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Friday, 23 October 2015

Wait, what? Chris Oyakhilome pledges N1billion to Benson Idahosa university

According to Laurie Idahosa, the daughter inlaw of late Benson Idahosa, Senior Pastor of Christ Embassy, Chris Oyakhilome pledged to give N1billion towards the building of the Faculty of Engineering at the Benson Idahosa University. He made the pledge today after he was conferred with a honorary doctorate degree in Divinity by the school. More pics from the ceremony after the cut..


Addressing the student and the leadership of the school he talked more about archbishop Idahosa whom he said was his mentor and was privileged to meet him while he was alive, and how the late archbishop attended his early camp meetings and ministered to all..


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Nathaniel Oamhen said...

Dear Lord Jesus. Ignorance on rampage. No wonder the bible says "the poor u will alwways have among you". People have terrible mindset. Those of you bad-mouthing Pastor Chris for giving will still remain poor even if the 1billion was giving to you. Poverty and wealth is in the mind. You need a "Word terrapy" to help renew your mind. Just for the records, go and find out about INNER CITY MISSIONS of Christ Embassy and you will know how many millions of Dollars the church spend on helping the poor and indigent children around the world on a daily basis. God bless you Pastor Chris. I love you so much. Indeed you have given my life a meaning and showed me what it means to be a Christian.

Unknown said...

1 billion naira?

#Kenechi83 said...

The money was pledged by October and by Nov he told us that he has paid,you are not among us so u won't understand him till u die except you this chariot.

#Kenechi83 said...

If you helpless we have place for people like u in our church it is called inner city mission,that is we raise people who are homeless and helpless,Problem with most Nigerians is they talk what they don't know before ur critics on any issue try and get close to the person involved and know more before your criticism,the bible said "there shall be no idle word,men will give account of every word they said on the last day"

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