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Thursday, 1 December 2011

'Why Nigeria's anti-gay bill sickens me' - By Chude Jideonwo

You all know who Chude Jideonwo is. In this article for CNN, he writes about the recently-passed bill in the Nigerian senate outlawing same sex marriage. Read below...
It is important to first understand that no gay Nigerian, as far as anyone knows, is seeking marriage -- in Nigeria.
You can comb the breadth of our decidedly homophobic media ("Homosexuals are in trouble!" crowed The Sun Newspapers, no doubt mirroring the excitement of its upright editorial board), and there is neither anecdotal nor empirical evidence of a clamor, even a quiet one, for gays to be married in churches, mosques or courts.

Still, our legislators were hard at work over a considerable number of weeks while the rest of sane Nigeria, in a state of suspended disbelief, ignored them; convinced that, in a country with pressing issues such as fuel subsidy removal and debilitating insecurity, this frivolous legislation would not see light of day.

Until yesterday when, of course, it did.

Our elected representatives in the Senate, armed with their version of our National Moral Code, took time off urgent national issues to tackle the even more urgent evil of gay marriages. Before we could catch our breaths, our over-paid and under-worked Senators had legalized homophobia.
According to the law, not only is gay marriage a crime punishable by a 14-year jail term, but "any person who registers operates or participates in gay... organizations" faces a decade in jail -- a clause that specifically targets the many active sexuality rights advocacy groups in the country.

By the time the House of Representatives adds its predictable voice to this and the President signs it into law, writing this kind of piece might even risk jail time.

It is important to note though that I and other aware young people who might sometimes be misidentified as the elite, may spend precious hours in vocal incredulity on Twitter and Facebook; shouting down a law that we can hardly do anything about - but we are sadly in the minority, at least for now.
You see, in Nigeria, homophobia is alive and well.

Nigerian senate passes anti-gay bill, defying British aid threat 

Barely 10 days ago, the influential Nigerian blogger Linda Ikeji, shared what was supposed to be a touching story about a young man, Rashidi Williams, who had faced physical abuse for his sexuality. The comments that followed made my heart sink -- more threats of violence and death. And it wasn't a fringe minority; this is a thriving majority.

Many Nigerians are convinced that homosexuality is "of the devil", against our "culture" and an encroachment of "sad Western values.".A young man recently tweeted that "homosexuality is the cause of the present rot in America."
What rot? America's thriving Silicon Valley? A democracy it should be proud of? Or the millions of dollars in aid that its government and people have invested in treating everything from malaria to HIV in our dear country? That's forgetting that the real giant of Africa, South Africa, is the continent's bastion of sexuality rights.

"Our values are our values," the pompous senate president David Mark replies to critics of the bill.
Nonsense he can get away with, only because a large segment of our educated population is unaware that animals have been found to be gay.

Dead cliches like "God did not make Adam and Steve" continue to get excited choruses from sedated congregations and people still declare with ignorance that "homosexuality is not a part of our culture", conveniently skimming over historical evidence of the practice in the East and North of the country; and blissfully unaware that the origins of homophobia in our societies can only be traced to the influx of foreign religions.

Uganda's parliament takes no action on anti-gay bill

Indeed, you have to weep for a people that decry "foreign imperialism" on one hand, and then ignorantly hide under the cover of colonial influences to perpetuate intolerance.

It's the same country whose ex-president recently paid a 'courtesy visit' to appease confessed terrorists; the same country where four men who savagely raped a girl and recorded it on video were defended by a police chief as "dealing with snobbish girls." Indeed, what else can one expect from a Senate that houses a member who defiled and took for a wife, a girl barely in her teens only last year?
But gays -- who only pray for the right to be left alone since they do the rest of us no harm - are the mortal threat to our "moral fabric". They severely threaten the moral fabric of a nation which finds its place in the bottom of corruption rankings years in a row thanks to politicians like Mark who have sodomized the populace for decades now.

Today, I am ashamed to be Nigerian.

But it's not because a gang of morally questionable legislators has forced through a piece of legislation that is both irrelevant and irresponsible.

It's rather because, in a country burdened by a lethal mix of misplaced priorities, confused sense of culture and an ignorant electorate, this intolerance is in fact a popular decision.

We have allowed the politicians to fool us once again.

Culled from CNN


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Anonymous said...

Chude, shut up! I am embarrassed that you are an Igbo guy. Let us hear word! Nonsense
Ever learned but never coming to knowledge!

Anonymous said...

Its so sad when some believe a country like Nigeria with its cultures and own troubles (man made and otherwise) should accept other country's cultural value just to be considered advancement. If homosexuality and likes of it are the make of advancement in United States and other western country, then let it be but you cannot ask us as a country to accept what is not ours, we already suffer enough of that. One thing I agree with out of this whole nonsense called article is that our legislators priorities are indeed misplaced. Dear Mr. Jideonwo, if you were born and rise in the west then by all means believe and behave like them, down here, just about in every side of the country, we believe homosexuality is a sin, that is the believe of our people and nothing can change that!

Anonymous said...

Oh one more thing, since Mr. Jideonwo is paying attention to this blog, we are ashamed of you and seriously will like if you would seize from calling yourself a Nigerian, I believe this will be considered a mutual agreement, or don't you think? No point alining with what you are ashamed of, rubbish! No bi by force to be Nigerian naw!

Anonymous said...

chude...just tell us u are gay and we'll understand

Anonymous said...

For a moment i thought this dude was makin sense, but then I was wrong. How does 2 wrongs make a right? True, we ve more pressin issues, but addin to it by legalizin gayism will be too much load for us to bear. He can be ashame of Nigeria for all I care.

Anonymous said...

I meant cease, I just vex tabor for this blog... Am just pissed when some dumb ass think we as a country should all be subjected to western believes just because, nonsense!

aLi Bassey said...

I have incredible respect for chude jideonwo,buh dis article looks a subtle attempt at curryin 'western' favour and gainin d love and affection of d western media.i agree dat we hav oda pressin issues to tackle as a nation,buh our values r really our values.common chude,d whites cant keep forcin us to do wat they feel is right(clearly wrong in dis case).i hav no beef against gays tho.its dia life to live.i am also ashamed to be nigerian atimes buh it wud never be bcos of d anti gay law.nuff said!!

Igwe Osita One said...

an dwhat right does this fool have to address our senators as "a gang of morally questionable legislators has forced through a piece of legislation that is both irrelevant and irresponsible."...This is what freedom of speech can cause. Idiot...Oloshi...

Kelly said...

This guy needs to STFU! Homosexuality is NOT NORMAL! It's a 100% abnormal. People are saying love is love...whether it's between a man and a man or a woman and a woman. Do these people read their Bibles. Enough is enough abeg. Who freakn cares if he's ashamed to be Nigerian or not? NOBODY. So my guy go sit down in one corner abeg. Gosh!

t said...

First of all, thank God for Chude. Is he really one person?

One of the many reasons I dropped my born-againism back in the day was the vile way in which fellow "Christians" mocked and hounded people who were said to be gay, people whom Christ would have embraced. The first commandment is LOVE, not PERSECUTE.

I think Nigeria should encourage homosexuality if it would stem our population growth; already we can't provide for the number we have (is it 150 million? we can't even count them, let alone give them medicine, food, electricity, or a job.) Meanwhile many of these "big men" proudly shag how many different women (skins) monthly. One day we'll go all Tahrir on their asses.

Anyway, if y'all didn't hear, God created Adam and Steve.

Phoebe said...

i believe we operate a democratic system, even tho it aint liberal..

i also bliv the western bloc shldnt be involved in our law making process..

i also bliv dat wat is good for the goose(western nations) mayb death 4 the gander(africa)..

So Mr Chude b4 u go all scholarly and wat av u.. Pray tell if indeed the western bloc of nations operate true liberal democracy and follow to the letter the human rights gospel.. 'Cos
1. Pple av rights to bigamy and polygamy too..
2. Pple av rights to build nuclear weapons if they tink its good 4 their security..
Guess the West operate a biased 'liberal' democracy..
Pls, pls and pls b4 u go betraying ur pple (Africa).. Ask urself this, is making homosexuality legal in africa good 4 africa and africans??

Anonymous said...

Yes same-sex shouldn't be allowed and be discourage. We should follow the rules of owner of this planet. Eventhough our leaders are breaking the rules someway, this one they did is good and right and Nigeria is going to be great. That your God own country is really living to his name. Buuuuuuuuuullshit, too much of freedom. Riches doesn't mean you God favorite esp Jesus. Just wear your thinking cap and don't follow desire.

Anonymous said...

Finally a voice of reason. Thank you Chude for your well written article. I share your shame and hope for a Nigeria where sexism, homophobia and classism are seen as the cause for sorrow and not pride. Linda, I'm occasionally dismayed by your implicit support for sexism and homophobia. You have a powerful platform here. I cannot and will not tell you what to post on your website but please understand that you can be a force for change in Nigeria today in ways that our lazy and small minded lawmakers cannot even contemplate.

Lechie said...

Chude, you sound gayish and I won't be surprise that u are figthing for the rest of ur gay members who are in anguish right now.Do you think that writing to please the West who want us to follow them sheepishly with their so-called economic blue print, will do you any good?Pls my brother, whatever abuse you want to rain on our distinguished senators, just know that the generality of Nigerians are behind them on this singular act.Homosexuality is not in our culture no matter how civilised u want to sound.And just know that the youths will not support you on this.So continue mourning cos gay marriage in Nigeria is nailed and buried forever.

Anonymous said...

Wash your dirty linens in public and invite them to wash it with you..
Our country...Our Laws..
CNN should take a seat!

Presh said...

Dis guy is among the 'foolishest' Nigerians we've got!talking and writing bullshit!!this nigger is gay period!!foolish gay mo'fucker!!

Unknown said...

And the F*** is this guy,is he now saying that popular opinion is wrong,is that not what democracy is all about.......Guess,he is tryin to curry favor from CNN.Am not sayin that d oda vices he mentioned are wrong buh thid one (gay),should neva b allowed......He should go f*** himself....

Terrific said...

Hey; use ur intellectual wealthness to do better things than try to defend urself over an abominable act. If u are ashamed to be a Nigeria, then fuck off. Me and a few oda that i know, are happy to be identified with Nigeria...

Anonymous said...

Hear hear!! finally someone who has the balls to speak up. No doubt some will throw insults at him but as far as I am concerned in a so called democracy everyone has certain rights....

If this were a dictatorship, the bill would make more sense.....

Instead of solving the electricity problem, addressing their misogynistic attitudes towards women, lack of roads and adequate health care; this is what they focus on.......

Pathetic! Giant of what??

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

ok, u try, now can we hear word?

Anonymous said...

it is called career advancement masked as activism. no be today.

he should use that indignation to create a shelter for abused homosexuals. not so?

no o, he had to write on cnn about how US govt spends millions for the advancement of Nigeria.
He could have denounced the threatened violence against gays without the shameless pro-US praise & worship.

Ashamed to be Nigerian ..... why not ashamed to be human? Because believe it or not, more than half of the US population does not support homosexuality. Is anti-homosexuality exclusive to Nigeria?

your US counterparts denounce stuff without declaring shame at being American in its truest form. Jane Fonda is still there trying to do PR for her perceived betrayal over vietnam.

Anonymous said...

u are not only ashame u must realize that u are a wast idiot and satanic man, who lick anus and eat shit, u hav to be ashame of urself instead of being ashame to be a Nigerian, let me advice you, why not go and nationalize in any of those country where they do good things instead of being a Nigerian that is making u to be ashame because they did not allow u to sleep with ur fellow man and continue to use pad,if always pad is not good, u can look for another type there in the western world, any of u who support gay, will die for sleep ANTI CHRIST shame on u

Anonymous said...

My friend please stop your ranting. Its is up to the legislature to do what it feels is best for the nation. Not all states in your highly praised America have implemented or embraced the gay rights brouhaha and I'm sorry to disappoint you but NOT all of them will.

We as a nation are entitled to enforce laws (and no matter what ALL law spin from morality) that the ppl feel should reign and apparently we don't support the gay lifestyle.
For your information, rape is a criminal offence and if u spend a little time visiting court room and prison cells. You would see that ppl have been punished for their crimes as well. My heart goes out to that girl but even in england did u hear of the slaughter man who kept killing women for 25yrs and was not found
Or the Aussie folk who raped and fathered children from his own daughte for 18yrs, kept her in roof of his house for 18 yrs!

Your giant of Africa South Africa is known to have the highest counts of rape in d continent of Africa pls chew on that.

Nigeria isn't perfect but I am yet to see a country that is! To blazes with you and your opinion or badly researched report but I would rather be a citizen of a country who would look at the world square in the EYE and say FUCK YOU we don't believe or support this shit! And damn the consequences.

How dare you insist we follow the examples of colonialists. Whose voices did they listen to when they came here and enslaved both our men n women. You wish we would arrest you to give ur opinion more airtime. Pele!

Did u hear of India passing gay laws.

France stood up n said NO! The burqah would not be worn within their state or to public pools.

Even the committee of the last olympic , dismissed those who refused to participate in d swimming comp unless they wore their burquah. Their government told them to take it Off and go in swimming.

YOU who will not stand with the truth or respect the laws we make are ashamed of us?


Anonymous said...

