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Saturday, 22 August 2015

Man gets gf's name tattooed on neck in Chinese symbols, finds out it means something else

People love to get tattoos of Chinese characters - because they're beautiful and they make you look like you know your world but sometimes people fall victim to the curse of not actually finding a proper translator. A tattooist in Plymouth told a funny story of a man who got his girlfriend's name tattooed, only to find out it means something else. The tattooist Doc Price said;

"This chap I knew had his girlfriend's name tattooed on the back of his neck - or rather, what he thought was his girlfriend's name. But my girlfriend, who is from Thailand, wasn't so sure. So we took him to see a friend of ours who is Chinese and we asked her, 'what does this say here? She looked at it and said, 'why have you got a tattoo of Windows 7 on your neck? We couldn't stop laughing. I think it was probably a case of one of these holiday tattoo places making a quick buck out of the tourists.
"The tattoo artist wouldn't have known how to spell his girlfriend's name in Chinese so probably just googled it or something!"


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