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Friday, 7 November 2014

Merrybet Predict Week 22: N2million jackpot to be won! Week 21 winners emerge

It gets more intense in the Merrybet Predict & Win as over 100 persons compete for the Jackpot each week.

This week, the jackpot is N2,000,000 since no one got a second strike in week 21 and any of them could be a millionaire by the this time next week. For the Highest Point Category for week 21, we have two winners from Abuja.They won the 1st and 3rd place while the 2nd place winner is from Delta State.

Here are the winners for the Highest Point category for week 21: 
1st place:YusufAbdulganiyu, Abuja (Student)

2nd place: Wisdom Esi, Delta State (Student)

3rd place: CallistusAgbasielo, Abuja (Businessman)

To participate,simply logon to to get your free weekly prediction and play.

Up for grabs this week:                                                          
Week 22Jackpot: N2,000,000
1st Highest point for the week: N100,000
2nd Highest Point for the week: N50,000
3rd Highest point for the week: N30,000
4th to 103rd (next 100 highest points): N1,000 mobile Airtime each


Unknown said...

ok,for people that play it..



hmmn this merrybet! Hope it's geniune anyway it's kul buh what r they betting !!!?omzy

snowflix said...

Congratz to dem! Shayo moni don show for the 2nd winner 'lmao' see his face #onelovefromSnow#

*F.O.L Pretty Sabigal Faith * said...

* F.O.L Face Of Linda iKeji *

Awww lol look @ there face's I which I can even stand the Tv any time d r showing facebook self .lol *Winkz* #add me F.O.L on facebook @ Pretty Sabigal Faith

Subomi said...

glad for the winners

Anonymous said...


I am Coonett

Anonymous said...

God bless these merrybet people oo. I go start now

Unknown said...

am the next person

Unknown said...

am the next....

Segun Ebenezer said...

This week is my week of winning a jackpot.this is my 2nd time of playing the promo.Last week,I got 5 games out of 9 but didn't know how 2 use the merry levels I'd have been one of the winners but now,I've learnt how 2 use dem.Getting a Strike is another thing I've learnt also,I'll be here 2 thank God next week by his grace...27CAC82A

Anonymous said...

Linda!!! i still dint get why you are promoting gambling

Unknown said...

am a winner, hahahahahahahahhhahahahahahahahahahaha

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