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Monday, 24 September 2007

Nigeria's best rapper? + World's Most Unattractive Celebrities

Who is Naija's Best Rap Artist? I ask this question because Freestyle recently held a party he called the 'Coronation', where he declared himself King of Nigerian rap. There's been a huge debate since then if he really is the best rapper in Nigeria. There are lots of rappers in Nigeria, but only a few of them stand out. Leading the pack are Modenine, Ruggedman, Freestyle and LD, but who's the 'Baba' of them all? Some people think it's Mode Nine, while others feel it's Ruggedman...what do you think?





1, Michael Jackson

Michael used to be so fine, now he looks like something out of a horror movie. 101 reasons not to have too many plastic surgeries. But I still love him to death!

2, Marilyn Manson

Run, Linda, Run!

3, Jocelyn Wildenstein

The woman who wanted to look like a cat...unfortunately she looks scarier than a cat.

4, Michael Berrymen
What a head! See, that doll is even scared of him...aarrrhhh! lol

5, Shane MacGowan
My papa was a rolling stone, wherever he laid his teeth was his!

6, Clint Howard

Is he unattractive? Hell YES!

7, Marty Feldman

Save us from Planet EYES! I love his acting though, it made up for his extremely scary look.

8, DJ Qualls

He looks very odd but lovely eyes!

9, Lyle Lovett

Beauty and the beast...despite his looks, he nailed one of the world's most beautiful actresses...who says there's no gain in ugliness? lol!

10, Kelis

Kelis might not have the beauty thing going for her but she managed to nail one of the biggest names in Hip Hop...give me that over fineness any day!lol! Point of correction...Kelis is HOT!!!

11, Iggy Pop

No comment

12, Steven Tyler

This is the sexiest ugly man I've ever seen. That's a compliment o! lol!

13, Courtney Love

Courtney can be beautiful sometimes...1 out of 20 times!

14, Donatella Versace

Is this what she really looks like or is it the work of cosmetics surgery?

Pretty scary!

15, Amy Winehouse

Amy, Amy, Amy....hmmm!

16, Ronaldinho

Is he really unattractive? With all that money and talent? Offer that to Naija men and see how many ugly men we will have walking the streets of Lagos!

17, Kelly Osborne
I think she goes out of her way to look unattractive, underneath it all, she's...?

Ok, that was me fooling one is UGLY! God didn't creat anyone ugly...just having fun at their expense...but some of them are really scary to look at, especially jocelyn.

Here's wishing MRS SOMEBODY a happy birthday. She added a year today. Many happy returns, long life and prosperity! Hip hip hooray!!!

See y'all later!


flawsandall said...

awww common naw, kelis aint ugly

Anonymous said...

Hey! it's no fun laughing at people cause of the way they look. No one chose the vessel they came in, they were chosen for us, what's important is the genuineness and pureness of our heart. With regards, we need to change our way of thinking, we are able to keep animals (ugly or not) as pets and call them cute, but are quick to judge our own fellow humans physical attributes. I am no saint, I have done likewise in the past, but as we grow older and learn deeper about God's intention for us, we will soon come to realize that our external attributes are trivial in the grand scheme of things.
The story of King David's annointing comes to mind.

Pete said...

hi lily, you went a little over the edge, come on girlfriend, kelis is a fly girl, don't diss a damsel like that, of course steven tyler for his age and all that sexiness, he deserves an A+, can't see any naija man that athletic, and still with a showbiz aura at the age of 59, he is 59 and not some 39yrs dude

your blog is kinda cool, but slow down sometimes, anyway, you are a gossip columnist, big ups anytime.

Try put a little emphasis on cosmetics surgery and it huge negative effects, i really don't dig it.

well safe for now

simply call me L said...

yeah in regards to the rappers with the best flow and greatest appeal, the new york based kid would do it for me, ruggedman is kinda tight too

i'm out

Anonymous said...

