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Friday, 31 August 2012

Today is the day to raise a glass at 17:59

Today is G-day! Today we celebrate our place in history. Today, we raise a glass to Guinness!!! Today, we are officially number 1 in the world for Guinness Foreign Extra Stout. Guinness Nigeria family is saying a big thank you to all lovers of Guinness Extra Stout for their undying support and loyalty. So wherever you are, join the Guinness family and raise a glass at 17:59, take loads and loads of pictures with your friends whilst doing this, and upload your pictures on m.guinnessvip.com! The most creative and outstanding pictures stand a chance to win ONE MONTH’S SUPPLY OF YOUR FAVOURITE BEER, GUINNESS FOREIGN EXTRA STOUT!

Don’t forget, the celebration is all about lovers of Guinness Extra Stout. So take pictures of you and your friends, raising glasses, bottles or cans of Guinness at 17:59 and upload pictures on m.guinnessvip.com! You can also be a fan of Guinness on facebook at www.facebook.com/guinnessvip or follow them on twitter www.twitter.com/guinnessvip. Let’s join Guinness and be a part of this celebration!

Guinness Foreign Extra Stout wishes you all a fun Friday and encourages everyone to Stay On-Side and enjoy their drinks responsibly:
       Guinness is strictly not for sale to or consumption by persons under 18
       Drink water between drinks to keep you refreshed
       Eat a good meal before and after the big match
       Captain your team - keep an eye on your friends and make sure they get home safely
       Don’t drink and drive

Want to stay in touch with everything football, lifestyle and entertainment? Just join Guinness VIP. SMS ’Yes’ and your Date of Birth to ‘1759 and you’re in.
NOTE: Terms and Conditions apply


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