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Monday, 28 November 2011

British Woman Arrested by UK Police Over Racist Rant

Police today Monday Nov 28 arrested a 34-year-old woman from New Addington on suspicion of a racially aggravated public order offence on the Croydon Tramlink in south London.

The footage was posted on YouTube (and brought to the attention of the police) of the woman releasing a foul-mouthed racist tirade at others on the tram, despite having a child on her lap. She complained that Britain was nothing now that ethnic minorities were in her country. Watch the video above....


Yemi said...

I just saw the video to this on youtube now. I felt so angry just watching her. Why didn't someone just smack her mouth shut?! For sure, I know I would have done that to her. Those women behaved very maturely by speaking back to her without violence. Some people make you feel like beating them up, and she's definitely one I would easily handle.

Anonymous said...

Did I not say it? On another post I had mentioned that African leaders should get their act together and we Africans should put our house in order because a time will come when we Africans will no longer be welcome in oyibo/western countries irrespective of whether we hold their passports or not. We ain't seen nothing yet. With western economies sinking like the titanic and their citizens sinking deeping into misery and depression, it won't be long before they will make it a habit to take out their anger and misery on anyone who looks different or speaks with a different accent. It is happening already here in the States. When they see that verbal abuse is not bringing the desired results, they will begin to kill. I don't know about you but my life is important to me. I dey sitdon dey look sha as hate events unfold.

kokoqueen said...

I live in Uk and its a shame how these white treat blacks yet a lot of dem wont leave our black guys; fighting and crying over black dicks(sorry for d word, yet d fool is saying black is filthy...anyway, i don blame her; i blame our black leaders...its really a pity and a shame that d white havent really accepted us and wen dy come to Africa;we treat dem like semi gods...Africa wake up..wake up...we must take over d world, we are even superior to dem cos half of british cant afford a higher education; most of dem now speak jaggons and are semi literates...(linda pls post...tanks)

Anonymous said...

Omg ..such arrogance.. Wasbshe trying to say Nigeria? I couldn't catch dat part..but really wow..d things that literally fly out of ppls mouths is really suprisin.. She deserves to be arrested cos there's no mistaken d fact dat she was bein racist all d way! Go back to ur country? Wtf?? Dat is her country.. God I wish she said those things to my face I'll curse her out like a black ghetto person which I'm nt but pretty good at cursing like dat.

Anonymous said...

Glad they got her-in this day and age she is still living like a relic of a lost cause.I live in the UK and have a white British as a sister-in-law and she is nothing like the girl in the video.Truth is there are a lot of non-white British but they worked hard to get it and if the lady takes offence then she should tell the Home Office to stop its money making venture that leads to British citizenship,because that's how it works-if you can bring it at least £150,000 to do business you get indefinite stay, in 2 years you get a British passport so she don't know nothing.The colonial times also made it easy for many people to come over and have their children in Britain and that's what a lot of people including Nigerians did-loads of people are British Born but as they say ignorance is bliss-many of them don't realise that and as for the area the train was headed to (New Addington) abeg A.J city is better than that place-forget being in the UK there are some places that one is not meant to step foot in.
I rest my case :-)
Good night Linda I start work at 7am GMT, a time most of my dear colleagues moan about but a shift loads of the 'foreigners' prefer because we get to close early.

Kemikal said...

Wow. wow. She will get a custodial sentence. She's so naive, ignorant and uneducated. I pity her. White, black, Asian and other societies of Britain will totally ruin her life. She's never gonna get any job. If she's employed, her employers will sack her. She has same BNP mind and twisted opinion as chief racist of United Kingdom, (scum bag) Nicholas John "Nick" Griffin (the leader of the racist party, British National Party). They want to turn back the clock on race relations in Britain and Europe. Too late. We are here and we are ain't going back :)

Anonymous said...

Useless woman!

Anonymous said...

Na wa O, is this how it is going down in the UK? If that was America, she would have been slapped up real quick. Try saying that on the train in NY city.

