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Saturday, 21 February 2015

The reason why your waist trainer isn't working

Do you often wonder why you never get that perfect flab-free waist even though you have been waist training for months? You could be doing it all wrong! For any weight loss aid to function, you have to put in work. You’re in luck, because some require less effort than others; like the waist trainers that work byredistributing fat in your trunk, compressing your core and curbing overeating ultimately giving you that curvaceous silhouette to- die -for. 

Everyoneis trying to lose weight is looking for that fast and easy route to shedding those extra pounds. I offer a virtual hug in consolation as I break this news; there are no sharp sharp products. . While you are not required to completely change your diet simply because you have acquired a waist trainer, you must modify it for your waist cincher to work properly. 

Our traditional high calorie meals remain the highest factor hindering waist training). lunch often comprises of unhealthy heaps of a soup (take egusi as an example )cooked with Palm oil ,stock fish a healthy helping of meat and one to two wraps of pounded yam which amounts to an alarming 1,400calories .Meanwhile, a woman’s recommended dietary allowance is 1500 calories a day

Replace the intake of high calorie soups like Egusi with low calorie soups such as ewedu soup which contains about 97 calories, oil free okrosoup, vegetable soup, taking into account the quantity of palm oil you use in these. Less oil = less calories.

Pasta is healthier than any brand of noodles you could buy. Try it with beef sauce, or stew (remember to go easy on the oil), or even vegetables. Don’t let those noodle adverts deceive you oh!

You get sweet mouth? Replace your love of ice cream preparing and milkshakes with Juices and smoothies. The latter contains a smaller amount of calories than the former. On a hot day outside, try cold water instead of that soft drink you always buy. Trust me, water has a better effect.

With waist trainers you will eat a lot less and the amount of food you consume will fill your stomach much more quickly almost like a non-surgical gastric band speeding up your journey to weight loss. As long as you eat a healthy diet you would without a shadow of doubt trim inches off your waist, achieve a much more feminine hour glass figure and a considerably improved posture. 
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