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Friday 2 November 2007

Big Brother Africa Scandal

I don't know how many of have heard about the scandal rocking Big Brother Africa 2. Here's what a Namibiam journalist, Natasha Uys wrote about it.

Thanks to the anon who brought this to my attention!

After only 30 minutes, the housemates were so drunk that they could barely complete the fishing task.

As a post on the BBA Ultimate Fan Web blog said, it was like the blind leading the blind drunk.

The housemates were falling all over the place, stumbling into each other, holding each other, kissing ...

After a few more shots of booze all round, the day went from bad to worse as the crazy behaviour continued.

After a while the 'Big 5's' bodies just couldn't handle it any more and one after the other they started puking their guts out. Ofu and Tati were undoubtedly the two most out of it.

Don't know what was going through Richard's mind at the time but he seemed to think that two all-but passed-out women was a sexual invitation! Lying between the two women in the bedroom, Richard began to kiss and fondle and fiddle with Ofu, and this while his lover - Tati - was lying right next to him.

As Richard groped and abused Ofu, a dazed and confused Maureen walked in and out of the room - babbling, seemingly at a loss over what to do. She had tried to lead Richard out of the room, but he was running on rampant and eager to get back to the two women. At one point she got him to sit on the couch, at which stage he seemed to revel in sniffing his fingers.

As Maureen struggled with the situation, the paramedics were sent in and Richard was eventually locked in the diary room. This is also when Biggie decided to switch to the garden camera.

After the paramedics left, the housemates slept for a very long period. And when they finally surfaced, they tried to piece together the events of the afternoon. Tatiana and Ofunekka said they could not remember how they even got to the bedroom.

Although Richard seemed to remember bits and pieces, he certainly did not divulge the details.

But the man sure strutted around the house as though he owned all the women.

He was obviously cock-a-hoop, pronouncing loudly "I have seen the rivers and mountains of Big Brother", and then guffawing in a very self-satisfied way.

Not only did he seem very, very pleased with himself, but he boldly pronounced, almost shouted, that he had "changed strategy" and "I'm going to bump all the women in the BBA house" - not once, not twice, but a number of times.

He even shouted out a demand to Tati, in full hearing of Ofu and Maureen, that he wanted a BJ.
What Richard did to Ofunneka can only be described as morally reprehensible.
There are even those on BBA forums and other BBA threads charging that it is tantamount to rape, with many calling for the Tanzanian to be removed from the Big Brother house for what he did to his Nigerian housemate.

Abuse should not be tolerated in any way, shape or form, whether it is in the form of physical or emotional violence or a sexual affront.

Diehard Richard fans are trying to play down the incident, shifting the blame on to Ofunneka, claiming that that she "wanted it".

Hello people? That is like saying that women ask to be raped?! As one message on the SMS strip said, "When is someone going to teach Rich what NO and STOP IT means?" But don't be surprised if Richard fans try to paint him as a saint of sexual favours.

Any decent man would never take advantage of a woman in that situation.

Ofunneka was unaware of what was going on around her, unaware of what Richard was doing to her yet he continued to abuse her in the most vile manner.

Others are trying to blame Maureen. They say she should have hit Richard over the head with something. Well, imagine if she had knocked him out, and he had turned on her?!! When will this man be stopped? Viewers across Africa have already given his adulterous relationship with Tatiana the stamp of approval by not voting him out on numerous occasions.

Do they really approve of his abusive and chauvinistic behaviour? What message does this send out to men and women across Africa? That it's okay to cheat on your wife, to sexually cheat on live television, to intimately grope a passed-out woman?

The contest is due to reach a climax on November 11. But the $100,000 on offer to the winner may prove chump change compared to the settlement sought by Ofunneka and her lawyers once she escapes the Big Brother bubble and views footage of her very public humiliation. (According to First post)

Now if it's true that Richard really did those things to Ofunneka, then the issue needs to be addressed and Richard needs to know that there are some things you just don't do and if you do it, you should be ready to face the consequences. Fondling a woman who's passed out is not only wrong on every level, it's psychotic. Where do you get off thinking it's not only okay to publicly cheat on your wife, but also to humiliate another woman in the full glare of millions of Africans. What? Richard expects us to pat him on the back with approval or clap for him? Evicting him is not enough...he needs to face the music.

Who saw it? Who can give us more info on the scandal?

If he's guilty, what should be his punishment?


D@AC said...

Im with you all the way. Wot Richard did was absolutely Disgusting. and the fact that BB is trying 2 play it down is Appalling. And his fans! those sadistic immoral set of people had better shut it before the wrath of all thats good an righteous burns them all. They are seriously supporting him want him to win. NO 1 deserves to win more than Ofu for her public and rather unknown to her humiliation. If she doesn't win ama help her sue them.... don't kn ow but there just has to be justice!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you linda!! It was sexual abuse and Bigbro should address it head on!!! I was sickened by what i heard and i am so digusted with that animal. HE deserves what he gets: a divorce, no money and no respect. What an idiot!!!! disgusting, vomit inducing creature that he is. Ughhhh...he makes my skin crawl.

