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Saturday, 15 March 2014

Knorr Taste Quest Episode 9- Naija with a Twist!

Its another recap of Nigeria’s number one Cooking show, The Knorr Taste Quest. As at last week’s  episode had 9 contestants (4 ladies and 5 guys) still battling it out for the title of Nigeria’s best in Culinary matters as well as Two Million Naira cash prize, a Ford SUV courtesy Coscharis Motors, and lots of Kenwood kitchen equipment from co-sponsors, Kenwood Electronics. Continue...

The theme for the day’s task was “Naija with a Twist “, whereby the contestants had to twist their favorite Nigerian flavor and take them to another level with Ingredients such as ; Carrots, Lettuce, Plantain, Yam, Lamb racks, Pepper and Snails. The time limit for this exciting task was 50 minutes.

The judges were also clear on how to go about the task, the contestants were to prepare a starter and a main dish, and each protein (Lamb and Snails) must feature in each course. No form of salad/ salad dressing or ketchup was allowed.

For the verdicts, Doom and Moses were unable to complete their tasks (plating of their food) however, the judges agreed that both their food tasted very well especially the lamb and attested that they had the best flavors. Chinelo’s snail was said to be the most disgusting snail they had ever tasted, as she didn’t wash it, even when lemon was provided for that purpose.  Popoola on the other hand was reprimanded for not being creative, as he just presented peppered snail as one of his dishes.
Wando’s food looked good but the judges said it was a total disaster as they expected more from her while Dixxon and Ojo’s meal tasted okay.

Olabode for the first time on the show won the task for the day as the judges said his food tasted well and was excellent. He was rewarded with a cash price of 20,000naira while Charles who was already on probation, was evicted since the judges said his food was a total disaster!
What do you think of this episode? What’s your favorite “Naija” flavour? Share your thoughts, and recipes on www.facebook.com/KnorrNigeria. You can also watch missed episodes on www.Youtube.com/KnorrNigeria.


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