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Saturday, 8 August 2015

Scorned lover bathes ex-girlfriend with acid in Lagos

The Lagos state police have arrested a 30-year-old factory worker, Paul Nwokobia, for an acid attack, which has left his former gf, Rosemary, a 23-year-old caterer, badly disfigured.
It was learnt that for many years, Nwokobia, a Delta State indigene and Rosemary Nnaife, the caterer (also from Delta State) were lovers but fell apart in November 2014, when Rosemary concluded that suspect had become irresponsible.

Rosemary, who is battling to survive in intensive care at Lagos University Teaching Hospital said before their breakup, Nwokobia had issued a threat that if she decided to leave him, he would make sure that no other man married her.
But she apparently did not take the threat seriously.
A source familiar with the case said that in June 2015, Nnaife received an anonymous call on her mobile phone. The voice at the other end was that of a lady, who told her she wanted to celebrate her birthday and needed the services of a caterer.
Nnaife told the police:
"I asked her how she got my number; she said she would explain when we see each other. She explained that she would contact me when she got back from work that evening.
“Around 8pm, the anonymous caller contacted me again and asked that I should meet her at Lawanson Bus Stop in Surulere (Lagos). I asked how I would recognise her and she said that she would be in a red car.
“She also asked what I would be wearing and I said a red top and shorts.”
Without any inkling of the danger that was ahead, Nnaife set off for the bus stop and as soon as she got there, a call came through from the anonymous caller.
“I quickly told the caller that I was there already and she said that she had seen me,” Nnaife said.
As Nnaife turned to see where the caller was, a hand lifted her hair from her face and poured a bowl of acid on her.
She let out a loud scream as her assailant fled. She was blinded as the pain seared into the skin on her face and chest.
Nnaife told the police while on her sick bed that when she turned her face towards her attacker, the person she saw was a man and she believed it was Nwokobia.
Sympathisers, who were said to have been attracted by her screams rushed her to the hospital.
When the case was reported to the police, investigators swung into action and contacted the telecommunication company which provided service for Nnaife’s mobile line.
A source who was familiar with the investigation said:
“Our findings from the service provider revealed that the line belonged to 20-year-old Charles Orji, an Anambra State indigene, who has also been arrested.
“When we got Orji, we found out that he worked in the same sachet water company with Nwokobia. Orji said the latter sometimes used his phone but could not remember if he lent him the phone on the day of the attack.”
The suspects have been arraigned at the Chief Magistrate’s Court, Botanical Garden, Yaba Lagos on charges of conspiracy, grievous bodily harm and attempted murder.
The case was adjourned till September 23. 2015.


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