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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Shade Okoya battles on and off ailment

According to, Shade Okoya, the wife of Rasaq Okoya is down with an ailment sources tagged 'confounding'. And they say this 'confounding' ailment, which comes and goes, is the reason the socialite has been scarce in the social scene. Also the reason her birthday party was canceled a few weeks back.

You can read more at the source


Anonymous said...

she should remove that nonsense silicon,the socalled silicon has expired

Anonymous said...

Lies !!! I know her personally!!!!!

Anonymous said...

she should go and ask and beg her husband
hes very good at getting rid of people
*********side eye*******

Anonymous said...

I think it time for her to slow down on the social side of life. Take a break, rest and pray more. May God help her

Chilling said...

Poor her! I wish her a speedy recovery.

Society now said; informants disclosed the manifestation of this ailment as “an off and on disease” that currently “bedevilled” the style setter.

I say; Bedevil? This story scared the “bejesus” out of me!!

Anonymous said...

nothing against her, I wish her well...but than dat man too old i beg

SOLA said...

I say; Bedevil? This story scared the “bejesus” out of me!!

May 11, 2011 10:10 AM"

roflol.... afi 'bejesus' na

Anonymous said...

eyin aiye
elenu razor oooo
omo naija.

Anonymous said...

She better go and beg the children of Okoya as she is fighting with them over who takes control of their fathers business hummm i am sorry for her. It was bad enough that they allowed her to marry their old father and now she wants to sit on his wealth.

She better slow down as money is not everything. Marrying an old man old enough to be her grand father because of money ole olojukokoro gold digger.

I wonder what morals she would instill in her children especially her 2 daughters that it would be okay for them to marry a very old man because he has money long hiss mschew!!!

galore said...

Sade,,,,,GOD go see u thru oooo......Repent for the kingdom of GOD is @ hand.......Olorun ada eesi.....Amin.

Chilling said...

Sola; BEJESUS is a real word. Use your dictionary. Lol!

zoomzoomzoom said...

I pray that Almighty God heals her of her ailment in Jesus name,amen.

Anonymous said...

ile aye ogun ni not to talk of ile olorogun wish her well

Anonymous said...

Ohh shit! Heard her her hubby had the big bug some time back smh!

Tomisin said...

ehyaa I hope she gets better soon.

Anonymous said...

Nobody is behind her illness but she has every reason in this world to sit on his wealth for a reason that close watchers know.

If it happened to you and you are pegging off slowly and it is not your fault then you would understand. I really pity her and hope for a miracle.

hater said...

anons, 3:14pm, you are right!


Not surprised to hear the man with plenty wives and concubines caught the big bug!

Sugabelly said...

Given that she's married to a polygamist she should probably get tested for HIV.

I think polygamous families should routinely test for STDs.

In fact, all families should.

I hope it's not HIV and I hope she gets better soon.

Anonymous said...

Anon May 11, 2011 9:18 PM you be original insider. I talk am say big man get proper big trouble. All this dressing in expensive gears cover up a multitude of sins.
All these ladies should have left Alhaja's husband alone for her to enjoy the fruit of her labour. Many girls don't want to start from the scratch with any man. They just want to jump in and reap where they have not sown. Now see trouble wey Sade don land herself inside.
I saw both of them on Bisi Olatilo show attending Chief Sunny Odogwu's 80th bday bash in London though. Anyway if na acquire she get, Abuja medicine dey sha.

Anonymous said...

she wants to reap where she didnt sow..poor alhaja Kuburat the first wife a very down to earth nice woman has really suffered bcos of golddiggers like dare she struggle with Biola,Tunde, Taofick,Bolaji, Lanre,Aina ..i have known them since i was very young and how hard they have worked from dawn till dusk, in Eleganza to make it the multimillion naira enterprise it is..They are very prayerful young men and women who knows if their prayers have reached God's ears..and all household enemies are being be dealt with..

NaijaAmerican said...

Pathetic girl. What girl from a decent home in her right mind would EVER marry into a family where 1, the man has more than 1 wife and each wife is younger than the next and 2 some of his kids are either older or the same age as she is? I thot the other wives would have killed her off long ago. Foolish. Omo alata. Her foolish mother too stood behind her like an iroko tree. O fe sun kun omo e at a young age allowing her to marry a wealthy already married man. May God heal her and may she seek his face during this tough time

Anonymous said...

doesn;t she like have i heard be me talk am

Anonymous said...

Omo ayilara so ri aiye ee lo de
People don talk enough
You don enjoy enough
Now youre paying the price
At what age?
Your mates have struggled witg their young husbands and have started enjoying the fruit of their labor at 30 plus
Dem dey kampe for their husbands house

Sade was it worth it all?
Anyway you have enough time to seek the face of the Lord
Will say a couple prayers for you
U need am

Shakara said...

AIDS, i heard about two years ago! Was told they get regular doses of AZT and whatever else fantastic drugs they have there. If it’s true, they are OT(heir)O!

I don’t blame the mammy water, it’s the man i blame for chasing and marrying such a young woman. Her “jazz” must be on another level.

Seriously, that’s why we must not (and I DO NOT) envy people especially these so-called celebrity rich people. With all the money they have, they still remain dysfunctional!!!

Anonymous said...

Linda, I fear ur blog! Kai!Infact the beginning of Linda's blog is the beginning of wisdom!!!

Omo, I too dey gbadun this blog. I no fit miss am in a day. Infact, comments dey sweet pass the story. Linda, keep up the good work o jare and more power ro ur gborun's elbow!!!

Anonymous said...

I was suspecting this story made your blog to be pulled down. Do not be part of the people pulling other people down. This lady`s family really needed Okoya`s financial support at the time she met him. Let us not judge others by our own standard. We have different needs.The useless media made her a celebrity overnight. They ignored real role models and were focusing on Shade Okoya`s bogus fashion like its what we want the youth to copy.

Anonymous said...

Anon May 13, 2011 11:11 PM. I am really clinching my teeth so I don't talk again becos I don't want to cause more trouble than is on ground.

Anonymous said...

@may 13 2011, you talk well. See the people calling her mamy water . Na wa. How many girls in this Lagos can beat their chest that they will reject true marriage advances of a wealthy man like Okoya? Forget story. If you blame sade, blame the chief also. It takes two to tango now. If she is guilty, the chief okoya is guilty also. And i bet you, many of the pple commenting here will not bat an eyelid if such an 'opportunity' comes their way. