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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Arik Air to stop Abuja - London flights

Lagos - London flights remain in place but the Abuja - London route to stop
From Reuters

Nigeria's biggest carrier Arik Air said it would have to stop its daily flights between Abuja and London because it was being prevented from getting arrival and departure slots at UK airports, an accusation that risked reigniting a diplomatic row.
 Arik Air - the only Nigerian airline flying to Britain - said slots it had leased from Lufthansa's British unit bmi at London's Heathrow airport were about to expire and it was now facing unspecified "restrictions".

"Whilst it is regrettable to have to suspend our services between Abuja and London, we simply could not continue with the route due to the restrictions placed upon us in accessing arrival/departure slots into UK airports," Arik's chief executive Michael Arumemi-Ikhide, said in a statement on Friday.
He did not spell out who was imposing the restrictions on the company.

But a similar row over landing slots and ticket pricing between Nigerian and British authorities in November almost grounded all flights between the two countries.

"It is an unfortunate situation and one that we felt was being resolved at government level and we hoped that an agreement would have been reached before the start of the summer schedule," said Arumemi-Ikhide in the statement.

The suspension did not affect Arik's flights between London and Nigeria's commercial hub Lagos.
Landing slots at Heathrow, one of the world's busiest airports, are popular and over-subscribed. Nigeria's government and Arik Air want the British government to help it get more slots at Heathrow but UK authorities have said it is not their responsibility under a joint agreement between the countries.

Britain and Nigeria have a bilateral air services agreement (BASA) which allows them each 21 equal flight frequencies between the two countries, which their airlines can use.

The UK argues that Nigeria is entitled to 21 flights to the Britain a week but it can not guarantee them 21 landing slots at Heathrow. Other London airports have slots available.
Arumemi-Ikhide said Nigeria gave UK carrier "unfettered access" to the slots at Nigeria's Abuja and Lagos airports. "However, this is not reciprocated in the UK," he added.

The Nigerian aviation ministry was not immediately available for comment on Saturday. It warned last year that it would not "stand idly by while Nigerian flag carriers are unfairly treated when BASA agreements clearly state otherwise."

Nigerian authorities fined BA and Virgin Atlantic a total of $235 million for alleged price fixing in November, which both airlines deny.
The aviation minister has claimed BA flights between London and Nigeria we more expensive than flights covering a similar distance between Britain and Ghana.

Searches on the BA website show flights to Ghana are significantly cheaper than to Nigeria in business class and first class but not in economy class.


Anonymous said...

Linda this is old gist now abeg!!!!. and it has been sorted.

Anonymous said...

ahn this not old news? They have been fighting over this thing since last year.

Amanda Reginald said...

who cares? there are many other lines to fly with...nt as if some1 flys nyways...tehe

Unknown said...

"Whilst it is regrettable to have to suspend our services between Abuja and London, we simply could not continue with the route due to the restrictions placed upon us in accessing arrival/departure slots into UK airports," (End of Quote) If one route close, we'll try another..."Shikkena" One Road doesn't lead to the Market, abi?

Anonymous said...

Why the squabble, Nigeria is like a public toilet and so would expect to be treated as such. Who would try this nonsense to America.

Anonymous said...

Well, for me, e no just concern me at aallll. i never even fly in within for once, let alone fly international. so, if dem like make dem no get space or dem get enough spaces, wo lo ko mi bi.

Anonymous said...

Arık blame the govt who have allowed countrıes and companıes to rubbısh us. So nothıng new.we too dey pretend lıke we are all that but we aınt shıat.

Anonymous said...

I really don't see the problem. If Arik Air cannot land in Heathrow what about Gatwick? What about Luton? What about Stansted? They thought it would be resolved at government level even though BAA is a private company? Please they should stop crying fowl and resolve their problem - company to company.

I am, the no Sender. said...

The thing is Heathrow often is sort by passengers traveling to the U.K because of it's ease in accessing London as Gatwick is a bit more of a challenege hence the squabbles as it were. The thing is this is all a clever and cunning manipulation of the British government cum BA to steal Arik's passengers. I foresee another reciprocal move from the Ministry of Aviation.

Anonymous said...

Gents, this is a new devt. again, not the old jist u guys know of. Read btw Lindas lines

Femillionaire said...

Simple... Nigeria should stop BA from flying into Abuja

Anonymous said...

Trash, with their tiny aircrafts flying over the Mediterranean, they should ground them. I was on a London Abuja flight on that tiny piece of iron and I can't stop giving thanks for saving our lives. I would fly with a broom next time if the only option is arik.

Anonymous said...

So what happens to people who have already booked our flights and paid for it?

grey said...

Lmao....dang very funny

Nigerian Recruitment said...

Abeg,Abeg,Abeg,make Arik let me hear word jare.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

There are many airlines coming to the London UK, just because Nigeria has the space to give to Uk Airlines does not mean the UK can do the same. You can't compare Abuja to London, there is way more traffic to London than Nigeria so when they write, Nigeria gives lots of spaces to UK so therefore UK should do the same. It can't work that way!! If it's full, they can try Gatwick, Luton, even Aberdeen/Glasgow so many Nigerians want to go straight to scotland but no direct flighta, how about they try that as well. Stop crying wolf!

hollyedye said...

I think both the parties have to settle the disputes as soon as possible.Other wise people will use the other means to fly UK

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