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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Joke of the day: Plateau discovers fake commisisoner on its payroll

The Plateau state Commissioner for Information, Mr Abraham Yiljap, said today in an interview with newsmen that a fake commissioner had been earning the salary and allowances attached to the office.

His exact words:  
There is a fake commissioner on the payroll of Plateau state government. I mean somebody appointed himself as commissioner and has been receiving salaries and other perks of office as one. We have a lot of bad things. Some people are on grade level 8 but receive salaries meant for level 16 officers. Others have primary school certificates and are retiring on grade level 14.
In another instance, some of the workers connived and stole N66 million scholarship funds.
There are many other people, who are taking money that they should not be taking. Some are no longer in the service but they are maintained in service. People are maintaining fictitious names and drawing salaries.”
 And who's fault is that?


Anonymous said...

Linda!!dis is normal d mor u luk d less u c rubbish govt na Dem Dem dey chop money dey shud go sitdown inside guttering

Ugo Boss™✅ said...

Funny huh

Anonymous said...

**Singing in Petula Clark's voice**
When you need easy money, join the Nigerian Civil Service or better still the POLICE

D G Herbert said...

Dirty pipes cannot produce clean water. I'm glad this has been discorvered. Lets hope necessary actions wιll be taken. However, it's rather unfortunate that this is happening.

Urban desmond said...

Man must survive mentality 4 9ja sha...smh

Anonymous said...

Embarrassing bitches.

Anonymous said...

It just shows how corruption has burrowed ąπϑ esten deep in Nigeria.

Anonymous said...

It just shows how corruption has burrowed ąπϑ eaten deep in Nigeria.

Deyinka Onabanjo said...

Dey re only hvn their share of d national cake.

Anonymous said...

Do they have a zillion commisioners that they can't se? Well its there own.

Anonymous said...

No mind form say him no know wetin de happen

I am, the no Sender. said...

Only in Nigeria can this happen. Infact, we will soon discover that we have a fake head of state collecting salaries and emoluments. Mtcheew, very clueless. Nonsense and ingredient. Concorability of no alacrity(whatever that means).

Anonymous said...

Really !WOW ! Why are we so shocked and suprised about this?

Anonymous said...

Linda abeg hlp us ask dem. Nigeria full of curupt people. From politicians to cleaners.

Kudoz said...

i have heard of ghost workers in this country but this issue of commissioner is the height of it. one day we will hear fake president..

Fatimah said...

*and whose fault is that?

Anonymous said...

hahaha lol only in naija could this happen chei i laugh for my country people. steady income for life

Anonymous said...

Naija dey carry last before?????

Anonymous said...

Joke of the day? What is funny about someone collecting Govt funds under false claims of being a Commisisoner?! Like seriously!? What's funny about that? This is our Govt people! A Govt that will Allow a thug to collect money for months on payroll while women and children
die in dirty village clinics due to lack of funds to pay Doctors and buy what the clinic needs! There is nothing, nothing funny about that!
They are all nonentities! Can you imagine how incompetent a Govt can be!? "pple from grade level 8
are collecting money of grade 16" see his mouth! He no fear! How can he be afraid of saying something so
stupid and annoying when No in this country gets sacks for being a fool on a seat of power. This is even a state that was willing to share this lawlessness, for all the world to see how irresponsible they are, what about
those states hiding their incompetence and
irresponsibility that we don't know off? We have heard ghost worker stories before but this one takes the cake!
Hai! God forgive us all and come to our aid.
Dear God, forgive our senseless leaders and make
them better human beings.
Nothing works in Nigeria! Y'all dnt understand, Nothing,! No light, no water,no schools, no
hospitals, no roads, even sef,no national airline!!!
We all provide our own:
light,water,hospitals,schools.....private this and private
that..... We the citizens had to create all this for
ourselves....It is a travesty! It's a tragedy! It is, it is so


Anonymous said...

Linda I srongly believe we ‎​Α̲̅я̩̥̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ going †̥ an era where all these bad stories ll be forgotten.
Pls dearie try †̥ paint Naija less of a corrupt country at a global level lyk this.
If we can't who will Ω̴α.
Ȋ̝̊̅̄ love Ў☺ΰ.

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