LMAO at you saying run Linda run under Marilyn Manson's picture. It reminded me of when glamour model, Jordan, attended the Kerrang awards about five years ago and was asked to take a photo with him. Initially she'd agreed, but getting up close, she covered her mouth, shouted OMG and took off! LOL. He also vomited on the crowd when he was performing! Ewwwww just like in exorcist!
You're so right about running, being that he's a very proud satanist. During that period also, he was staying at Dorchester Hotel with his then porn star equally freaky girlfriend in room 666! When he was interviewed in his room, he slurred, "people should be happy that we exorcise our demons in our music and not on the-e-em"! Urg! What a creep! Talk about being ugly on the inside and out!!!

@ anon: Linda wasn't laughing at anyone's uglyness. She even explained at the end of her post that noone is ugly and that everyone is unique.
I believe that what she was poking jibes about is the effects of how destructive plastic surgery can be, and i think that is very educating.
For instance, Donatella, Jocelyn and Michael were really good looking before they embarked on their disatrous plastic surgery journeys, thereby resulting in them looking like monsters!
Linda was only stating the obvious. She didn't create those pictures; they are all over the papers and internet. You are not paying her a dime to read her blog, so please appreciate the fact that she's very hard working and tries her best to keep everyone well informed and entertained.

Kelis is not ugly sha oo. She's hawt, which is why her hubby, Nas, has her tattood naked on his arm. That wowo picture must have been taken when eye no been shine am yet. LOL!
Well, anyone that's in doubt should remember her own words: "I'm bossy, i'm the first one to scream on the tracks, i move to the beat of the drums, that's right, i brought all the boys in the yard, and that's right, i'm the one that's tattood on his arm, i'm bossy, i'm the one y'all love to hate,......(i don forget the rest of the words oo. lol).
I love Kelis!!!

SET said...


Anonymous said...

Awww! I think Tori Spelling was pregnant when that photo was taken. I think that's unfair.

Anonymous said...

Courtney Cox & kelly Oz r both looking great lately, all thanks to rehab. If u see how Amy Winehouse looked like when she first came to d music scene 3 yrs ago b4 storming America, u won't believe she's d same person. She was so curvy and glowing then. But as it's always d case, d more popular and rich u get, d more horrible things u get exposed to.
As for freestyles, well...hyping as always boosted mens' ego. My fav. 9ja rapper is Ikechukwu sha and of cos queen of 9ja rap, Sasha.

Toni Payne said...

lol.. who is lily? ( ok Im being naughty sowwy!)

Mrs Somebody said...

Thank you so much linda!!! Thanks for the birthday wishes.God Bless You.

Meadows j. said...


Iyaeto said...

Linda the no 7 guy Marty Feldman suffered from Greaves disease (something to do with thyroid) that's he's got bulging eyes. It not so good to refer to people disability that way o. Only God knows why dat happened to him. He died in 1982!!

BOBBY said...

I would say eLDee tops it. From the start of Trybesmen to his own record label Trybe Records, to who he is now.

I mean in the US these days, your event is not complete without eLDee performing.


Anonymous said...

Kelis shouldn't even be on dat list............ chick is fly. stick in whoopi goldberg instead

babadudu said...

i was gonna take you to the cleaners concerning michael jackson till b4 i read that you love him to death.yeah,MJ might look kinda weird now but he sure was (and is ?)a great entertainer.
i think we all should give it up to him because after the likes of handel,bach,mozart and beethoven, he is God's best gift to the music world.and let's not forget that he sacrificed his childhood for us in order to entertain us.
i think mode 9 is tight but i gotta give it to the new kid_Sauce kid.

Anonymous said...

Kellis should not be on that list.

Anonymous said...

Hey mates,
No one is ugly in dis world coz if we point any fingre on anybody than first we shuld look at our character.

Anonymous said...

mode 9 is the king, no doubts, followed closely by ikechukwu.

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