CHUDE SHOT THE FUCK UP! who the hell are you? Now i confirm my suspicion that you are gay the way you slouch and talk like a girl. Im not surprised you will write such rubbish, and who cares if you are ashamed to be a Nigeria, i didn't see you hugging a transformer. Maybe for once the senate has risen to deal with a monster that is trying to show its head in this country. If there is one thing we will hold on too till we die is our morality as a nation solidly believing in God, and yes God did not create ADAM AND STEVE but ADAM AND EVE got that you fat cow. Im ashamed of you and hope your parents are weeping for you now. IDIOT. Linda you must publish this or you will be a partial umpire.

Anonymous said...

this man is a mad man. you are ashamed to be a nigerian bcos the senate passed a bill against gay marriage and stuff, you are a big fool. infact you are not a nigerian, you are from animal kingdom. your name even sounds like chimpeze, mumu man

Busayour said...

Mr Chude or whatever you call yourself. So of all the embarrassing things going on in Nigeria including terrorism, domestic violence, rituals, bloodshed, religious conflicts, yahoo yahoo, etc. It is the gay issue that embarrassed you most? So much for talking about "Misplaced priorities." You are also one of the Nigerians that has misplaced priority. I also think that the anti-gay law is ridiculous but you did not make any sense with what you wrote Mr "Chude Misplaced priority." Mschewwwww. I laff at you in my louboutin voice.

Anonymous said...

Wow ... well written I must say!

missy said...

Nigeria hates that we have you because you have done nothing to change the situation its not by speaking grammar

@amabawse said...

Chude, please shut up!

Luciano said...

I totally agree

Anonymous said...

Chude has always rubbed me the wrong way but I must say KUDOS for the courage to write this. Now I am concerned for his safety.

I wish the article could have expounded on Dan Daudas thriving in the North and old Igbo customs that were OK with bisexuality.

Homosexuality is natural.
Gay rights is Human rights.

And proponents of Gay marriages or civil unions support it for the benefits and protection that accrue especially when children are involved. This is ideal in a functioning society. We know Nigeria is not there yet, so no one is pressing for marriage. Just leave them alone.

Quite a number of Nigerian men and women have had bisexual experiences, what do you think happens at same sex boarding schools? Most of it consensual and I hate to add this but some not.

Anonymous said...

Well, Mr. Chude has a right to his opinion I would say...@least its just an opinion. However, WE proud Nigerians that carry our green passports worldwide with our head high are happy with the bill. Shikena!
You can(like the rest of the western world) support homosexuality on paper, but deep inside you and the so called 'elites', you know its the root cause of problems in the U.S and the rest of the world.....70% of gay people have associated psychiatry problems, children raised by them have the highest rate of crime and abuse and also psychiatry problems.....I can go on and on, by the way I am a medical doctor with both Nigerian and American experience and I know my figures.

Anonymous said...

This guy is soooooooooooooooo desperate for publicity ni shaaaaaaaaaaa o!!! Senseless cow does he think saying what the white man wants to hear will give im a job with CNN. Abegiiiiiiiii once a desparado always a desparado..yeye youth wey don grow biabia. Gay aint normal for all we no sef e fit be one o.

a new world said...

Jideonwo is a foolish child,its very obvious he has gay tendencies,why attach so much relevance to this young man who is mis-directed and feels by going the easy route makes him an over night sensation,I find his write up very sickening,the very facts remain explicit and i support Linda absolutely,Gay and lesbians,are alien to our culture,we must not copy fools gladly in the name of being sophisticated or imbibing the western ideologies to suit our so called elites,It is against Christianity which the westerners brought to Africans after criticizing our own religion,it therefore can be stated that if we as a people choose to run from our identity and dance to the whim's and caprice of the whites,what heritage do we have,what then can be described as,'Culture,'do we hold our heads high when people like myself whom are fathers explain to our children the rational behind accepting jideonwo and his so called cohorts reasoning,when they find it confusing on one hand to accept their parents teachings,and in contrast the societal norms which go contrary to their religious teachings.For the avoidance of doubt,the USA is crumbling because of its many sins,it is obvious he is disillusioned to think otherwise,and their fathom greatness which started in the 20th century has reached its end,Every country must have a code of ethics,which is acceptable to its people and not be influenced by others way of life,the Chinese do not practice democracy but have proved that they can have a functional society and be great in their own unique way,I know that the so called NGO's will go cap in hand to solicit for funds from the western agencies that support gay rights,to enrich themselves and with an assurance they can have a reversal,Let it be said now, rather than our society become one where such insanity thrives,people like myself will take the bull by the horn and wipe away every evil one that comes out openly to support,practice, those things which are alien to us,Enough said,let the battle line begin,if they dare.God bless Nigeria,its people and may this trying times pass,as we as a people collectively work hard to uplift our nation to height beyond the western comprehension

Anonymous said...







Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Wise Gay,

I only have one question, how were u born, If two gays make love from now till eternity, will they eva make a baby?
So something shld tell u it is not meant to be!!!

Let me assume u dont believe in God, But does that not prove to you that nature does not approve of it, I agree with u that the senate has issues, but for the very first time i am proud of them, Cos they were not shakened by the british Bluff!!!! We are also ashamed of you,

Anonymous said...

The comments i ve read here just goes right on to say that a lot of Nigerians are ignorant and hypocrites. how does someone's sexual preference affect our economy. i think the legislators are wasting time on irrelevant issues.

Anonymous said...

I used to take this guy serious.
Just realised he is suffering from ASD ....... Attention Seeking Disorder.
Maybe CNN will hire him to write more rubbish or even Forbes. After all he is slightly better than that imbecile that writes crap top 10 lists.
All na hustle!!

Anonymous said...

Linda why did u remove the picture with that his ugly face. let the whole world see the fool beg.

Anonymous said...

abeg u guys should leave the guys jor!! una wey dey talk imperialism, no be white man bring the bible. nobody is asking for gay to be legalized, the country was not and is not going to be holier because they hv criminalized gay marriage. nigerians are still the worst sinners in the world, killing yurselfs in the name of religion. may God help yu all.just remember that it is the white man that brought the bible to yu!!!

Anonymous said...


Chude,you are brilliant, a blessing to Nigeria, holding a banner against destructive ignorance. The effects of this needless bill are numerous. We'll have another cause of brain drain to the western world, Nigeria will be deprived of large numbers of competent people. And all for what? For sharing an orientation that the greatest genius of all, Leonardo da Vinci, had? And so many other greats in history, from Michelangeolo to Tchaikovsky, from Walt Whtman to James Baldwin? Numerous properly investigated cultures of the world recognized homosexuality and bisexuality, from the Pacific islands to Northern Europe, from the American Indian berdache to the Indians of the far East, where the colonising Britons made homosexuality a crime, from Hausaland to South Afrca. Exclusive heterosexuality is recent in human history. Only a selective application of Jadaeic doctrine created this situation. It is not blasphemous to read the Bible with intelligence. Eating shellfish, women in trousers, and even wearing a poly-cotton dress I understand are all abominated by scripture. Should Sodom and Gomorrah be justified if Lot's daughters had been raped. Wouldn't that reflect denigration of women... Wasn't Sodom & G's detailed offence inhospitality to strangers? It's a broad topic, Chude, but whatever insults you are given now, future generations will hail your courage and enlightened viewpoint and be appalled at the ignorance of your antagonists.

Anonymous said...

i live in the states but this idiot may like to know that most states in the us do not support gay....
while not the gays sit and do their thing without all this noise....
for me passing this law is the only good thing nigeria has done....
i now rate david mark one of the greatest nigerians ever....

Anonymous said...

anon 9:00PM .... GBAM all na hustle

Anonymous said...

All of you cursing the writer, i assure you, you will all rot in Hell.
Even God has disowned you and your intolerance. Stupid! Stupid Nigerians, Fools! That will forever remain in darkness, black as sin you lot. That is why you guys will never know peace because you support evil.
You ignorant malus that do not have the first idea what Christianity means. How dare you call God in this horrible wicked talk; did God tell you he does not know how to deal with His creation? That you support the oppression of innocent people just because of their sexual orientation - is it your butt hole they are effing? Fools! May you all remain in darkness and keep being fleeced by your wicked lying thieving pastors and politicians.
Just look around you, God has abandoned you people since forever because He knows your daily cries in church are cries of the heartless who have not Love.
The devil is your lover, you worship money pastors and politicians and treat God's own creation like filth because they are gay? And you think you can ever be blessed. Fucking bloody hypocrites. Many of you are adulterers, rapists, thieves, looters, terrorists, murderers etc... but the homosexual just wanna fuck and you open your dirty mouth and say No? God punish all of you a million times over!!!
Like Chude, i am ashamed to be Nigerian and i pray your suffering is doubled, trebled even, cursed people, cursed country, cursed leader, cursed! cursed!! cursed!!! That is why you are blessed with a clueless leader and useless over paid, dirty, filthy law makers, who as usual hide behind religion. Religion the curse of this bloody nation. Even God is confused as to who or what you worship. Materialistic man worshippers. FOOLS!!!

Anonymous said...

Me oo I will strongly say that gays should be banned and anybody found doing it should be executed but they should leave lesbians! Men! dats a turn on for me..imagin entering a room and seeing two girls licking and touching themselves woow! That's a threesome dat is going to happen there! LMFAO!!!

Anonymous said...

Abi o!!..schemer..looking for future Asylum and hopefully posted to cover Africa by CNN..in ur dreams..
That same America as someone talk...go Bible South and see what they make of Homosexuals!!..all we saying is..it ain't ever going to be legimimized in 9ja!!..

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Lol, i know Mr. Chude personally and i assure u guys that he is not gay. his ideas however defers from what i believe in, homosexuality is a no no!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anon 9:24pm,it shall nt b well wit u n ur family plus ur entire generation yet 2 born,u r curssed 4eva,oloshi oloriburuku,koni dafun e,hw dare u rain so mch curses n abuse on d entire nation jst bcos dey did nt support ur evil act,infact av neva done dis b4,2 abuse pple buh 2nite wass jst 2mch.i .moto loma pa e danun linda beta post dis o,ehen reject evrytin u said n back 2 sender

Anonymous said...

*sigh* so off all the ills going on in Nigeria the one you are ashamed is this? You're just as guilty as the Nigerian government of having misplaced priorities. EFULEFU!
And to the fool who talked about bisexuality being acceptable in Igbo land, you'll do well not not to misconstrue cultures and make up stories just to support your selfish goals. Homosexuality is and has always been an abominiation in Igbo land. Sexual relations was and still is reserved for people of different sexes.


Anonymous said...

at anonymous 9:24pm--You just cursed yourself and your whole generation.

Where was all this uproar when France passed a law forbidden the burqa? who cried for those people's fundamental rights? who fought for them? Whem polygamist get arrested in the west,does anyone stand up for them? afterall it's by consenting adults,too.

Stupid hypocrites!

Anonymous said...

It's obvious most of d ignorant tyrants commenting on this post didn't take time out 2 actually read what chude wrote they just read d topic of the post n dived 2 d comments section.

Chude made many valid points it is ridiculous that a senate that is too lackadaisical to come up with ways to put d boko haram bombings 2 rest or bills 2 put d fear of God in wannabe rapists can take quality time out of their 'busy' day 2 pass this homosexuality bill. This is d same senate that was recently thinking of passing an 'indecent dressing' bill.

Anonymous said...

It's funny how Nigerians only accept western culture when it suits them. Isn't it the same westerner's who brought u your religion?

D guy who straffs another guy will end up in d same hell as d guy who commits fornication and straffs a girl and to that retard who says lesbianism is 'allowed' but gays should be executed may u rot in d hottest part of hell for you myopic ignorance!

Anonymous said...

this is very ridiculous...so because some animals are gay, homosexuality is now right?

Anonymous said...

So because of anti-gay bill, @Chude is ashamed to be a Nigerian.Ok oooo


Those in favour say AYE!!!

Anonymous said...

Chude clap for urself.pls move to peru cos we don't wnt pple lyk u in nigeria.u tink by standing up for d gay pple u'd be gibing them some justice.lets call a spade a spade,homosexuality is a sin and even in d diaspora its nt fully acceptable in many countries n states.pls focus ur attention on sumtin positive lyk d incessant bombings in d north.I skul in unimad(university of maiduguri) and I know d terror gripping its citizens.pls stop d madness

Anonymous said...

for al of u sayn wel done 2 chude,u na no well.w dont hate gays as humans but w hate d act.jesus did not hate robbers but he hated what d were doing-robbery.anyways,chude we r ashamed of u 2.guess d feelns r quite mutual and pls just stay were u r cos w dont nid more wahala from pple lyk u

Anonymous said...

seriously this guy is high on recongnition, this is serious ARA. If a lot of pple become gay , how will the generation cont ? Eh kwa! chude! tell us!

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 9:24PM as u are just talking am just seeing d devil speaking and yarning rubbish tru you! Na when thunder strikes u u go know wats up! What is d diff btw u and lucifer??

Anonymous said...

i do not believe homosexuality is right in the same way i do not believe a man should marry more than one wife.however, i am not in support of victimizing people based on their lifestyle. the problem with Nigeria is that there are lots of hypocrites. the same people that are passing the law are the same people we have all heard may be indulging in such acts. not until we as a country come to terms with the rot in us we wont be able to deal with the rot around us.
so these law makers ignored the cry of women being molested everyday for stupid reasons and instead tackled homosexuality. i m very convinced that if the president's son was gay the bill wont have been written not to talk about it being passed.

To ANON 6:55 (the first comment) i would like for you to realize that its not about your tribe, its about your being. is is too much to ask for a society where people are safe? where i can walk on the street at night without fear. there are news of people being victimized everyday for no reason and the government juts gave them the liberty carry on. who is going to protect us as a nation. they can as well say no one shud employ gay people too.

may God help us.

Anonymous said...

where was chude whem yerima took a 13 yr old for a wife? Who spoke up for that young girl? Now he wants to be voltron, champion of the universe?

where was amnesty international? where was david cameron? Why didnt he threaten to withhold aids until yerima be brought to justice for pedophilia?

Now it's about gays everyone wants to harp on about human rights! *very loud hiss*

Anonymous said...

Chude, you are grossly ignorant. I had admired your intellect (which, is very doubtful at this point) and your dedication to the youth; but I must say, I am very disappointed. In the US, most of the states outlaw gay marriage in spite of their sophistication and refinement. Yes, adultery, fornication and stealing are also sins but so is homosexuality. You are gay, embrace it but please we have the right to our opinion. It is unnatural and unGodly. You would not be here if your parents were gay. Food for thought...

Anonymous said...

Chude, I read your article and I find it rather blank when it comes to sensible arguement and rather contradictory

The USA that you are using as a yardstick practises democracy, a system of government where the majority carries the day. So if the majority of the Nigerians decide to outlaw a practise, in your cocoon world that aint no democracy?

People like you scream anti-gay rights but do you fags actually have the right force unto the rest of us that its right for a man to lay with a man? What about my right of belief that a man should lay with a man.

you can do what you want in the confinement of your room but please dont force alien societal practice on the rest of us straight guys....you are infringing on my rights!


steezz.com said...

The senate by their action have legalised homophobia. Lol. Classic Chude. I actually saw this coming considering that Chude had written similar piece for 234next. We talk about human right and try to play down the threat of gaysm in 9ja.

My question remains, what is the place of God in all these get up? Or are we now saying God has no say in our lives anymore. Forget religion, forget culture and beliefs. What does God say about it? The story of Sodom and Gomorrah is not a religious story but a historical fact.

Sodom and Gomorrah should constantly remind us all of how much God hates sodomic sin. If somebody doesn’t put a limit to how far gay practice can go in 9ja, b4 u knw it. a ten yr old boy or girl will start telling u about their gay partners.

Linda i knw very well dat u wouldn’t want to visit ur sister one day n ur lil niece or nephew walks up to u and start telling u about his or her gay partner. God abhors it, simple. What any other person tinks is secondary.

Kunle said...

Guyz girls, this issue doesn't involve tribal okay and Let be rational. We're all human being. There is positive N negative in any thing. These are one of problems we need to change in this country. Be a good model. God bless Nigeria.

Asampokoto said...

NIgerians.. are soo fucking arrogant. this article was brilliantly written. i'm not sure about the whole homosexuality is ok.. but yes i agree they should be left alone. We have bigger issues to deal with in Nigeria.. left to me the senate are just trying to avoid the major issues at hand by adressing petty issues like this.

Z.Z said...

the typical "Nigerian mentality" will never cease to amaze me.
all i see here is "the bible says"
doesn't the bible say don't judge
doesn't the bible say "let he without sin cast the first stone"
before you attack the writer or linda or gay people, reflect on your own self. if man is wrong or right, that is between them and God.

Lonz said...

I have a question to ask.
Have you ever been to a Gay marriage in nigeria???. Hw then can they waste alot of time and money banning something that is virtually non-existent, the average nigerian gay is not intrested in marriage,so why the ban. This is a sign of joblessness, in case you did not know homosex was alredy banned before and now they have re-banned it again... Who are they fooling. Wait i know, the masses, they banned *rebanned* homosex and yippe all is forgiven. All the stolen cash,nothing achieved,no plan none at all,and see stupid ppl comendind them for doing something that was done before.

Part 2 british aid.
By the grace of God i am in the healt care,and i can boldly tell you that most of the drugs *polio,smallpox and what not* come from aid, nigerians are doing guy let us be truthfull, without this aid we are in soup, i will tell you, it is so bad that britain also provides vehicles for some of our hospitals *am sure the government did not tell you that* and i am speaking from the one i know for sure, what of others, if nigeria a spineless country thinks that they can go against the british ha, i pity us. What of our oil, that is a jamb question but it hast a post-ume answer. Who buys that oil we boast with??? Eh. If this country pushes for nigeria to be circumvented we are in soup. A small child can not bite the hands that feed him while he is still hungry.
What we should have done??? Nothing, tell the british that we would legalize it BUT, because of the legal process it would take sometime, then we proceed to drag our feets till forever, not defy them to their face,we are too weak to do that.
A multi million hospital project was just started with aid, so what happens when they stop it. These senators have confused the whole nigeria and its a pity that even the educated ones fell also.


Anonymous said...

I share the exact same sentiment with this author. I can't even comment on some Nigerian's homophobic way of thinking .. it mind boggling .. Many other important things needs to be addressed .. the most recent one being the hostility and disrespect to women. Where do you start from? Just weakening! Being GAY is natural,nobody is forcing any culture or value on anyone .. Nobody cheats nature .. it is what it is .. Respect their choice.. I don't understand how a person's sexual orientation STOPS anyone from going about their normal business. Nigerians and their everlasting poke-nosing into other people's business. Live and let them live.. sighs! .. Good one Mr. Chude ..Admire your bravery, and courage!

Anonymous said...

Linda well done.I av tried to comment on dis post twice yet u do nt publish dem.u kip wasting tym updating abt who is dating who n what celeb just had a baby.u r either tlking abt gays.u really ab issues.maybe u r a lesbian dts y u r unmarried n issues lyk dis excite u.wat abt those of us in d north.they've bin two bomb blast in two days,y don't u cover dt.we are also nigerians in dis part of d country.am seek n tired of seeing u parade unnecessary individuals as celebrities.

Anonymous said...

Chude just shut up your dirty mouth. Nigeria in its entity is ashamed of you. If you're ashamed of being nigerian pls disappear into thin air!

Anonymous said...

Elite my sore toes, who gave you that title? You really flatter yourself.
Please go and sit your behind down attention grabbing so and so.
I am not homophobic but I'm terribly glad the government hasn't allowed "gayism" to infiltrate Nigeria.
As "sick" as the Government is, they are on point with regards to that.
So Chude or whatever you call yourself, focus your attention grabbing self on something worthwhile.
PS: If you are so ashamed to be a Nigerian, feel free to run to Niger I bet you can even claim asylum in Libya.
I still can't believe this write-up by-passed your brain and went through your fingers. Stop chatting faf it stinks!

Anonymous said...

@anon 9:24..... Gay much? why the insults and curses? Has the the constant erosion of your arsehole affected your brain! Idiot!

Anonymous said...

you guys are acting as if homosexuality is in a different category of its own. homosexuality is a sin just like adultery, fornication, stealing and the rest. why dont we pass legislations on adultery and fornication then, if we are so keen on maintaining our values. we are very quick to wear the gucci, ferragamos and louboutins and the western designer clothes, and use all their technology.but when it comes to issues like this you start blaming them for bringing their cultures to you. homosexuality began ever since (read your Bible) and like all sin, it will spread into areas that welcome it. the west did not influence anything on us..as far as i know i have not met anyone who has willingly gone from being straight to being gay in an attempt to copy the west. i do not in anyway support homosexuality, but i will never condemn any gay person because i am sinner also and i would like to think God is showing me mercy just as I am showing love and compassion to my fellow human being..after all God said he loves the sinner but not the sin. the only way i can see this bill justified is if we also pass the same sentence on adultery, fornication, corruption and a host of other sins. politicians, thieves ,rapists are all committing sins that are physically and mentally affecting other people and nothing is been done about that but yet we choose to prosecute the gays whose sin is between them and God and has caused no harm to anyone...im confused to be honest.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmmmm ok people i just want us to stop and think for a minute....
I know a young guy who was raped repeatedly for years by his uncle from the age of 5...so his first sexual experience was with a guy... he naturally became confused, he desperately tried to get with girls.. but his body kept betraying him... the guy could not live with the STIGMA of being called gay, he could not tell his church, he could not tell his friends, only immediate family knew
so....he took his own life....Now after reading these comments i can see why d boy killed himself. (if he told u, wat would u have said?)

I am not advocating homosexuality, what i am advocating as a child of God is tolerance and love. so many ppl like the guy i mentioned live in fear and suffer silently bcus of the backlash dey wuld recieve, i just feel like if that guy had told sumone wat was going on with him and the person did not crucify him and shame him like many ppl hav done today,i dnt blive he would hav killed himself. Only if sumone had told him he could work his issues out.

for anyone who claims to be a christian, let ur "holy anger" die and let God fight his battles. let ur actions be motivated by love and not hate. the person who thinks he/she is gay is also a child of God and can never be condemed by God, I strongly believe that with love and understanding their sexual persuasion can be turned around. I dont believe any1 was born gay i believe things happened to ppl to change their sexual orientation, and a lot of gay ppl i knw, either have daddy issues or have been abused as children or hav had terrible luck with the opposite sex, so i dnt think any1 was born gay and for that reason it can be corrected. God is Love

chillysauce. said...

Hm. Everyone's using "anonymous" on this post. hope its not one or two ppl posting severally.
Neways Linda, I ve never heard of Chude. We all don't know him.
I agree with him to an extent. I'm not ashamed to be Nigerian but I sure don't support homophobia. Sin is sin in d bible, there's only one hell where all sinners go. So whether you r judging homosexuals or beating them up, as a sinner, you would only end up with them in same hell and they probably will fuck your ass there too. If you wanna be a Christian, then do it all d way. Don't just focus on one part that favours only you.
Homosexuality is wrong, stealing is wrong, jealousy is wrong, fornication is wrong. And I dare say all d fornicators and homosexuals will meet up same place - hell. Unless of course, you repent.
Its just a misplacement of priority.
Make una take it easy with d abuse. You can also guest write for CNN

@mcgboye said...

Well, I've taken time to read through the article. I also think everyone insulting the writer should have his brain checked, cos nowhere in the article did the poor guy support gays or gay marriages.
I agree entirely with the decision of the Nigerian senate to ban gay marriage (even though it has never been proposed, it is good we have the law as a precaution). I also agree entirely that gay is the least of our problems. Being gay is a sin against God. Being corrupt, for example, is a sin against God and humanity. Given the two "sins", I'll prefer we solve the latter sin first. It is already 6 months into the life of this new administration, and nothing, absolutely nothing, has been accomplished. We've spent 6 months running after irrelevancies, leaving the little matter of delivering on election promsies. The senate has not passed any bill on the Boko Haram issue. How about a law pescribing death penalty for corrupt officials? It is wrong to accept the Weestern culture, but it is also wrong to spend a whole month discussing the issue of gays while everyone remains poor. The Senate has passed a bill that I think might be meant to score cheap political points with the majority of Nigerias who feel so much passion about the issue (I also do; i'm a christian).
Well, now that the bill has been passed, can we also pass a bill to cater for the welfare of jobless graduates? Can we also pass a bill that ensures pensioners are paid their dues in the most convenient way.
Come 2015, it may be that this bill is the most popular bill by this National Assembly, even though it has zero impact on the well-being of Nigerians. That will be the real tragedy

Haddy said...

Reading the comments on here gives me chills. Nigeria has always been a place I hoped to one day visit but as a firm believer and advocate in human rights and social justice, I am appalled and disgusted not only by Nigerian legislators but the whole system of inadequate education of real African history and it's implications in the Africa we know today. I am not Nigerian but I am African and the comments read here are upsetting to say the least. People like Chude are gem stones in the context of African human rights and African policy in general!

Anonymous said...

Yea nigerians and africans in general believe homosexuality is a sin, but sleeping with a man or a woman that isnt your wife/husband is ok right? lying is fine? cheating, stealing? oh what about adultery? fine right? God will judge ALL sin the SAME way. So while you are looking down on others for being homosexual, look into some of the sin you are dealing with in your life because you are no better than them. God loves ALL of us, cheaters, liars, fornicators and YES HOMOSEXUALS. He hates the sin but LOVES THE SINNER.

Pretorian said...

Let me quote dis idiot, ""Fucking bloody hypocrites. Many of you are adulterers, rapists, thieves, looters, terrorists, murderers etc... but the homosexual just wanna fuck and you open your dirty mouth and say No? God punish all of you a million times over!!!""
@Anonymous 9:24 PM you sure are one desperate lost soul like yur trumpeter. So u "just wanna fuck"? then fuck a woman, dats what u were created to do u monstrosity!

Anyways, true there are very many ills in the Nigerian society but any victory against against any of them ills no matter how small and seemingly insignificant is worth celebrating. So down to homosexuality and stay down! Maybe one day i will celebrate a victory over corruption, adultery, fake pastors, etc! Down to dem all!!

Homosexuals are like game and should be hunted and shot for sport/recreation! Fucking sicko mutants! and they want kids!! eish! to bring up a child in such an environment!! dont tell me abot love, cos once the foudation is rotten every other thing na fake!

I am a bad guy but c'mon bad guy get limits and desires someday to be a good guy! adding yut faggotry to the already explosive mix??? carry una rants and go dwell in my boarding house pit toilets whr yur ilk belong!
On dis matter oo, Proudly Nigerian!

Babs said...

I will drop my comment with my real name, because unlike many here, I can read (very well and within context)and I make use of my GOD given mental faculties to interpret whatever I read within the context in which it was written.

This article isn't about supporting or NOT supporting being gay or gay marriage. It is about the irresponsibility of the charlatans in Abuja, Who would neglect the immediate and burning issues to appeal to the sentiments of a larger population by trying to answer a question that isn't currently being asked.

