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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Mozyx, of popular 90's music group, Felyx and Mozyx, down with kidney failure

                                         Mozzyx in his hospital bed                                                       Mozzyx

Fellyx and Mozzyx was a popular Nigerian music group in the 90s. If you grew up in Nigeria in the 90s, you definitely know who they are. Unfortunately, one of the group members, Mozyx, real name Moses Ikomi is critically ill. Moses has been battling chronic kidney failure for over two years now. Doctors say his kidneys have packed up, so he needs a kidney transplant ASAP. The operation needs to be done in India and he needs financial help to make this possible. Please help keep Mozyx alive.
Please send your donations to 
Account Name: MOSES OCHIE.
Account Number: 1003783055.
For more details Contact Kenneth Ehi-Choya: 0803 308 9628  


Rose said...

Hope he gets well soon

ykay said...

What a pity ,so sad !

Anonymous said...

Linda, please what is the update on the journalist abi banker who needed funds for a kidney/liver transpalnt. someone posted the picture on facebook with details and nobody commented. its so sad.i have done the bit i can. the naija man's 'OYO' attitude on matters like this is really sad.... i hope he gets the help he needs

Anonymous said...

hey ya , am so sorry i wish more than to help.
This is so serious i can not just believe it.
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Anonymous said...

Please why the discrepancy in his names? His real name as stated is Moses Ikomi and his Bank details has Moses Ochie on it. Or is that someone else's account???

uSaveOne said...

We can help save Mozyx if we try or if we shun our i don't care attitude. Let us start by skipping a day's lunch, save the money and send to save Mozyx. How much you send does not matter at this point.

Anonymous said...

Linda, kindly specify amount needed, amount raised so far and funally, total amount raised as at time of surgery.

That way there's some accountability and people will be moved better to give

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 2:36pm. D money has been raised. Treatment will commence soonest!

Anonymous said...

this kidney failure has become quite common. What is blowing up peoples kidneys?

May God help them

Anonymous said...

I don't mean to sound heartless but surely, the operation can only take place if they can find a donor in India?? I do feel, however that members of the public are being blithely asked for donations on a daily basis for sick people to go to India for treatment- if you can't afford it, don't go. Why India, why not Ghana that is even closer and cheaper too??

lovelylady said...

My dear im a doctor,kidney disease that are chronic (ie lasted for more than 6 months)in our environment often requiring dialysis(i can see d machine in the pic,a session costs about 30 k in gov hosps and one with renal failure needs about 3 to 4 sessions a week) or transplantation sre usully from hypertension and diabetes dat have been left untreated,its so sad.every1 should get their bp and bloodsugar checked regularly irrespective of the wge,de r no longer exclusive to older people.

Anonymous said...

Please that is Moses in the picture on the right.

Check for Moses' real pic

2go tweaks for java phones. said...

My super star, wow, i sympathise with him oh, he's so great on music, hope he gets well soon.

Anonymous said...

There's no descrepancy in d name,he use both surname bt didn't use ikomi in his account nd ,bt am sure of d name moses ochie is also moses ikomi. Moreso he's done several dialysis session nd but all he needs right now is donation,he has a donor also,bt nt enough fund for the operation,so plz I if u're in a position to help,plz do..A drop of water forms a mighty ocean,no amount is to small plz let us give not bcause we have too much but because we knw wat is like not to have most especially when it has to do wit saving a soul..the amount needed is 10million naira but sum funds hs been raised but not enough.please help save moses life

Anonymous said...

The patient with the name moses ikomi is also the bearer of the account moses ochie,Nd the initial amount for the operation is 10million naira,and it has to b done in indian cos both his kidneys has packed up,sum funds hv been raised bt not enough to commence the operation,moreso he already has a donor,just money for him to get the operation done,so please as you all knw,a drop of water forms a mighty ocean,no amount is too small.No 1 is askin you to give because you have too much but plz give cos you knw what is like not to have and you really want to save a soul..plzz feel free nd help moses live by contributin

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