Anonymous said...

this is appalling and hart breaking.......wonder wat lead to d outburst........people should be careful now

Anonymous said...

dirty binch, i'm sure d tram driver is a migrant, her doctor must be a migrant, her parent's carer must be a migrant etc etc
when dey were busy colonising dey didnt know, its time for reparations and dey must pay.
we must control the amount we sell our oil, natural resources & cash crops to these soul-less creatures then dey will know what's up.
the funny thing is dat her ilk is emigrating in drove's but God forbid dey be called immigrants; even a bloody carpenter or welder calls himself an expatriate. KMT

Anonymous said...

stupid can only be croydon, i luv my south east even though there are lot of black ppl in croydon my sista live there bt i just cant stand those white ppl in surrey dey all still living in d past.. imagine if this train is in main south east am sure is gona be 50 black persenger 5 white persenger believe me fear go grip her she wont open her dirty mouth. am sure shes on benefit living on black tax money... smh

naijababe said...

This made me more angry at our African leaders. If they will just get their act together, most of us will stay in Nigeria, spend our money there instead of sending our children abroad or looking for more opportunities abroad.
Nigerian leaders, WAKE UP and develop our infrastructure, improve our school system, improve the health system in Nigeria and create more jobs for graduates.
Nigeria has natural resource, our biggest problem is mismanagement, in addition to greedy, and selfishness.

Anonymous said...

She's hella ignorant, but you can't really blame her for feeling that way. Britain has gone to the dogs...

Anonymous said...

Awww, did you see that young lady hug the black guy that was getting upset? so sweet. we should be careful to not judge everyone the same. The foul mouthed lady was probably on drugs, she looks high as a kite. May God help us so our country can go back to how it used to be when it was safe to sleep on one's verandah and jobs were plentiful, otherwise, what are we doing in oyinbo man's land. We work hard only to pay bills through our nose, smh. May God restore Nigeria to a place of peace and prosperity IJN, as Nigeria is boasting that we shall overtake South Africa economically in 2015 so shall it be, but we pray for our leaders to begin to apply wisdom. amen!

Dee dee said...

African leaders need to watch this and sort out our continent. With all the money Nigerian leaders embezzle and squander, we shouldn't have to deal with this kind of abuse from uneducated and racist scum bags like this woman. The recession is adding fuel to racial tensions and some people would be looking for easy targets.

I'm glad the guy behind her didn't hit her, she so wasn't worth going to jail for. And I pity the poor child, he's got little chance of growing up into a decent man with an ugly-inside mother like that.

Mary Jay said...

if na america now they go don bunch her for

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This is really bad,how come they're now criticizing and stambolizing the africa man image?it's so bad of her.she's lacking character in essense.
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Donna said...

The outburst of this trashy creature is shocking and despicable. She is crazy and should be put away. She behaved very irresponsibly. She is a bad influence on her children. Social services should take away those kids so they don't end up deranged like her. Racism should not be tolerated or accepted. That tramp should be banned for life from using rail network and all public transport, including taxis. Without the video evidence she and her solicitor would have denied it. The courts should make an example of her.

Anonymous said...

why blame our black leaders- what of you- what have you done yourself to help your society?? At least young Arabs took to the streets to remove their leaders from office this year- if only we black people had the courage to do the same thing, then perhaps we won't need to listen to this ignorant, white racist insulting us like this- not that I am particularly surprised as Croydon is a poor, working class district in London where blacks, Asians and white people with little money all huggle to together and have to live with each other whether or not they like it!

Ouch ! said...

The woman is from New Addington, Croydon, London. It a very poor and deprived area. New Addington (or Addo) is a chav town and one of Britain's worst places to live. The estate was built in the 1930s. 

"Should you ever find yourself staring at houses made out of corrugated steel and wondering how the quaint countryside suddenly turned into the shitest fucking housing estate in the world – you are in New Addington – fuck knows what happened to Old Addington but its a safe bet that someone nicked it!