The issue of fuel subsidy removal isn't being given the attention and public engagement that it deserves.

But I guess many of you are typing from the comfort of some room outside Nigeria, and for those here, you are too simple to grasp the impending hardship.

And for the religiously loud and naive, while you are celebrating this deviation from priorities, remember to tell your senators to ban adultery, fornication and every other moral flaws.

AConcernedCitizen said...

I cried as I read this article because it made me so happy to see that someone in my generation would have the courage to get up and speak!

Thank you Chude. You've saved a life today.

Scorpio said...

You guys are missing the point. The issue is not whether homosexuality is good or not (I personally abhor it), it is whether it is the place of government to decide what two consenting adults can do if they choose to. I agree 100% with the article and think our govt has yet again got their priorities mixed up. Homosexuality is a sin right? Isn't Fornication a sin? Why don't you throw people in jail for that? Where do you draw the line? Who gets to decide? Government should concentrate on providing jobs, infrastructure and security for its citizens...shikena...

Anonymous said...

I believe say devil go just dey laugh ether insane people like dis trying to male sane people think dis shot should be acceptable.Linda you better not support dis gay crappy.den want use sweet mouth confuse people.so many devils agent in d world.beware my people..dis is part f d endtime mysteries.cover yourselves with d blood of Jesus.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Chude100%. I am also ashamed to come from a Country that passed such a horrible law. I'm not gay but I do have male and female gay Nigerian friends. It's a shame most of Africa is so homophobic. God bless you Chude and may He keep Nigerian homosexuals safe because they are people like you and I.

Anonymous said...

While I do not support homosexuality, I find it sad that the bill was passed so quickly while other pressing issues that's been around for years haven't been sorted out yet.

What's the point of actually wasting time coming up with this because I just don't see a lot of Nigerian homesexuals getting married in the nearest future with the ridicule surrounding homosexuality right now but I mean if the senate has time to be passing homosexuality bills but won't sort out the health, education, transport etc etc issues....oh well......

Anonymous said...

I was going to write a comment & document the high ranking officials of our government who have same sex lovers littered throughout the world, both current officials to just past & still influential politicians. These politicians are full of shit. The very ones shouting about our values engage in group sex, at least 3 overly vocal people at that hearing regularly order up bisexual girls for sex parties. The main oaf has a Nigerian girl based in Houston who arranges his three way rendevouz.
The hypocrisy of it all.

While you're here questioning Chude's sexuality & hurling insults & chattering over this, $2billion has been misappropriated. Just today our petroleum minister refused to produce any data to support the decision of fuel subsidy removal, while our finance minister bumbled on about fuel subsidy not being enjoyed by the poor (as if okadas & danfos run on pure water), so that's why it should be removed. While you squabble about this, you're actually taking it up the ass while your government screws you & your future with no lubrication.

If you are unemployed or underemployed & you came here to abuse Chude, well done, dis na your work abi?
If you cannot find decent health care at an affordable rate & you're here saying homosexuality is unnatural, tell me how natural it is to manage that pain you can't get checked out.
If you enter pot holes the size of a Kia Rio every day as part of your regular commute & you're talking about homosexuality being an issue that needs to be dealt with immediately, then realize your road matter took a seat to that.
If you have ever had sex with someone to make ends meet or buy sommething you wanted & you opened mouth to say "our values," what values pray tell?

People, remove the wool from your eyes, we're being taken advantage of in the worst way.

dannielle said...

ignorance is not an excuse for stupidity,I am perplexed at d savagery of many people who have made comments about this piece..did u guys even read it?Chude made a lot of sense and if u guys are too stupid n daft to see it then its ur problem.nigerians sit down n complain about everything from lack of power supply to bad roads n all,instead of ur government to tackle more pressing matters they are there making laws about gay marriage n shit..u people shld keep insulting the one person who said it as it is,ur problems have only just begun...I am ashamed to be a nigerian too..yes I said it...Bullshit!!!!

Lola said...

I had to visit this page after seeing some comments on twitter and believe me, it is worst than I ever expected.
Firstly, do some of you actually understand Chude article at all? It seems you just picked on some phrases and sentence and decided to insult him.
Are you for real? Omg….Linda Ikeji, how do you cope with all this outrageous readers….God you guys are so ignorant, what do I call this… this is not illiteracy, is it? It is simply stupidity. The worse is, you appear as anonymous and yet insult people, aren’t you a coward…
Common guys, show some love and not hatred. Over 60% of Nigerians are youth and if this negative attitude is embedded in us, trust me, Nigeria future will be based on hatred.
Chude, that was a fantastic article, I guess some people understood you perfectly while others need extra English classes.
I guess some of you here will insult me but my dears, “the truth is bitter”

Anonymous said...

The second annonymous 7:20, what primary school did you go to? Your written english is a mess!
Making same sex marriage illegal doesn't solve the "problem". Gay people will still be gay and illegalising same sex marriage will not stop them from being gay! Dear David Mark, please drop dead. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Like I always say,nigeria is full of hypocrites,all dis ppl in d senate sayin dis n dat r either in d closet homosexuals or practice menage trois (2girls&a guy or 2 guys &a girl). They shldnt av banned it or legalised it,it shld jst av bn left alone,no nigerian gay is seeking marriage in dis country. They r all quoting d bible,have they kept d 10 commandments? Fornication,adultery,stealing,lieing,envy etc. We need to stop pointing fingers in dis country and only pray that God makes us all better people!

Anonymous said...

Part of what makes a nation underdeveloped is the level of exposure and understanding of and value for life of its citizen. Homosexuality is NOT a curse or a sickness. Some people are naturally inclined to like people of the same gender. This is NOT a European or American import to Africa or Nigeria. Do you know the number o Nigerian legislators (male & female) who are gay??

Why should i care about what consenting adults do within the confines of their room. That is what democracy and freedom is all about and NIGERIA MUST protect its gay citizens. Freedom of speech, religion, sexuality, etc.

A Nigerian senator recently said gay people are better off dead. Stupid idiot. and you call such an animal a legislator??

Chude, i hope u see how backward a nation we are. Well, if its any consolation, sentiments about gays was the same in europe and america centuries ago when the church was the most powerful institution. They eventually woke up and saw the light then passed the baton of religion to us and now we think we are better than the west.

I never waste my breath arguing with uninformed people. Over 10000 people have died in the north in the last 3 years over religion but thats OK abi. They are killing themselves for God. I'm sure they'll start killing gays with the passing of this bill in the senate and no one will do nothing about it cos that the value of life in nigeria - zero.

I wonder what any of these fools will do if they find out any of their children are gay??

lucabracee said...

what pisses me off most of all which i actually tweeted is what is so special abut these chide jideonwo,toyosi akerele and the rest of the celebrity activists???

apart from their usual empty ramblings on Facebook,twitter criticising everything nigerian and speeches upon speeches i have not seen anything cogent they have been up to....they go round the world enjoying privileges as the nigerian youth representatives but they are only representing the well to do and privileged.how many youths have they helped under the bridge?
how many youths have they rehabilitated?
how many youths under the bridge have ever won awards in their rise awards??its mostly the well to do,upwardly mobile who find their way into the nominees lists.

we know reuben abate and the rest of that generation at least stood for something,we see them fighting the military occupation being thrown in jail we see the late gani even his son even though he is disabled still representing his father well what exactly have this people done cause i am honestly yet to see it...
with all the accolades placed upon this twat chide and the girl toyosi please i am begging someone to let me understand what they are actually doing to merit it??

lucabracee said...

how else do you think he got his article printed in cnn??
the guy is seeking relevance,after all it worked for reuben abati,senator sam adeyemi and several others hence the self serving article if we got credible nigerian leaders,just like the late sonny okosun after the fall of apartheid people like this will cease to be of any relevance

Anonymous said...

Why is everyone blabbing. If the senators didn't outlaw gay marriage do u think gays and lesbians would have approached their parents, pastors or Registry for marriage? Certainly our senators should have used this wasted time for more fruitful disourse

Anonymous said...

Seriously??? Where have we ever seen a rally for the legalization of same sex marriage in nigeria? We've seen rallies for privatization of electricity yet no legislation is passed. What incentives are even offered to same sex couples in nigeria?? Yet they criminalize it. I think same sex couples were done a favor, cuz marriage in Nigeria is treated like a joke in our legal system, with bigamy and polygamy allowed. Please, Nigeria should stop doing follow follow and stop trying to act like they care about major world issues when they cannot supply their people with light, thus leading them to pollute each other almost to death...mschewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

BeeZinGa said...

What The fuck! I hate wen ignorant fools say gay nigerians are 'copying americans' how dumb are u! Omg!
I wuld av given u a lil history on 'being gay' but ur obv too dumb to understand! Being gay is not innate!ur born dat way.fuckin research b4 talking.at least u av google! And for d illitrates sayin der aren't any gay animals! Freakin watch discovery channel!dumbasses!
Pls if u kno nutin,don't come here and show urself! Gay people aren't sick,research av proven dey are the best in society!
Proudly Lesbian!

Chipmunk said...

That was a brilliant well written article

Anonymous said...

God protect and bless Chude. I now fear for his life in my ridiculous country.

We can't protect our citizens from bombing and slaughters in the North so our caretakers have given our illiterate citizens bigger ammo.

Well many men hold hands and walk together in Naija... they aren't gay... i pray for them as well.

ladies pls don't hug your friends for too long or peck them on their cheeks. you might get 14 years.

God save Nigeria

Anonymous said...

..This young man never ceases to amaze me. I have been following him ever since his bashing of Marian Arthur now Anazodo, Joy Bewaji and Betty Irabor. Chude is a spoilt child who always feels like and talks like an elite. He enjoys attracting attention to himself, I can even see his comments on this topic masquerading as anonymous here and there! Though, he is entitled to his opinion, he should realise that in parts of UK and even America, peeps really abhor homosexuality, though for political correctness, they don't condemn it openly. I have gay acquaintances, and I have nothing against them personally, but the truth is culturally, religiously and even scientifically homosexuality is ABNORMAL. Forget all the theories being thrown around in favour of the practise, they were all made up. Except for some individuals with hormone problems especially girls raised as boys or vice versa who may seem to be 'attracted' to the 'same' sex while they are actually attracted to the opposite sex, no theory or scientific experiment has proven that homosexuality is normal. The fact that it is being practised doesn't make it normal, just like armed robbery can't be seen as normal despite the fact that we have many armed robbers in the society! So Mr Chude 'spoilt' Jideonwo, swallow a chill pill or forever be ashamed of not only being Nigerian but of also being human!!!

BELLE said...

Honestly, i think the senate should have been silent on this issue. I am not gay. But the bible says "Thou shall not judge". Why re they doing God's work for him. It is left for him to judge if they are right or wrong. As long as they are hurting no one. 14yrs in prison? That is unfair. I wouldn't also advise a legalisation of it. SILENCE on the issue would have been the best and a better focus on more pressing issues in the country.

Anonymous said...

People say homosexuality isn't in our culture so it should be banned. If I recall, European and American slave owners used the argument that owning slaves was part of their culture so was ok. We should never use the 'culture' excuse as a reason to infringe on people's human rights.. ...secondly, I'm ashamed that this is getting all the media coverage and senate attention when we have no light, rampant corruption and terrorism to deal with.

countryvendor. said...

chude say he is ashamed of being a nigerian,make i tell u...i am a proud nigerian,and i like most nigerians are ashamed of you...

Anonymous said...

December 1, 2011 9:24 PM

So God has abandoned us because majority denounce homosexuality?

Therefore God should have also abandoned America because MAJORITY HERE ALSO DENOUNCE IT?

But your dear Chude argues otherwise - he says that the US is just a step removed from paradise.

Your rant is very illogical

Anonymous said...

Chude and his friends fancy themselves the most intellectual in Nigeria.
What I see here is blatant hustling. He deviated from the topic to pour praises on the USA. LOL man must to chop. That's the way to go to get that sponsored masters program, that invitation to speak at that conference.
That part of the write-up is so ridiculous. As if there are no anti-gay groups/people in the U S of A.
Foolish boy, we see through you.

Teelo Panache said...

I see the Nigerian syndrome in a lot of the comments #quick myopic judgement without understanding with a blend of holier than thou#. Chude is not worried about a bunch of sickos professing undying love to themselves been banned from expressing it but worried that urgent issues like light, education and bills that would better the NIgerian Populace are been treated with levity or ignored....d same goverment that was slow to accept the new minimum wage of a meagre sum of N18,000 is quick to pass a bill banning some sick dudes,*dos guyz are anit nigerian abegy*..don't get me all wrong am not pro gay|lesbianism..am jst pro getting things done at the right time. We have fuel subsidy removal, poor healthcare,rotten educational system,failed electricity,boko haram tngz and what does Mr n Mrs overpaid senators regard as a major issue? Anti homosexuality...what we have just witnessed is a classic act of robbing peter to pay paul or doing the right thing at the wrong time #Misplaced priorities# shikena...and now that the bill has been passed can dos bloated dudes kindly do something better cos I am tired of spending 30k a month on generator and listening to graduates speak ijebu english..We need light, chepaer fuel and a good educational system n I don't give a damn if two guys decide to nack demsefz akpako... What bill would dey pass again in the house * anyone caught with body odour would be sentenced to 5 years imprisonment* kmt

Anonymous said...

