appearence. Mostly people publish these pics of Lee and MJ and then criticise them, because as you say about 65 millions are suffering from vitiligo and research by some Vitilgo associations also agree with this stats.
So criticize some one due to its disease not fair.

Anonymous said...

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