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Monday, 11 December 2006


My wish for christmas is a man with a BEAUTIFUL SOUL. A man who only knows how to tell the truth. A man who is sincere, honest, God fearing and kind hearted. A man with a great spirit.

I know a lot of people say there's no perfect man. I know there is no perfect man. But there are men and there are men. I'm looking for that EXTRA-ORDINARY man. If you are out there, send me an e-mail because you are my wish for CHRISTMAS. linda


Anonymous said...

Linda u really making laugh loud, u posted this back in 2006 now I'm reading it 2014, Lol anyway send me email and let talk better...

Unknown said...

Wow, this was deep.

Unknown said...

Wow! this is a great request from God. He will do it. i know he will surely do it. To be candid there are men like that out there, but really hard to find. You don't search for them, but they come to you if they are meant for you. I am a blogger like you (just started to be precise). i came around to check the boss blog. Take care!

Emix said...

Hey ma, seeing all your post, way back 06, scrolling through the years' post,
picturing slim, ambitious, Linda with no RRover, tryna blog her way out,it makes me feel "more" optimistic about the tons of project i have, laid out.
You've come a long way girl, let nobody tell you nothing, your other half is coming [i.e. if he's not already there, cause i have this feeling that; you're ain't telling us "everything"].

Take Care. from a fan of a fan.

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