I am also from the states and what the other guy posted is true. Not all places in the US approve of homosexuality, although no states actually outlaw it. I understand that it is a part of Nigerian culture to not agree with homosexuality, and if passing this law is what you're going to do to preserve it, then so be it. The problem is that everyone has different points of view and the entire world doesn't evolve at the same speed. Just because legalizing gay marriage is what's happening in the states doesn't mean everyone else has to do it. It is what it is.

Anonymous said...

Sorry This is no gay comment but

Inside EFCC:
Details of Abuse and Corruption. Spread the word.

Please read how the EFCC illegally abused the rights of five possibly innocent Nigerians. Their names are: Peter, Tosin Lawal, Engineer Francis and Hamisu.

CASE NO. 1: The first case in our illustration is the case of Peter. He is an old merchant more or less. He has been in the business of supplying kerosene with tankers for the past 20years.
He has a customer he had been dealing for the past 15 years. About 3 years ago, Peter took supplies of Kerosene from this customer of his. Normally, he would pay for the supply after selling the good. Due to economic problems, Peter could not sell a set of the supplies he took from this customer. As a result, Peter did not have the money to pay back within the time agreed.
Peter offered to give a piece of land to his customer as payment unless she would give him more time to raise the money. She refused. She took Peter to a civil court. After the trial, she lost. She then went to the EFCC, paid huge money to the officials and they arrested Peter and charged him with the offense of obtaining by trick. Since the past 3 months, Peter had been locked up in the EFCC cell. But his case came up today for bail.
Before the bail hearing, the judge observed that this case had first come up as a criminal case by the police. But the complainant was told by the court that it was a civil case, where-upon she went to a civil court and lost there. The judge asked the EFCC lawyer why they should bring the case again after the same court had dismissed it. The judge checked to confirm that it was the same charge as before, the same parties as before, the same court. The EFCC lawyer couldn’t answer the questions. She began to shake. She was confused. The judge asked her if she knew that the same case had been to the court and was dismissed. She apparently didn’t know that you can’t re-arrest a person and charge him with the same offense after it was dismissed. She never heard of the term double jeopardy or res judicata. The judge was stunned. People were laughing in the court.

Written by Ephraim Emeka Ugwuonye

Anonymous said...

Inside EFCC
CASE NO. 2: In this case a complainant had written a petition against someone that sold a land to him about 3 years ago. In his petition, he claimed that the man was a fraudster who used gangsters to terrorize people in Lagos and who used land deals to dupe unsuspecting public. And that he had paid him for land and he had duped him.
The complainant happened to be a friend to one of the EFCC lawyers and the complainant probably greased the hands of the EFCC staff.
They moved and arrested this supposed fraudster, a sixty-five year old father of 8 and grandfather of 11 children. He has been in custody for the past 2 weeks. When they arrested him, they told him they would take him to court the next day. But on that date he was not taken to court. It turned out that the EFCC lawyer who went to file the case had conspired with a low-level official of the court to hide the case file and to not properly process the file. As a result, the case was not ready to be assigned to any judge. By not assigning the case, the accused was to stay in detention custody for 2 weeks as a way to please the complainant.
The case finally came up today amidst so much drama. To everybody’s surprise, the EFCC lawyer, Ben Obi announced that he was ready for trial even before the man’s bail application could be heard. But this was a bluff. The defense lawyers called that bluff. Ben Obi was asked to indicate how many witnesses he had. He said he had 6, but the judge drew his attention to the fact that the charge document actually indicated 7 witnesses. Also the judge drew his attention to the fact that he had listed himself as one of the witnesses or did he mean a different Ben Obi. He apologized for all these.
The judge asked him if he had his witnesses ready. He proudly told the judge that two of his witnesses were in court ready to proceed. The court asked all the witnesses to step out as usual. Ben Obi was then asked to call his first witness. He called the complainant. During the cross-examination, the petitioner admitted that he had been in possession of the property he bought since the past 3 years and has been collecting rent all that time. They asked him about the things he wrote in his petition. He said he wrote them out of annoyance. When they finished with that witness, the court asked Ben Obi to call his second witness. He told the court that the second witness had left the court. The judge, knowing that Ben Obi was lying when he said he had two witnesses ready, asked him to state the name of the witness who was ready, but suddenly disappeared. Ben Obi could not state the name of the witness. The judge had to caution him in very strong language. The same Ben Obi was now begging for more time. Everybody was laughing in court.

Anonymous said...

Y'all should insulting Chude shut up. Chude has some valid points. Is anti gay law d most pressing issue in Nigeria now? What happened to free will dat God gave us. What happened to fundamental human rights since we claim to be "democratic". So long as dese 'gays' don't fuck in public leave em alone let God be the Judge. We have issues like armed robbery, child molestation, rape, domestic violence against women and children, forced child marriages, kidnapping and wat have you to pass anti laws against. The stupid unlawful makers should stuff it and pass reasonable laws such as d one dat will give us good roads, uninterrupted lite etc.

Anonymous said...

Linda! This will be my second time of asking you why all the publicity about this gay thing? This shouldn't be a big issue cos the nation has a lots of problems bigger and more important than what you are becoming obsessed with. If u aint straight come out n let the world know it may be then i'll get ur point.

Dee said...

Anon 9:24 PM I just wanna say a big thank you for summarising how I feel about this issue. You couldn't have put it any better. It's just a shame these people won't read your response and think about it for a sec. Nigeria is hopeless with the current mentality of it's citizens. Why should "God" bless Nigeria when they do nothing but hate their fellow country men. If it's not because of their tribe, it's their class, sexual preference, CHURCH!! of all things; so called Christians hating on each other; protestants against Catholics, etc. The list is endless. I have copied and saved your response; please permit me to use it. . . .will link ref to this page..Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if we had bn nipping other societal ills in d bud like this gay issue, Nigeria would have been much better than it is today. Well done senators! As for mr chude, Nigeria is ashamed to have u as one of her own!!! Copycat!

CPSL said...

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Anonymous said...

"If the foreign countries want to stop giving Nigeria aid because of our bill banning same sex marriage,then they can go to hell with their aid.If Nigeria was well organized,we also should be giving aid to these countries.What it means is that these foreign countries have ulterior motives with their aid"Senate President David Mark to the German Ambassador to Nigeria on the irrevocable nature of the Bill (Culled from NTA 9pm news,1/12/2011).As for Chude Jideonwu,We are all ashamed of you and Please if you are truly gay as we have been hearing,Stop killing those young boys because annal sex has serious health hazards as the cells on the walls of the a....s are loosened and destroyed everytime you indulge and these young boys are susceptible to every disease possible.Channels TV also consider removing your programme from TV as you are NO role model for the youths.

Luffi said...

Gay ass fool
With all these lovely women around, Can't help but wonder why some people are so derailed?

Anonymous said...

Come Let me even ask Chude Jideonwu a vital question "if these gays or homsexuals had fathers who were f****g other fathers,would they have been born or if they had mothers who were homosexuals,would they have been born?".Which part of this bible verse "For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife,and they will become one flesh"Genesis 2vs24 don't you understand?Or don't you understand when the bible says "he who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favour from GOD".Well,i really don't blame you,after making so much money from this country,you turn around and INSULT the country that gave you so much.We know that we are not perfect or holy BUT we will not support such abhorable actions.

Anonymous said...

That's it done and dusted. Nigeria can never be a society where the security of the human person and his/her right to pursue happiness is guaranteed. If its education can produce so much ignorance about what a state can and cannot criminalize, there is no hope. Just a simple query people. If homosexuality should be a crime because the majority of you bigots are outraged by it, why shouldn't the North which has the majority population impose sharia across the land. DEMOCRACY IS NOTHING WITHOUT SAFEGUARDS FOR MINORITY RIGHTS. I am ashamed to be Nigerian.

Ambi nwokeabia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
My 2 Cents said...

Anonymous 9:24 has some anger and hate issues..
I think the west should butt out and lets pass laws as it fits our culture and nation. I know the senate should have dealt with more pressing issues 1st. Homosexuality is not normal and it certainly not acceptable in our society. If you want to be gay, hey, move away..lol..the west will welcome you with both arms.This isnt the place for you.
PS Chude, fuck off outta Nigeria if youre that ashamed. Take your nonsense to europe and america. Nigeria isnt for this shyte.
**peace. Make luv not war**

Angry Nigerian said...

Can someone tell this guy to shut his trap? Its no use dehying he is gay, he however doesnt need to court our feelings by cloaking his intentions in the quagmire of our corrupt politicians and their inept policies.
Never before now have i heard of Homosexuality in our ancestral heritage. wonder what warped school of history he is referring to.
Fine eligible chick like Linda dey find hubby, hr dey preach make potential suitors dey homoS***t.
Olorun maje!

oneblackboi said...


oneblackboi said...

Buh really this is just so sad..... Most of u are blinded by ur stupid cultural beliefs and that's ahy we are nor forging ahead in this country... Its a pity

Anonymous said...

Once again, many of you miss the point. This is not about supporting gays, or marrying gays or what have you. IT IS ABOUT LEGALIZING HOMO-PHOBIA!!! MAKING HATE AUTHORIZED BY LAW. MAKING IT LEGAL TO LYNCH PEOPLE WHO ARE GAY OR EVEN PERCEIVED TO BE GAY EVEN IF THEY ARE NOT CAUGHT IN THE ACT. LEGALIZING INTOLERANCES TOWARDS A GROUP OF NIGERIANS. This bill is wrong on so many levels and the sad thing is that the Nigerian media is filled with HOMOPHOBES who lack objectivity and information. And yes our Leaders have misplaced their priorities. I guess 'Gay People are Worse Than Boko Haram'....why not offer them amnesty like they bandy to criminals. Nonsense!! CHUDE CARRY GO JARE!!!

Mtn free browsing said...

I don't believe in gay,it's so bad that i think people should avoid it,why stay gay when it's again God's plan?
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Anonymous said...

You see... CNN will use the idiot Chude, then dump him! All these young idiots who call themselves twitter activists. In fact let him go to the US, if he wants to marry a man. Faggot!

Nne Somebody said...

I rarely comment on issues such as this because people tend to get too personal too quickly.

However, I must say that whether for self promotion, or otherwise, Mr. Jideonwo is entitled to his opinion. Same as the legislators, whether elected or selected, are entitled to make laws which they consider to be in the best interest of the country and her people.

I have personal beliefs which make it difficult for me to accept homosexuality as "natural". That does not mean though, that I hate gay people or would go out of my way to harm them. I simply do not agree with it and stay out of it.

In the same vein, I cannot countenance "first world nations" demanding that we make certain laws to ensure continued foreign aid. If it smells like colonialism, it probably is related to it.

Gay people have rights, including the right to be left alone. The Senate should have left it at simply not acting but you know our people now.

Let whoever is ashamed, turn in their passports and relocate. Loving your country is being able to see the warts but remaining steadfastly loyal.

Complain, show us where we got it wrong but don't use your left hand to point out your father's house.

Anonymous said...

I am in 100% support of Chude. Many people are so quick to comment on other peoples personal lives
Nigerians are so intolerant we cant see the forest beyond the tree canopy. What two consenting adults chose to do with themselves is not ur business. If nigerian hasnt solved its economic problems, y are you all so concerned with people sexing each other in the anus? this brings to memory this saying First they came for the communists,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a communist.

Then they came for the trade unionists,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a Jew.

Then they came for me
and there was no one left to speak out for me.

It is only with the gays so far, then they will tell us women what indecent dressing is, then they will dictate who can marry who.
Please take off your fog glasses. ANyone can see that while many people in nigeria can read and write, a lot are still highly under exposed and illiterate, unable to process the consequence of many things.
The same moronic legislators passing these bills are likely gay with wives at home. We pay these guys to legislate in our interest so we can afford the basic neccessities in life such as food, clothing and shelter, not to dictate how we run our homes.
Lets stop getting it twisted.

devour said...

chude you are an example of shit dat should have bin swallowed or wankd into to toilet.no mata how ajeborized you think you are,we still got our culture n a sense of being able to no our left frm our right.go to d desert wit ur gay pips n start ur own country wit u as d court clown n elton john as your king

Anonymous said...

All ye hypocrites! Sin is sin in the sight of God. Whether its lie, homosexual, stealing, murder, fornication or corruption. Let God be the judge!! Who are u to pass judgment on another person's sexuality? Even God himself does not force us to serve him, he said he has put in front of us the way to life and death, but we ve to choose! How I wish we can frown @ other sins the way we frown @ homosexuality!

devour said...

chude go find a place on the globe that will welcome your nuptials with open arms but its not goin to happen here so get ova it n move on

devour said...

i love mi dog,mi dog loves me,why dont we start a movemnt 2 allow d two of us get married SMH.AND DEY WANT TO COME ADOPT BABIES D NORMAL PEEPS HAD.NEWS FLASH ASS LOVERS ,UNTILL 2 MEN CAN REPRODUCE,GO HUG TRANSFORMER

Anonymous said...

This guy is just out to make money out of the westerners. Trust Ibo men

the chikoo said...

CHUDE am dissappointed! U fall my hand no be small! To think my son always says u are his role model! WELL goes to show that no matter how brilliant u are if u don't hav Christ its a waste!
My advice; Go n join ur other Gay friends abroad n leave us as we are in Nigeria! U don't hav to infest us with ur RUBBISH!

Anonymous said...

Kudos to the Senate. For once Nigerians are impressed. Go ahead and disgrace those idiots.

Anonymous said...

