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Friday, 18 March 2016

Cancel that spectrum licence issued to MTN

This is a sponsored post - written by Daniel Adoza.
These are interesting times for the Nigerian telecoms networks and their subscribers. While we are still on the sale of Visafone and its 4G LTE spectrum to MTN Nigeria, yet another controversy is brewing. Before he was sacked as Director General of the National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC), Emeka Mba had sanctioned the sale of the 700MHz spectrum – to the same telecommunications network, MTN Nigeria.
What bothers discerning stakeholders in the telecoms sector is the fact that NBC did not have the right to sell the spectrum which it has been directed to vacate. Rather, that is the responsibility of the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), the regulator of the telecommunications industry, which is also given the powers to assign spectrum to telecommunications service providers.

These are some of the grave implications of this wrong action. · MTN now has more facilities to continue to dominate the Nigerian telecoms sector, killing competition and leaving subscribers with little or no choice. · By not keeping to NCC’s policy of granting spectrums on fair and equitable basis, NBC has placed other competitors in a disadvantaged position thus stifling further growth of the industry.

All over the world – and also previously in Nigeria – spectrums are publicly auctioned. But this is not the case in the sale of the 700MHz band by NBC to MTN; thus the interest of both foreign and local investors in the Nigerian telecoms industry will begin to wane as they can no longer trust our regulatory agencies to make wholesale decision to provide a fair playing field for their investments to thrive. The Nigerian telecommunications subscriber must not be allowed to suffer a disadvantage by this anti-competitive decision of the NBC.

What has made the Nigerian telecoms industry grow faster than it was envisaged is the vivacity and the diverse options and innovation which were driven by competition. We can’t afford to lose that now. In the interest of stakeholders in the industry and the Nigerian economy, the Federal Government should order the NBC to cancel this transaction and release the 700MHz spectrum to NCC in line with the ITU agreement. Adoza is an economic analyst in Lagos


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AbokiDaWarriBoy said...

We don hear.

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

Egwu dikwa! Linda take note!

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Eddy Ogbunambala said...


Unknown said...

And you expect me to read this long bullshit!

PrettyChi said...


chyyy said...

What are u saying??

James said...

While the competition sleeps, MTN eats all the worms.

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Jude Akinwole said...

I thought it was only NCC that was licensed to SELL/AUCTION spectrums! Somewhere, somehow money has exchanged hands under the table! This is definitely not right & should be reversed forthwith! Foreigners wan come turn landlord! Lai lai

Reeshahr said...

Exactly this will put other network provider in a disadvantages position


Anonymous said...

The problem with article is that it is an opinion of one writer presented as factual and balanced professional assessment of spectrum licensing disagreement.
The NBC sell was valid in itself but the issue was that technology had converged in recent years such that the spectrum range on the NBC side can now also be used for services by NCC Regulated companies to carryout telecommunications without recourse to their industry regulator.
The fundamental question is suppose the NBC sold this same spectrum to say a silverbirds who are currently unregulated by another regulator like the NCC would the current disagreement have still raise?
There lays the legal POV


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Anonymous said...

Onwere nke i'mma?

Anonymous said...

Okay. Are you saying that it is fine if any other company purhcased the NBC spectrum as long as it is not MTN. Let competition go and buy theirs too now and improve our internet in Nigeria.

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