Having visited New Addington – henceforth called Addo – in line with local dialect – you cannot help but be amazed by the gatherings of little cunts on everycorner usally seen smoking Lambert and Butler and drinking piss weak lager or just plain piss whichever is available.

The little wankers will surely remind you of meercats when they rise up to look at the top deck of a bus (obviously checking for family members) – I was unfortunate enough to have to stay at the ‘house’ – i use this term lightly – on arrival the front door had been forced and a colleague and I entered the property with a view to kicking the fuck out of the ‘Burglar’ should he still be in the house."


Ouch :)
Ouch :)
Ouch :)
Ouch :)

Anonymous said...

Not her fault but that of the "useless" leaders in our country who have made it difficult to live a comfortable and safe life in our own country. There are caucasians and other foreign nationals in Nigeria but u'd never hear us talk to them like this coz we know they aren't at our mercy and not desperate to get naija citizenship.

Chipmunk said...

What a vile creature! Anyway its news because she said her own out loud. Across europe there are many who think the exact same things but just dont voice it in public

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Smacking her will not solve the problem rather it is our so called self politicians that shud be smacked. If our countries took care of its citizens, if one decided to go to Britain to look for work, it would be because he or she wants to, not has to.

jennietobbie said...

@ Anon 10:56pm lmaooooo. wooow.... NYC is ghetto! ah

sakara said...

are u sure this woman is ok? cause for someone to step out n d morning wt a child and start ranting like a mad dog shows she's either going mad or she's high on something....apart from arresting her she shd be escorted to a psychiatrist home before she gets a gun and start shooting blacks....una london people e pele o

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What she said doesnt bother me at all...I was so used to that sort of abuse growing up in a predominantly white area! She is wasting her time saying all that rubbish cos black people have formed a hard skin and those insults do work anymore. What does she have to say about the Chinese cos they are slowly taking over...buying up the british ports. Its obvious she doesnt have an education from her level of speech, I just feel sorry for her son!

Nigerian Jobs said...

Its absolutely crazy that at this age and time someone would be making statements like this. Times have change and some people just refuse to change with the times.

grace said...

kia i no blame am sha lemme just finish my undergrad degree first and do my masters next yr and i would leave dis country. one time like dey wen i dey canada one stupid bus driver didnt allow me to enter the bus because he said i was black, i remember walking home with my friends, trust naija babes naw we just dey curse them for pidgin dey go, remembering it now i just dey vex say i no insult the man. kia it is well oo what we blacks have to go through. God dey sha

Amaka's Notepad said...

Very obvious the woman is high!!! (on crack or some other cheap drug) said...

Woman, 34, charged over 'racist rant' on My Tram Experience video 

A woman has been charged with racially aggravated harassment after a YouTube video emerged apparently showing a passenger unleashing a tirade of racist abuse against fellow travellers on a tram.

Emma West, 34, of New Addington, London, appeared before magistrates today, after being arrested and remanded in custody on Monday night following complaints made to the police.
Footage of the incident, which spread quickly on the web, allegedly showed a woman with a child on her lap, addressing fellow passengers.
A British Transport Police spokesman said: 'I can confirm that Emma West (34) of New Addington was charged with Racially Aggravated Section 4a on Monday.
'She was remanded in custody overnight and is due to appear at Croydon Magistrates Court later (today, Tuesday 29 November).
'This is in relation to an incident onboard a Croydon Tramlink.' 
Officers from the BTP launched an investigation after it was viewed thousands of times via Twitter.


EDL member attacks 'Pakis' on the tube said...

EDL member attacks 'Pakis' on the tube and films it
View the YouTube video on the link to this comment.


The English Defence League (EDL) is a far-right street protest movement which opposes what it considers to be a spread of Islamism, Sharia law and Islamic extremism in the UK. The EDL uses street marches to protest against Islamic extremism. At many of their gatherings, EDL members have clashed with counter-demonstrators, including supporters of Unite Against Fascism (UAF).