This is Nigeria. America is America. Chameleon or Cameron can go to hell with his aid. We are Nigerians!God bless Nigeria. Obi, Lag

dede said...

Hi Chude
I av a few questions for u
1. Are you gay
2. You say our law makers are wasting time on less imprtant matters like homosexuality issue. Why are you talkin about it if its a less important issue and waste of time.
3. Yes I agree we Nigerians sin alot. Does dt mean that we should add more to it and encourage sin. When fire is burning wot do u do add more petrol or work towards putting it out.
4. How much research dd you do before you wrote your article
I have said it before and ll say it again 'the bible is clear about this homosexuality issue. God dsnt like it, God dint create anyone homosexual do not be deceived'.
Now I tink d next for us to do is pray for n rehabilitate homosexual people.

Anonymous said...

You are a bastard..Its only a bastard that use a left hand to describe the house of his Father.I doubt ur level of ur professionalism by outrightly condemnig ur fatherland,because of anti-gay law.If u re ashamed to be a Nigerian,drop ur passport and pick up American Passport.I am proud to be a Nigerian.No real intelligent Person ll use such a topic.You re against the law,but did u know the traumatic experience a victim of Gayism or Homosexuality experienced the 1st time?Irritating,disgusting,abnormal.You can as well support the legalization of Armed Robbery,Prostitution,Fraud,Terrorsim etc.Oboy stop faking it..There is no originality in ur article.People like you shud be on BOKO HARAM TARGET LIST.

Anonymous said...

The Nigerian syndrome indeed.Talking without reasoning,myopic opinion,generalisation and insulting those who hold different opinion....1st and foremost,I notice that people are quick to say 'I'm not gay or a gay activist but..."Seriously,so what?
I read all the comments here(the ones forged in comprehendable English sha)and it really touched me.So much ignorance in Nigeria.So many things clothed in 'the name of God'
I was once strolling to the market and saw a man there saying with very strong convictions that NO WOMAN OUGHT TO HEAD A CHURCH!wat touched me is his strong belief in what he was saying.he said 'how can a woman be the head of an assembly of God,d 12 apostles were men,how can a woman be the head of men?God created Adam,dis dat"....I was too shocked to even speak @ 1st.
The situation is same here.When a Nigerian sees there is something he doesn't do by nature,1)he condemns it 2)when asked why,He replies that that is not how things ought to be! 3)when u ask him again,he'll further add that the bible said so 4)when u disagree,he will then go ahead 2 accuse u of being involved in the act and rain invectives on you....just notice the pattern.One guy commented here and said 'I'm a very bad guy,but homosexuality is jus not within my reach,I thank God"....Most ignorant comment!SO BECAUSE he doesn't have that urge in him(sigh of relief)anybody with it should try to restrain himself!while he goes about doing his own legal sins 'fornication,3somes n all dat'.
2)Who said its our culture or not?When a child is born,he holds no concept of wrong or right but has his own nature.there is no culture,no ethnic group.no race @ anytime in history that didn't have homosexuals among them only that some cultures suppress it more than the others.I don't think any body who is gay is doing it to be like the whites or not.there are even people who have not experienced any western influence but are gay.
Nobody teaches a man sex,when the time comes,he will know.Leave a boy n girl of 2yrs on an island,Come back after 18yrs,u will meet them and their cute kids.who taught them?

3)I don't think the British care much about our sexuality here neither do the Americans but When the government supports the taking away of certain liberties.IT ALWAYS GETS WORSE!! From that,they will take away the subsidy,they will imprision whomever they want!they will take laws into their hands.they will make laws to stop activism of any sort!they can make laws to perpertuate their tenure.many don't understand the power derivable from law making.allow them to do this and they will do anything else!afterall nobody can stop them and if u try,dey will make further laws to stop you from talking.People were happy because of the discipline in military era achieved by forcefulness @ 1st...later what happened?
Secondly,d british feel that it is wrong for a country to make laws that fuel hatred of particular set of people.that is exactly what happened to the Jews under hitler.that hatred,that passion;once given state backing escalates!bolshevism,slavery in the south of america,rascism!all these are historic examples...pls let's wake up.without even and before even thinking of the graphic acts of gay people and what they do under covers,let's look @ both sides of the fence...

I'm NN contact me @ nmarthers@yahoo.com(ppl ready to employ constructive reasonin for or against)

Anonymous said...

My lord!!! A lot of Nigerians are filled with hate, going through the comments, I cry @ the depth of ignorance displayed.

Let the church take care of what is a sin or not and the government address pressings security matters and improvement of standard of living.

@chude you are entitled to your opinion and it is well said.kudos

peach said...

Jesus! chude, animals have been found to be gay therefore its ok for humans to be gay? wow!! i smh in pity for u.. eiyaah!! such an intelligent young boy has finally proven to be mentally unbalanced. get help quickly before it degenerates!!

Anonymous said...

most of you are missing the point, hes right in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Some human beings engage in Bestiality aka sex with animals. Does that make it right? If the Nigerian govt bans that I'm sure chide will be one of the first people to say "kudos". You don't Need to be a rocket scientist to know that bestiality is unnatural. I liken it to homosexuality ie engaging in unnatural sexual acts.

It's pretty clear who the gays are when they comment sha.lol. Look at anon 9.24 na. Spiting so much venom and hatred. Haba!!! Because a majority of naija support a popular law? No be democracy we de? Haven't laws always been about the will of the majority? Hia!! Gays peeps make una calm down abeg. It's not like the govt said u can't have gay sex in the comfort of ur bedrooms. I'm sure if dem leave una, una go de fist una assholes in public sef.

I'm not even gonna talk about what is acceptable or unacceptable in the west or ur so called developed countries but I can tell u for free mr chude that no country is perfect.so being ashamed of nigeria doesn't reverse what has happened. I believe every country has a right to dictate it's own laws and protect it's sovereignty a beg. Anyway Nuffield said Pharr.....gay marriage or acts have Ben banned in naija, mr chide is ashamed to be naija, Linda ikeji gets excited on gay topics and beyonce plus genevieve (Linda if u like no post the comment....I didn't call u high priestess this time around o) . Can life go on now a beg, let's discuss other things like Jim Kyle and tiwa savage and dbanj n co buying cars.

Anonymous said...


If its against your christian beliefs, remember it is not by force to share your belief.

Also, in case you dont know, the only countries with anti-gay laws are islamic nations, and the poorest and most backward countries in the world. NIGERIA HAS NOW JOINED THE LEAGUE OF BACKWARD, IGNORANT AND MORALLY PRETENTIOUS NATIONS...AND JUDGING FROM YOUR COMMENTS, THIS IS WHERE IT RIGHTLY BELONGS.

Shame on you all for trying to force your sense of morality on others. shame

Reptyle said...

Mr. Chude, the west, whose "successes" you are so besotted with arrests and jails polygamists because they consider the act unnatural. If you want to practice polygamy, you've got to leave their land or risk a jail term. No one is crying about the right of polygamist to enter into marriage with more than one partner.

Nigeria has outlawed homosexuality. You either comply or leave the land. This is a democracy where numbers count. A sample poll from the comments on your article as posted on this blog will tell you what the pervasive sentiment regarding homosexualism is. Where is the human rights abuse in that? We are not saying don't practice homosexualism. We are saying go practice it where it is accepted. Do you not think that you are infringing on my rights to be anti-homosexual by forcing me to accept your practice.

Edward said...

Am I surprised about all the comments above? Not in the least bit. You see when someone tries to make us Nigerians understand our way out of the hazy smokescreen that our politicians have put up to confuse us and ensure that we never find our way, we always attack. Hypocrites that you all are, is sin not sin? and since when did moral errors become criminal? Any lawyer in the house?

You can fornicate, loot, plunder, commit adultery, steal, rig elections; all this are not sinful or criminal. But when you choose to express your individuality or sexuality among a hypocritical people, that is one step below you committing genocide. Chude Jideonwo has written an article in support of the basic tenets of Democracy: Individual rights!

One day when this same senate criminalizes say fornication or your religious freedom, I'll see how many of you righteous ones will be left to cast stones.

Prince Charming said...


tchinny said...

After reading this article and many other postulations on social network sites trying to justify homosexuality and their gay ways, I am as yet lost for words at how huge the moral decadence in our society has grown.

Before you start with "there is a difference between law and morality", I make bold to tell you that in as much we were taught that in school, in reality the only difference that exists between law and morality is the same that exists between the brain and other parts of the body. The driving force (brain) of laws in any society, are its morals and if this is left to die then the laws are only as good as a human body parading itself as alive but without brains- this you will agree with me is also impossible as there will be no coordination or balance.

I particularly find it appalling that Chude has chosen to associate what he deems 'wealth' to LGBT rights.
It would interest Chude to know that in the US, same sex marriage( his argument is that LGBT's in Nigeria are not asking to marry themselves, but he should find out if these other countries were initially warned that LGBT rights will transcend from their bedrooms to the reception halls) is not recognized federally and the anti-states are still richer than Nigeria.

If any one wants to talk about freedom of expression to justify this sudden strange element, can I ask the human being if it will be freedom of expression if I go all gaga say on cats, killing all of them I can lay my eyes on, to freely express my disenchantment against the poor animals? I mean they are animals and I am not hurting any human being right?

Is Boko Haram not freedom of expression? Would any of these a**e loving idiots gladly surrender to them in the name of rights? Boko Haram kills will be your answer right? Yea I know! People are dying through HIV/AIDS too and for a country like Nigeria saddled with so much trouble, killing the ugly monster was a step in the right direction, if that at least will help us avoid the children the monster would have borne in the future.

Lastly, if it is freedom of expression and claim to right that a few people say they prefer the abnormal to normal ( even if that group includes the whoever) then it is also freedom of expression if the majority say NO, THE NORMAL IT WILL BE.

Sorry guys you lost this time, Nigeria won. Deal with it.

jadi said...

All of u bloody idiots commenting on here need to get ur heads out of ur arses! He wasn't advocating for gay rights in no way, do u pple even read? U self righteous bastards r quick to point out that homosexuality is a sin and I cldnt agree more,the problem wit u guys is u choose when to speak up and when to shut up, all u nigerians with such sky high moral values sat and watch as a member of ur paliarment married a 13yr old but that didn't register as a sin abi? Government officials selfishly enriching demselves @ d risk of the common man? We can't have a voice on that abi? My question to u upright and very moral nigerians is this, what value does this law add to the quality of life of the average nigerian? I am a straight young man and I understand fully that being gay is a personal choice and the same God that created all of us men and women also gave everybody the right to freewill!! Did ur God make a mistake there?? I do not condone homosexuality but I will not lose sleep over the choices a grown up makes. We have bigger problems in this country and we shld look to fixing those.

grace said...

lol i cant be bothered to read the article but from some comments i read this is all i have to say:
Firstly,my religious beliefs do not support homosexuality, so i say it is wrong and it is a sin but then again people have different views and beliefs so what may be wrong for me, may be right for another...like one man's meat is another man's poison get it?
Also,just as homosexuality is a sin, so is stealing, fornication, adultery,e.t.c.
my bible says that if you keep one commandement and break other commandments, it is just the same as breaking all. what i am driving at is this: liars, fornicators are also as guilty as homosexuals.
You see one thing God gave us as humans,Is free-will. So we are free to do anything we like, he doesnt force us to obey the bible and all BUT note that on the judgement day every human being would give account of their lives to God.

I know that most Nigerians pretend and judge Homosexuals and all but still they lust after women, men, they lie, steal, fight, e.t.c
I'm not supporting homosexuals too because they also say it is natural to be gay and all which is the most deluded statement ever. Instead of praying to God to deliver you from such sin, you actually defend sin. I even heard there is a gay church in Nigeria. This is just like the height of it all.
i just pray Jesus comes quickly with the way the world is now. its so sad.

Lastly, no be me holy pass oo! i just gave my own 2kobo :P

Anonymous said...

Chude, today I'm so ashamed that I even know you as a friend, same way that you are ashamed of being a Nigerian over anti-gay bill. Show us where you have seen any animal of the same sex mating, its even sickening that you use an animal sexuality to highlight that of a human being. Homosexuality is a sin anywhere in the world that fact has been accepted. The NHA has only passed this into law to ensure that the act of homosexuality its being erased from our society. You have decided to join the gay community and give them a voice thru your piece which is wrong. Everywhere, you go to now in Lagos now you see guys kissing and flirting with each other in the clubs or malls and its so irritating. It is sad enough that all the correct guys are married, some are taken, others are too young and some have now decided to be gay, what can be worst than that for a sister trying to find love? Chude, my advise is that you should leave this homosexual issue alone and focus on youth empowerment issues, change for our nation etc that you have always done. Don't loose your focus now because that will be a step to your downfall.

Anonymous said...

u r really sick!!

Anonymous said...

