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Friday, 7 November 2014

FAQs on DStv and GOtv Sales Rep recruitment drive

1. What is the DStv and GOtv recruitment drive about? It is an opportunity for unemployed Nigerians to make extra income working as DStv or GOtv sales agents.

2. Who is it targeted at? It is mainly targeted at young school leavers, or the unemployed who are interested in a flexible plan to make more money.

3.      How do interested people contact you?
Interested people should sms YES to 08141380848.

4.      What does being a sales rep entail?
The sales reps will be responsible for selling DStv and GOtv decoders. He will then receive payment based on an agreed percentage of decoder sales. It is very straightforward.

5.      How much can sales rep make every month?
A rep can make up to N60,000 or more every month, depending on how many decoders he is able to sell.

6.      Is there an opportunity for growth for the sales rep?
Yes there is an opportunity for growth. The sales rep can grow to become vendors and have even more flexibility in their businesses.

7.      Describe the opportunities that exist
There are various steps in the value chain and beyond being a vendor; the reps can rise to become major dealers.

8.      Can these sales reps quit whenever they want to?
Yes the reps can pull out of the scheme when they wish to.

9.      What does this mean to you as an organisation?
For us it is a way of celebrating Nigeria’s independence by providing a platform the Nigerian youth to be gainfully employed. It will keep them off the streets and focus them on the importance of working for money, especially as it is a flexible venture that will enable them chase other dreams.


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Nice one.

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Hmmm, fair enough.
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Ok seen #onelovefromSnow#

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Uche Emma said...

Please, this is not the kind of job we need

Subomi said...

good luck to interested people

fancy Nancy said...

So if no sale of any decoder, no payment for the month? Ok oo, interested people should send the text. Goodluck to una

Anonymous said...

D job no match

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Slavery redefined

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