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Friday, 18 March 2016

Just Furniture! This discount true is true...

Do you know that there is really cool new furniture store in Lagos called Just Furniture that sell the best quality furniture for Homes, Offices, Hotels and other places? They are offering a jaw‐dropping 70% discount on Italian Leather Sofas and select pieces. Other amazing offers are available like buy the 7 Seater Sofas and get 7 Seater Fabric Sofa for free @ N595,000, with free delivery within Lagos.

Visit the JUST FURNITURE showroom at 20, Allen Avenue, Opposite LG Showroom and Oshopey

Plaza, Ikeja, Lagos. You can call 08074699315 or 08099908012

for any enquiries you might have. Like the JUST FURNITRURE PAGE on facebook viahttp://www.fb/com justfurnitrenigeria

follows us on Twitter @justfurnitureng on Istagram @justfurniture_ng



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