Anonymous said...


Uzo said...

I saw this and i dont remember seeing it the way it is being described now. He made a lot of noise about all the women in the house now been his wives. He was getting really loud and antsy. I remember Maureen trying to pull him feebly..

I remember him trying to kiss Ofuneka but not quite succeeding - either he couldnt see straight or Ofuneka moved. Maybe more happened and i missed it?

If it is indeed true that he acted in this way then several things can be done...

I have a legal background and while Ofuneka can get a lawyer and all...once alcohol or any other intoxicant is involved. In order to prove rape or sexual assault, you have to prove that the assailant INTENDED to cause harm and perform this act.

Certain things will be looked at. Has Richard ever indicated interest in Ofuneka outside these circumstances? Did Richard set out to get her drunk? Was the act completed? How did Ofuneka react while this was going on? ETC

And most importantly - the defence will make it seem like Ofuneka was to blame. Drinking so much...Drunk was not even the word to describe what these 4 people were. They were out of their minds. The paramedics had to be called in. Then what transpired after will be looked at. The day after - Tatiana and Ofuneka were bragging to the new moles that have been introduced to the house about how they set out to "go crazy". Ofuneka is bragging about how many shots of stuff she had - even admitting she was drinking stuff she didnt even know the contents....

If these are taken out of context - problem....

Its a shame though

This is a huge issue legally which is the reason why women always, always have to be careful how they conduct themselves because if it comes down to it - your manner of dress, how u talked etc could be turned upside down and by the time its done - the victim ends up being traumatized and suffering so much more.

By the way - i am female, have a law degree and work with a number charities focused on women.

I am playing devil's advocate to show how a lawyer for richard might go if it comes to this....

Pyeri Boy said...

Very sad.

We need a change!

Anonymous said...

much as i can't stand richard, ofu has to take some responsibility for getting stank ass drunk.

Aramide said...

that is some serious *ish o!

Anonymous said...

uzo very well said .I saw part of that debacle that day and i don't remember it quite that way.

Anonymous said...

this is trully an affront to all women in africa.shame on rich

Anonymous said...

can we get a replay?.i missed that part

unshined congo said...

linda, i watched every single part of it.i was actually disgusted.. Maureen is not to blame for anything, she went out of the room to bring a duvet cos richard almost woke tatiana up by trying to take the duvet dat she(tati) was sleeping on. she got back and saw richard and ofu kissing.

wat the heck did they expect her to do?. she would have hit him on the head with something so dat the case of assault or attempted murder would be on her. if she had even done dat, richard would have tried to or even raped her. it was when big brother called maureen to the diary room dat he then proceeded to do wat he wanted. ofu on the other hand seemed to enjoy it cos she was doing the squeeze- release technique on richards fingers while he laughed seriously.

Tati on the other hand, refused when richard touched her earlier dat was y he saw ofu as an easy target.Ofu didnt seem to remember all dat happened when she woke up but the way richard acted, he knew every detail.

To prove this, yesterday when the housemates played the spin master game, richard asked ofu if theyve ever kissed and she was like yes but just a peck on the lips but richard then said she was lying. ofu got really mad and walked out on all the housemates and went to the toilet to cry.

She l8r went to the garden and richard then went to her and apologised. he then proceeded to tell her dat they actually kissed in the lounge (which was a lie). ofu thgen said dat d only thing she can remember was richard trying to do rubbish wiv her on the bed but she pushed him.

Both of them r to blame cos ofu
should not drink up to the extent of her passing out in the first place and also, richard is an abusive&disgusting creature. he doesnt deserve to be in dat house.

@uzo: i totally agree wiv u

OFU for d money!!! I love the untouchables though!!

Anonymous said...

been tryin to send this i hope i m luck this time
i wonder why u re so angry with rich the bulk of the blame goes to ofuwhy did she do this to her self?for starter i dont think alcohol s on 4 ladies if at all she had to do it why not take a shot or a glass or whateer it s called and sit back and watch the drunks make a fool of themselesi een read in thisday that she masturbated yuuuuuuukwas that rich s fault too imagine this scenariothe drinkin spree beginsofu takes just a glass or good old orange juice and then looks oni ll personally be at her ictory party to cary her on my headit is so unfortunateBB just wanted to proe that een the saints do goof atimes and what a way they choose to do that i dont think their hands are clean and for once i pitch my tent with all crcifiers of the showwhy allow things to get so bad b4 changing the scene?i m actually ery disgusted and really wish ther was somethin i cld don t like richi cant stand him he s such a crap why did ofu allow that durty thing to desecrate her in that manner?

Anonymous said...

it is disgisting that richard one!most of his voter were women(shame on you)..this is a man who knowingly with all his senses cheated on his wife!when i 1st heard abt the 'rape' thing i was angered..but later i thought abt it..and its like if he was drunk too can u blame him!i mean he didnt know what he was doing..and ofunneka was was drunk too didnt know what was going on with her....i dont know just my 2 cents

Anonymous said...

if the girls in question is a good girl right from time, then she should have known that she should not get drunk in the first place.

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