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Friday, 13 December 2013

Le Grand Marche Goes To Copa Lagos; Fun, Fashion and Football

This December, Lagos’ slice of Portobello is bringing you a bumper edition at the biggest beach soccer event in Africa!

With last year’s footfall of over 3000, Vendors can expect 1000s of shoppers, new customers, music and fun in the sun at Le Grand Marche at Copa Lagos! Our super-special AC’d LPM tent situated close to the action will ensure both vendors and shoppers get in on the fun! Continue...
Delicious Cocktails from the Absolut Lounge at Le Grand Marche and taster plates from Tash Bistro! Get excited, vendors book your place now!

Grand Marche is on the 15th of December!

To participate sign up at app.lpmnigeria.com to register as a vendor and

sign up for an event, if you have any difficulty send an email to:   info@lpmnigeria.com 

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Check out last year’s CopaLagos action below


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