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Saturday, 20 December 2014

Watch actress Leah Remini find out husband is cheating on Ellen Show during prank

Imagine giving a talk show host your husband's number to call him to prank him on TV only for another woman to pick up the phone. That's exactly what happened to actress Leah Remini. Ellen called first but when Leah heard the voice of another woman, she grabbed the phone from Ellen and asked who she was. The lady asked Leah who she was and Leah replied 'his wife'. That was when Leah heard the woman on the other end of the line say "You're married?".

The producers of the show hung up the call and abruptly cut to the Christmas Giveaway music right away to try to cover up what just happened. And no, it wasn't a prank. Ellen never came back to say it was all a joke. Watch the video after the cut...


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