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Friday, 25 November 2016

Pennek Nigeria holds real estate exhibition in London (Come and get some discount)

In view of the demand from Nigerians in diaspora to invest and own properties in choice area in Lekki and Owerri.

Visit us Tomorrow 26th Nov at Reception Hall, Regent’s Park, London
Time: 12pm - 5pm


This is the reason you should invest in the Lekki Southern Villa Annex 1 today. Located just 2 minutes away from the Novare Mall(Shoprite) Lekki, it is one of the most promising investments in the whole of Lagos.
With a C of O as title document and very flexible payment plans…it is absolutely the best deal.
Amenities to be provided in the Estate include:
-          Tarred Roads
-          Effective Drainage System
-          24 hour surveillance equipped with CCTV Cameras
-          Creche, Gardens, In-estate shopping center and many more.

*Also available are our:
Lekki Southern Villa Estate Phase 2- Just a minute away from the Lakowe Golf Course

Pen Gardens Phase Estate Phase 2- 10 minutes’ drive from the New International Airport
 Lekki Southern Villa Annex 1 ... 12m
Lekki Southern Villa phase 2 ... 5.5m
PEN Gardens phase 2            ... 1.8m
PEN Gardens,Owerri              ... 3.5m

Twitter: @Pennek_Ng @Lekkilands

Give us a call today and get on your way to becoming a landlord in the trendiest neighbourhood in Lekki.

0700 1000 000
08122493114,  08122493117,
08032692422, 08032692429


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