Racism UK said...

After the #MyTramExperience , a #BNP /#EDL supporter abuses people on London Underground. I feel BNP / EDL sent out these jobless fool to cause mischief and blame the recession on "brown people" and "black people. Their recession and lack of enough jobs is making white racist extremist blame the economic woes of Britain on non whites. Are we scared or bothered ? Hell no !!! We'll send 'em to jail where they belong.

View the video on this link:

Anonymous said...

This mental hoe is so lucky those Haitian or Jamo guys weren't on the tram with her. She would have been referred to as a 34 year old deceased British woman!

These white people get away with so much. They never publicly speak bad against Muslims because they think their asses will get bombed. Assholes. Oyinbos think they are the best. I don't know how you think your race makes you better than someone else. It's an insult to God! God dey try o!

Kay said...

She is speaking the mind of over a million covert racists who want non-indigenes out of UK, but do not know how to say it or get it done for fear of being arrested.
Covert racism is the reason why Blacks are being screened out from getting jobs in UK nowadays.
Google up on covert racism for more info.

Forest Grump said...

'Croydon is a poor, working class district in London where blacks, Asians and white people with little money all huggle to together and have to live with each other whether or not they like it!'

Were u born ignorant or u inherited it???...your sweeping generalisation is so crass!! you realise that Croydon is divided into four parts of West, East, South and Central Croydon....most of the houses in South Croydon and East Croydon are one of the most expensive in all the boroughs of London with leafy pathways and quiet surburbs!..yes, West Croydon is the less than desirable part but that's because you have a high population of African Carribean and Asian shops therein. A simple search on google will validate all this....Na Wa ooo..did you just get off the plane yesterday???

bricks said...

she does not exist....she is just a junkie jahre story please?

Str8FrmDaHips said...

Probs a set up by one of those racist groups..probs gave her a little change for her Oscar moment..
Let's take stock shall we..Blacks should go home abi??..well when you leave Canada/USA/Australia/South America/..and the remnants you still got in Africa and Carribean..then we can deal..abi White people originate from any of those places??..until then KIZZ MY SWEET BLACK AZZ..

Anonymous said...

see the woman self you go know say she dey collect welfare!!!!

Anonymous said...

@Yemi, a guy behind wanted to get up and beat her up but people stopped him. Whoever slaps her can be charged for assault.

If she had done that in the streets, some youths would have 'skinned' her alive, with punches and she may die in the process. It was better to allow the police to arrest the fool.

Str8FrmDaHips said...

See...wasn't it the other 9ja came on here and opened a WIKI page on how 9jas born in UK are ENGLISH not BRITISH!! u don hear am from a typical English person..u heard TYPICAL...not the pretenders that lie to your face..and yimu behind ya back!!

Str8FrmDaHips said...

The BBC in 2002, after a poll found Winston Churchill to be the greatest briton EVER!. Lets have a look at the thoughts a man, white (and non-white) people of all classes think is great:

"I do not agree that the dog in a manger has the final right to the manger even though he may have lain there for a very long time. I do not admit that right. I do not admit for instance, that a great wrong has been done to the Red Indians of America or the black people of Australia. I do not admit that a wrong has been done to these people by the fact that a stronger race, a higher-grade race, a more worldly wise race to put it that way, has come in and taken their place."

Winston Churchill
British Prime Minister (1940-1945, 1951-1955)
Palestine Royal Commission
1937 who's crying wolf!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I'm not at all surprised, if she had tried that in NYC on the train the New york finest would have had a new murder case on their hands.

Did this crazy woman forget that it was the "English" that came over to the Islands, PARTS OF AFRICA and took over way before we were born. NOW that we are kind of taking over she has a problem. MY DEAR NON "ENGLISH PEOPLE" rock on and keep on pissing them off...

She is just a lazy woman thats mad we are doing better than her.

Lets all say we are black and very much proud. so live with it LADY..


Anonymous said...

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