Chude, thank you. Ese! Dalu! You are a gem. Some commentator on this post mentioned gay greats in history, including Leonardo da Vinci. I would also add that of Shakespeare's published sonnets, 154, the first 126 are addressed to a man, many of them (nos 20,29, 30etc) passionate declarations of love. Scholars will endlessly dispute this, but they dont dispute the remaining 28 addressed to a woman, the dark lady of the sonnets! Shakespeare was married and had children, but for much of his life lived away from the household with all male companies of actors. My point is that it is probably true that the gay or bisexual is a more advanced being than the blandly straight. Lets google some history of gay lives. It is a foolish nation that would kill or banish its geniuses, its future Leonardo da Vincis and Tchaikovskys. Professor Soyinka although known to be staunchly straight has added his voice to the call for gay rights, maintaining that being gay is a biological given. It's possible that nobody in the Senate has the intellectual scope or exposure of Soyinka. Why can't we heed our Nobel Laureate? This bill is like forcing a left handed adult to become right-handed, persecuting someone for being black etc. Gays may actually be part of nature's solution for the world's population problems. This bill will cause suicides and other miseries in a country with too many ills already. So much talk of what the Bible forbids! I imagine a situation where the average heterosexual male is indirectly responsible for 20 to 30 abortions for women with whom he has had affairs. In many cases the women's reproductive organs are destroyed by inept abortions. Yet the man will shout that homosexuality is against reproduction. Some of the females might be teenagers and the man middle-aged or ageing. Culture is not static. Africans once killed twins, believing they were of the devil while there were sound biological reasons for twin birth. We once sacrificed people to stop boats being destroyed on the lagos bar, until science assessed and solved the problem of the bar... Some people are gay or bi, born like that, nothing to be ashamed of, and thank you Chude, worthy son of Nigeria for your brave and accomplished article.

Yemi said...

So Chude is only ashamed of Nigeria because of it's anti-gay laws? Why didn't he also focus on more pressing issues like corruption in our government as a reason to be ashamed. Obviously this is a cry for attention from the western world knowing fully well dat they would bite on such garbage. Otherwise he is the thing tthat is affecting him that he is talking about. Being homosexual started in d closet and must be kept there. Nigeria simply choose to take a stand and not succumb to d western world for once. Moreover the british prime minister had a clear disdain for homosexuals before he had to bow to political pressure and start singing a homosexual tune (after all whoever pays d piper calls d tune) PLEASE we do have more pressing issues so let's discuss it and quit talking about yesterday's trash.

Shadaybrity said...

Wow!One good thing is that Jude reads this blog,so he would know what Nigerians think of his article.Chude's first mistake was the CNN-ish of the whole palava,you chew your chewing stick in the privacy of your room not the public.NTA?Good and fine!Guardian Nig?Good and fine but CNN?Haba that was terrible,that is like TREASON!
Yes,Homophobia is bad,but let's just call it a kind of 'nature shock',it isn't Nigerian(and it's biblically unacceptable)and we are not reacting well to it because we are still in a state of shock.So Chude,reanalyze your action,did you do yourself,the homosexuals,Nigeria and Nigerians or your opinion any good? I get the 'I'm-a -journalist-I-speak-my-mind'-but as a journalist these are the things you ponder on before picking up your pen.

Fred Nwonwu said...

My take: Chude is not exactly an "arm-chair writer/activist/critic". If anything, the guy has paid his dues and is still doing so. He actually said a lot of things I agreed with in his article. My grouse with him is his lack of indepth information on the gay situation in Nigeria. He talked about homosexuals in the north and east without highlighting what he meant. He had an opportunity to educate the west about the real issues facing homosexuals in Nigeria and their place within the cultural and religious sphere and he wasted it complaining about our lame legislators. He also held America up as the standard to follow. AMERICA? murderous America? Chude no try as im suppose here at all. Give Moi that space and see them shiver!

chandus said...

Chude is either gay,confused or attention seeking!I'm very disappointed jor

femi odewunmi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that male-to-male homosexuality is strongly referenced to here and condemned. Are lesbians in a different league?

Jay Chukwuemeka said...

For all the contributors shouting down at Chude i am so disappointed. I cant help but agree with Chude as all the points he raised are more than valid. Priority has always been the issue of the black man and seeing comments here makes it crystal clear that we do deserve the kind of leadership we have.

At this period we are in where a president is happy to introduce cassava bread(a task that would have been readily carried out by the minister of agriculture), rapist are running free,human rights is non existent, corruption is at its highest and the seat of the presidency has lost all honor as concubines are given ambassadorial and ministerial positions yet whats on our mind is banishing gay rights? How many politicians aren't gay or bi? should we start name calling?

Apparently they would be free from such laws yet myopic masses as these here can be mislead from issues at hand to issues that DO NOT AFFECT OUR ECONOMY OR BETTER THE LIVES OF OUR POPULACE! My 5cents...and for the record i aint got no gay bone in me!

femi odewunmi said...

Chude, Great Article!

Me for one don't understand the concept of being gay, i love women.

That said, i dont understand why our $ 1Million/year senators (most paid legislators in the world and arguably most corrupt n hypocritical) would waste valuable time and public funds deliberating over such a needless bill.

The PIB has been pending for years (the oil n gas sector is suffering dearly for this), The reps are spending NGN 2.5Bn on extra committee cars, the oil subsidy palaver is upon us, the toll gates are retuning......and these overfed senators deem it wise to be pushing such a bill?? at the same time when the U.S congress is discussing the growing threat of Boko Haram several thousand miles away?

C'mon people lets not be myopic here. This action by the senate is an illusion to throw the masses off the real issues.

Please stop insulting Chude here, insult the rich fat cats that have no idea why they in leadership positions! How many people have you seen queuing up for gay marriage lately?????

Do not be deceived folks. Chude, once again, great article

femi odewunmi said...

Chude, Great Article!

Me for one don't understand the concept of being gay, i love women.

That said, i dont understand why our $ 1Million/year senators (most paid legislators in the world and arguably most corrupt n hypocritical) would waste valuable time and public funds deliberating over such a needless bill.

The PIB has been pending for years (the oil n gas sector is suffering dearly for this), The reps are spending NGN 2.5Bn on extra committee cars, the oil subsidy palaver is upon us, the toll gates are retuning......and these overfed senators deem it wise to be pushing such a bill?? at the same time when the U.S congress is discussing the growing threat of Boko Haram several thousand miles away?

C'mon people lets not be myopic here. This action by the senate is an illusion to throw the masses off the real issues.

Please stop insulting Chude here, insult the rich fat cats that have no idea why they in leadership positions! How many people have you seen queuing up for gay marriage lately?????

Do not be deceived folks. Chude, once again, great article

Anonymous said...

WOW...lol see comments! Well, I must say that Chude really has the right to he's opinion and he is also has rights to write and voice them. You Nailed it! I can see most people are missing the point here so no need to comment any further, Chude God Bless you!

TY said...

Great article Chude. It must have taken a lot of courage to write. What bites me most is the reactions and comments this issue is getting. We sure can be very bitter on this forum (and i believe the comments reflect the minds of many Nigerians) There is cause to worry if we swear and curse at each other, if we are ready to kill all in the name of what we 'believe'. this is not even about civilization, it's about who we are as a people. If Nigerians want to hold strongly to our moral code by making homosexuality illegal, LET US DO IT WITH SOME DIGNITY! let's not tear each other apart like animals. Why cant we argue with respect and regard to the people around us. Is our refusal to accept homosexuality and the manner in which people who disagree with us a thing of religion/moral uprightness or really a disturbing factor exposing our nature as Nigerians. Some people actually gloat over bringing others down with their words on this forum. Stand up for what is right but do it in LOVE and RESPECT.

S.R.K. said...

While Chude,this is ur opinion but will like to point something out here. There have always been gays in Nigeria and if they think that this is right why have they been hiding? In your comment you said that there are eminent pressing issues,is promoting gay rights one of it? Please let's concentrate on productive issues

Anonymous said...

Who Chude be? wonders shall never end...........when you were walking the streets of Ogba where was western civilization to save you? Suddenly you have become empty of values cos of small fame.....omo monky for Lagos no fit turn barbie doll for Newyork ooooo......we are dissapointed in you! just a line for you to think about......what legacy of yours will your children meet......shameless boy!

Anonymous said...

@Chandus, i think it is just attention seeking.
This is what we call strategic positioning.
Wait until you see him appearing on CNN as a renowned social critic. Na that time una go understand the guy runs.

Unknown said...

The sheer volume of hateful comments regarding this article is staggering - I'm almost physically ill because of all this.

Chude, this is the first time I've ever read your blog, and now I think I'll pay attention. You're rather brave, coming out and giving voice (well... writing, really) to your opinion, and I admire that.

I hate the fact that so many have such hate for something so harmless.

I hate the fact that it's my people displaying this mindless hate.

mostly, I hate the fact that the stubborn, narrow minded haters of the gay community further display their ignorance by means of the horrific grammar, with which they abuse others.

I actually felt my I.Q. drop a point, for every poorly written reply I saw.

Nigerians.... please. Learn. Grow.

and most importantly - love.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:28....you are an intellectual mind! You have Spoken.Even Soyinka criticised this.why can't they say he is gay

Keep gloating about the ban!one day,the fanatical northern senators will pass a bill to make this country an islamic nation on the request of the muslims.afterall christians are infidels.the north is predominently islam and the north covers much of the landscape in nigeria.plus half of the west is islam and the middle belt.in other words,ITS MAJORITY....by then you all will understand you have no say in your country.democracy indeed

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 1:28 pm: Leonardo vinci and some of the so called great where were pedophile who saw nothing wrong with sodomising young boys! hardly role model material if you ask me. And you homos wonder why imediately associate homosexuality with pedophilia.

Anonymous said...

at anonymous 11:52pm:

You have it the wrong way round. We are reactive on this one, It is not us singling out homosexuality, but the homosexual activists singling themselves out in demanding special rights and the overturning of millennia of law and custom.

There are no marches for Liars’ Pride, no Thieves’ Mardi Gras, no pressure group of adulterers protesting in front of the natinal assembly..

Indeed, all have fallen short of the glory of God (and the saved are in gratitude for the death and resurrection of Christ Jesus) but only one set of sinners is demanding that both state and church must honour their sin as righteousness.

Anonymous said...

Chude Jideonwo you are my hero! I stand right by your side ashamed to call myself a Nigerian. The funny thing is that most of the homophobic people making uneducated and small minded comments on here are bi-sexual. Most Nigerian are hypocrites. These are the same fools who wink at me at parties or functions, same ones who send me flirty text messages, Men! Men with wives at home but fantasize about my man stick in their mouths. People, lets me real, Gay men and women exist. Gay people do not choose to be gay, they are born that way. Where is the love for your neighbour? Why are you offended? Does it take food off your table if you have two gay people living together as a married couple? Are you God that you must judge? My sisters always came home from boarding school with tales of love affairs with fellow school girls in boarding school. All these Sentators have daughters in Universities sleeping with fellow class mates.....so please STOP the Hypocricy and lets face the real pressing issues in Nigeria like Power, Security, Education, Health Care.....etc Chude, please do not listen to the smallies on here....they dont know any better....

Anonymous said...

the funny thing is you are an igbo guy very embarrassed at your inevitable stupidity to believing that the pursuit of happiness is in homosexuality. They say woop your children so they do not go astray may be if you read all this comments just maybe you will change your mind. What you are fighting for totally tells us where you coming from, you are just too happy to understand reality. I personally believe that religion is to make believe, separate and divide but God tells us in the Bible that if a man finds a wife, that means he founded Good thing. I also understand Nigeria has a lot more issues to worry about and the same time Mr chude your happiness in Homosexuality should be part of if that is why non of your Boggling words will pass ac-cross in Gods name to the Nigerian youths in Amen. Adofuro

Lekowasakiwatoto said...

Your Opinion chude Obviously Not the Majorities opinion When ur yash done big wella you go think twice or if u know fit shit again... you go know say kaki no be lethear ...maga

Rita said...

wow! just wow! do u guyz remeber where the whole "runz chic syndrome" came from? yeah from politicians sleeping with undergrads and its not "moral decadence"? i mean its been acted in tons of nollywood movies like girls cot n co our universities r glorified prostitution institutes and we dont see dat as utmost moral decadence? yet "gayism" is d one that will kill Nigeria? thousands use lamp at night, hundreds die from their generator cobrbon mono oxide, millions die from bad road and poor hospital treatments and gay marriage is d most important? david mark and cohorts r travelling abroad for med check up n their kids go to school there while u r here claiming "proudly nigerian" there r sleeping with ur sisters and daughters and preserving their own. After raining insults on chude the lots of u will drink garri and eat cassava bread while mr president n co eat sushi and creme brulee. in a country where kidnappers go scot free, where people will see a dead body n walk by n when u ask d police tehy tell u"na mad man" no investigation. denrele, charlyboy n co that "looks like gay better sleep with with a girl in public to prove urself o...lmao watchout as police will arrest people for looking like gay or for 2 guys hugging eachother or 2 ladies pecking eachother..lmao
linda what i've learnt from from ur blog is haters r the new fans! it is well with us all and Nigeria

obiageli said...

I am a proud nigerian...I believe being who u r should never be a crime....nigeria has had many crazy pasts laws where it has written off ppl bc of what they look lik, the circumstances around a childs birth and even havin multiples...nigerians and nigeria stop condemning one another...work together against western society and not blame innocent or small sh** on them...u r who u r

Anonymous said...

Chude better seek assylum here to America including all the gays because same sex or homosexuality will NEVER BE NORMAL in Nigeria/Africa.

Even in America that is the land of freedom, same sex marriage is not legal in all the states. Many Americans are against homosexual's lifestyles. The more America is pulling away from morals/values, the worse the country is getting. So, looking at Nigeria that has other issues at hand, why should homosexuality be an issue at hand? It's ridiculous.

Ginger said...

Chude, what you wrote are my thoughts exactly. God bless you. Our ancestors without the benefit of Christian teachings and charity lived in peace with people who had other sexual inclinations yet we who emulate Christ have no love. Sad.

