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Saturday, 19 March 2016

From Slimtea’s #BeLikeIni Weight Loss Challenge – Meet Jessica!

We promised you excerpts from the #BeLikeIni weight loss challenge, and here they are! 

Meet Jessica, our first contestant! Jessica is a beautiful young woman who is ready for some change! She talked about her struggles with body-image, and her efforts to lose weight and regain her former figure. 

She shared with us, the parts of her body that make her insecure, touching on issues that plus-sized women can easily identify with. 

She talked about how she discovered Slimtea on this blog, and gushed about the possibility of meeting the face of Slimtea, Miss Ini Edo!

Jessica says Ini Edo’s transformation has motivated her to trust in the brand and her own ability to lose weight.

Using Slimtea and little else, we will follow Jessica up close on her journey to her perfect size! Watch out for Jessica! The next time you see her, she won’t be the same!

Slimtea is a 28 day detox tea that kick starts your system into natural weight loss by reducing your hunger hormones, increasing your calorie burn and melting the fat that is stored in your fat cells, every time you have a cup! It flushes toxins and tough fat, thereby boosting your metabolism for better fat burning! All these powerful effects with 100% natural weight loss ingredients, guaranteed to transform your body into fat-fighting machine within 28 days!

The journey to fast and natural weight loss starts with a cup of Slimtea! 

Slimtea is affordable and available for purchase! NATIONWIDE PAYMENT ON DELIVERY OPTIONS AVAILABLE! Visit our website www.slimtea.com.ng or contact our experts to make enquiries and place your orders:

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