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Monday, 5 November 2007

Question + Apprentice Africa

Do long distance relationships work? I mean, you're on one side of the world and they're on the other side. How do you make it work?

Apprentice Africa
Have you heard of The Apprentice; Donald Trump's TV show which hedescribed as a 16-week job interview? The world's biggest businessreality show comes to Africa with title The Apprentice Africa hostedin Nigeria, produced by The Executive Group and Storm Vision.

18 candidates from across Africa are to compete to win an executivejob with an annual salary of $200,000 and an executive car. Someonegets fired off the show every week till we have the last woman or manstanding.Auditions will be held in Washington DC, Lagos, Abuja, Enugu, London,Accra, Nairobi, Dar es Salam or Kampala.

This is a great opportunityfor Africans living in the Diaspora to come home and make good oninternational TV. This is the ultimate job interview.The CEO of The Apprentice Africa is Mr. Biodun Sobanjo, Chairman CEO of TROYKA Holdings parent company of Insight Grey, Media Comm, Optimum Exposures, Halogen Services and four other companies. Biodun Sobanjoembodies class, style, charisma, and business persona.

Application is free and still on. You may apply online at Details about the show's format are alsoavailable at the website too.

Hope y'all had a great weekend. See y'all soon.


Unknown said...

long distance work when you both trust each other, are committed to making it work.

Despite having known my fiance for close to six years, we've been in this LDR thing for 3yrs. Its something I told myself I would never do...but got into it somehow and can definitely say, It works...although traveling to meet the other person can be financially draining! Its not the best way to be in a relationship and requires alot of grace to make it well...its not something to totally trow off the window when it comes cause great people are hard to find.

Uzo said...

Should be interesting. I am lookign forward to it. Biodun Shobanjo is quite laid back so i look forward to seeing how he will bring the oomph that Donald brought to it...

Anonymous said...

A long distance relationship can only work when both individuals are committed to each other.It has its pros n cons.It betters ur communication, builts u emotionally/mentally, builds ur focus,drive,independence, plus as they say distance makes the heart go fonder. The cons are that if u do not invest enough time into it u begin to drift apart, its also expensive(tel + travel cost),lack of physical contact,and also the risk of meeting some1 else. Anyhoo for me long distance built my rel.We became closer and spiritual.

Ms. Catwalq said...

We spend our money on long distance phone calls everyday.

Anonymous said...

LDR tests your verbal communication. That's really important. i'm in one so I know that for sure. Openness have to let eachother in on worries etc cos Mr would feel disconnected from me if he hears something from a mutual friend and I didn't mention it.

...But it works, especially if prior to dating, you've been friends for the longest time.Like Mr and Truth.LOL

lemonade factory said...

long distance relationship kai i no fit,it hardly works out,its not really the best,the drain on the relationship can be nerve wrecking,its hard enough with a relationship close by where u sometimes have to worry if ur partner is doing the right thing then to talk of long distance its a bit huh!!! not the best of ideas
hope we get to watch the apprentice

Anonymous said...

Yep long distance can work but just like annengineer and anon 10:35 said, both parties have to be seriously committted to makin it work. I have done it for abt 4yrs now and we r still goin strong, ofcos they r hard times and yes could be financially drainin and sometimes frustratin esp with time difference but it works..key is makin sure u keep d communication goin...
That said, I also feel dat for LDR to work tho, both parties must ve been in the same city at the beginning..d build-up stage cos dats wat lays down the vision and ur goals and gives u the opportunity to kno each other a lil bit...

God's child said...

Been in one now for a min, and my previous one ended as one. Its doable, but it takes a mutual effort, time, money and prayer! Its easier when u both have a common goal in sight or working towards something big and not just doing it with no end in sight.
Sometimes absence makes the heart grow fonder, sometimes u just wish u can get a hug instead of comforting messages over the phone

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