And for those who claim this is not Nigerian culture. I beg to ask, what is Nigerian culture exactly? Polygamy (I dont expect any girl here to complain if her husband decides to marry a second wife), 419? Bribery and corruption? lynching and burning people in broad daylight for five thousand Naira? Honoring rich men/women who we know have ill gotten wealth? Honoring politicians who swore to uphold Nigerian law (remember SWORE in the name of GOD for all you Christians here) and everyday they sign away trillions of dollars, Honoring 'men of God' who use our tithes to buy jets....moving on abeg before i get a headache.

Anonymous said...

I think we're getting it all twisted. I rarely comment but this timen just had to say something. First to start with Mr.Chude..while he wasn't saying that he's pro-gay, I think his write-up is quite weak and not well thought out in the sense that
1. He made vague mentions of homosexuality being part of our ancestal heritage. That's false and if you are going to make such statements, you should have literature to back it up.
2. He used the U.S as the paragon of virtue to which all countries should try to emulate. The statements he made were very ignorant to say the least. If he had taken time to do some research, he would know that majority of states in the US do not advocate gay marriages and most people in the US are uncomfortable with homosexuality.They can even be said to be anti-gay but most don't voice their opinions cos we are now in an era of "political correctness". The US also has a number of anti-gay groups so they should not be the standard by which another country's homophobia should be judged. The only way to describe his using the USA is that he was sucking up and trying to curry favor. The US outlaws polygamy and bigamy..which is normal in africa and parts of india respectively..Offenders often serve jailtime..I don't see him challenging the US on that. Isn't that also an infringement on the fundamental human rights of some people?
While he made a good point about the legislators' misplaced priorities, he ended up being a victim of that which he eschewed. HE could have written an equally dynamic and attention grabbing article about the plight of the people, fuel subsidy or terrorism and drawn international focus to these issues usin what power and influence he has rather than usin that platform to lambast the lawmakers and air our dirty linen in public..save thhat for the local media. As for your newfound shame about being Nigerian, i think there are a lot of things you should be ashamed about but that ranks very low on the list. Thank your stars we're no longer in the victorian era, such careless statements would have cost you your head or left you hanging..literally. Learn to love your country, it's the only one you've got! For those who have been talking about ignorance and dictatorship and whatnot, you are the ignorant ones because truth is, all laws are based on morality. That is how we determine right and wrong. We live in a democratic state and the decision was a democratic one. Elections and other decisions are made by casting votes.the majority carries the vote and in this case, it is already apparent that majority of nigerians are against gay marriage. So what's the problem? I think the anti gay law-while truthfully being a case of joblessness and the legisltators wanting to pull the wool over our eyes- has some merit. It is meant to serve as a precaution. Fine, no gay people are getting married now. I, for one, have never been invited to a gay wedding but homosexuality is on the rise and with time, it will become a deeply rooted problem. What kind of ebvironment do we want to raise our kids? I certainly don't want to have to have that awkward talk with my children about two men or women being together. I have to add that while I abhor homosexuality cos I simply don't understand it, it doesn't mean that I hate gay people, I just hate the act itself. Violence against any gay person is not the key to solvin the problem I think the key is tolerance and a willingness to live our own lives and leave him or her to his or her God.

Anonymous said...

I have noticed that Nigerians dont like to comment on matters that affects their lives. Like the political situation in the country.When it comes to discussing about the things in between their legs, they all come out in droves. Black people are simpletons. This is why their societies remain backward.

Anonymous said...

Chude Chude congrats.
now you can get asylum or something.
my thing with his article is not even the point raised but the arrogance displayed. ashamed to be a Nigerian, praising the US to high heavens. Boy abeg go and sit down somewhere. Learn from Wole Soyinka and other greats. Arrogance without substance.

oral and visual soliloquy said...



Mr Foh said...

I read this article and i agree with Mr Jideonwo to an extent.
All of you bashing him for being pro-western, whats has your culture and moral code brought yielded Nigeria. We have men who shameless steal from the coffers and call themselves law makers.
The poor masses are also fighting to get to power to steal too, and continue the viscous circle.

Anonymous said...

DO YOU know that bestiality and homosexuality came about arouund the same time. so why dont they pass a law allowing ppl sleep with ANIMALS EEEHHH




Chipmunk said...

"When it comes to discussing about the things in between their legs, they all come out in droves. Black people are simpletons."

Innit? They seem so preoccupied with topics like this. I think that's what the main thrust of Chude's argument is. Of all the things the senate shd be debating....

And DItto to all who said they lost a few brain cells trying to read some of the comments. Did people actually read the article and understand his angle? ME thinks not

Anonymous said...

Anonymous dec2 9:23pm God bless u.u said it how it should be said really.chude is entitled to his opinions;and he made. Some salient points;but its d way he went about it,and d way the article was written that rubbed everybody d wrong way.

First of all,the article is very condescending.it is judgemental,and he insulted the Nigerian people(his own people) on an international network.Haba.

Nigeria has a myriad of problems;greedy,wicked,selfish leaders,underworked,overpaid and immoral senators,and so on.the issues are seemingly endless.But does that mean u blast ur own country in d international community? Cus it also seemed u were bein a "kiss ass" to america right there.

U could have been more diplomatic and tactful in writing ur article;less egotistical and insulting.

And yes,a lot of nigerians are ashamed of you right now,myself included.

Anonymous said...

Chude ur write up reeks of
arrongance and
condescension.Go and sit ur fat ass down u spoilt stupid childish buffon.

This is f##ked up said...

Can somebody explain to me how what two consenting adults do to themselves in privacy affects the society? Whether it is fornication, adultery, masturbation, marital or gay sex, who's business is it? Today, they "puritans" go after gays. This same people will send pregnant women to jail for premarital sex as is done in Afghanistan. They will stone you to death for masturbating.

They will say it is not african.
Christianity and Islam are not African religions, let us stop fooling ourselves. This homophobia, if allowed to continue will soon lead to a situation where every single girl that is above 30 and not married will be accused of being a lesbian. It is alrady happening, you will see.

Yvette said...

Many of the later commentators on this post, who are spending time to "critic" Chude, are his 'friends' in real life, smile with him, and hail him on Twitter - but have no seen an opportunity to show their hidden bad belle and jealousy for the guy to use 'anonymous' (which is another word for coward, in this case) to attack him and make him feel bad.

@Chude: Ignore the bad belle commentators who are taking time to write lengthy critics. They are jealous that you can get published on CNN and they can't. They are losers. FORGET THEM!

Anonymous said...

watch at your own risk


sick bastards

Mr Gray said...

A. As I started to read this article, I like most thought Chude was gonna lash at our Law-Makers for mixing up their priorities, but alas, he went on to try to justify homosexuality as normal. Let me state up-front that I don’t hate homosexuals (though their act repulses me) and I hardly go to church.

B. Telling us that homosexuality has been observed among animals and as such is perfectly normal is a tad bit retarded. I'm guessing he is referring to a research paper that specifically mentioned Sheep as having gay tendencies.

If it was nature's intent that we should sodomize each other, the anus would be clearly designed for sexual penetration – I do not know this to be the case. Where homosexual traits exist – even naturally, they are an aberration rather than an alternate “normal”.

C. Mr Jideonwo is a law graduate and I presume he is familiar with Lex Naturalis (Natural Law). Natural Law refers to rules guiding moral behavior which can be deduced by the use of reason and observing the natural world. Allow me to digress a bit here: if it was nature’s intent for in-breeding should be normal, how do you explain the accompanying deleterious effects? How about applying this same logic to homosexuality. Wouldn’t you agree that it is repugnant to Natural Justice?

D. If we explicitly begin to guarantee homosexuality a place in our society, where do we draw the line? The next day, pedophiles would ask for their own rights, then its Necrophilia, then bestiality and God knows what.

Mr Gray said...

F. A democracy does not necessarily have to be pro-western, it should be reflective of the will of the over-whelming majority of the populace. If anyone is un-comfortable with that, please feel free to re-locate to “warmer climes”. Polygamy is central to our culture, hence it’s not illegal (unless, you have a Court Wedding) – its alien to the U.S, hence the reason Heff has not married all his girl-friends at once, yet he lives like a polygamist.

G. Please permit me to inform you that in my culture (I belong to the Yoruba tribe), I’m unaware of homosexuality ever having existed. We have at least 230 ethnic groups in Nigeria, it is possible that a few are open to homosexuality (I once saw something like that on Sugabelly’s blog), but then again, cultures have always evolved. Using Chude’s logic, killing Twins is quite normal too (it was after-all, once a part of our culture), Priests sodomizing young boys is also quite normal (it was quite normal for grown Men to have “boy lovers” during the roman empire) e.t.c

H. The main reason it is tolerated in the west is due to political- correctness - a good number of folks do not support it.

I. Backing down so as to be able to receive foreign aid is what would have smacked of Neo-colonialism; using your line of reasoning, it’s also akin to “accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour or we wont give you money”.

J. In writing, never forget: “effortless style, unrestrained elegance”. In your bid to choke us with your condescending half-baked opinion, you seemed to ramble on mid-way into your article with “ . . . What rot? America's thriving Silicon Valley?” While, I do agree that America’s contributions to the world are great and must not be under-estimated in any way, you failed to make a distinction between contributions and values. During the Jim Crow era, America’s scientific advances certainly were distinguishable from the shameful racial profiling of the day.

K. “I am ashamed to be a Nigerian”. Well, well . . . Never mind Chude; we Nigerians who despite the short-comings of our nation are always filled with pride yet desperately hopeful that she would get better, whose patriotism does not only shine on Twitter but in our every waking moment and who do not posture to be noticed by the Western media would be quite happy to be rid of you. No be today, shame start to dey catch you – I’m guessing this Guy saw right through your nonsense >>>> http://qudus.blogspot.com/2010/07/in-nigeria-its-networking-not-butt.html

Anonymous said...

Anon. 535pm. I am not aware that Leonardo da Vinci was a convicted paedophile, or that he had sex with minors. The other great people mentioned are not known to have sexually abused minors. What is known of their lives is marked emotional/amorous attraction to their own gender. In any case, innumerable cases of sexual abuse of minors are heterosexual - straight men abusing small girls. I cringe to think how many of the men on this page and in public life might be guilty of that if investigated. The point I make is, what is abnormal, what is unnatural, is a world of exclusive heterosexuality. It is not nature's way. In so many explored animal species, including the primates most like humans, homosexuality exists. History tells us that so many luminaries, whether married or not, manifested definite same gender romantic attachment. To ignore that would be wilful ignorance. The list would include the ancient world's conqueror Alexander the Great with his Hephaestion, and the modern world's apostle of non-violence Mahatma Ghandi with his Hermann Kallenbach, William Shakespeare with his Mr WH, and most famously Oscar Wilde and Alfred Douglas. Contemporary bias should not blind us to historical fact. Let's listen to Professor Soyinka, he's one of Nigeria's reasons for pride in a world where we are despised. He has signed a petition for gay rights.

Anonymous said...

Linda, you better post this

White pedophile tourists raping kids in Africa and bribing policemen on African beaches

Anonymous said...

This is why the west wants to legalise homosexuality so they can come and rape african boys with impunity. a lot of these nigerian homosexuals todays were molested


Anonymous said...

Whites have tried to imply that they are the only civilized group of people and look at us Africans as uncivilized, WHY? because we have our own morals and values that it's different from the western ideology. Just because Whites approve of it does not make it right. One of the things killing Europe and America today is them straying away from their morals and values that the country was once founded on.

We have our own standards we should stand on and not have to follow the westerners all the time. One of things I respect about Asians is just how they stay true to who they are.

China is a communist country, they mostly practice buddhism. Europe tried to impose their ideology on them but failed. Asians remain themselves because they have strong pride in who they are.

I guess, we always try to be like our oppressors. Nigerians, it's time to have a mind of your own. Homosexuality, is NOT okay, will never be okay in Africa, period. We will never legalize same sex marriage in Nigeria.

Kneeyie said...

I follow Chude and respects his writings, thoughts and push for a better Nigeria driven by the youth. But he wasted a golden opportunity to make the right statement concerning this topic. I rushed to read the article thinking someone would finally challenge my thinking about gay marriage but Mr. Jideonwo's writing clearly had no rational conclusion. Just rants, it's sad. For a youth activist/lawyer/journalist to have such a powerful platform to express his views and squandering it by proclaiming he is "ashamed to be Nigerian". What was the essence of the entire write-up?

1. We know there are more "pressing" issues than gay marriage but if a bill is up for consideration, shouldnt the lawmakers consider it? Do you want them to debate fuel subsidy for the rest of their stay in the senate? Even in America, cultural policy commands great attention in Congress. Isn't the ideological divide over gay rights one of the biggest divides between the Republican and Democratic parties today? The same culture you inadvertently hailed in your write-up? If it's a big issue there, any shame that our Senators are concerned about it here, or simply because they are 'united' against it?

2. If Chude believes that our culture in some way could support gay rights/marriages, why didnt he forward his arguments and let us ponder them? He only ranted and ranted. You can renounce your igbo ethnicity if you are so ashamed that your igbo senators also supported this.

Just for the records, i am very much anti-gay, though i recognize that it is a phenomenon that has become reality in our society and we need to find ways to be progressive about engaging them. But our culture clearly abhors this. Chude, if you had some dominant view you should have presented it. You can't claim moral justification in this case simply because you have a platform to do so.

Am rather disgraced at your empty rant. Sounded like something Saif al-Islam Ghaddafi would waste his intellect doing.

Anonymous said...


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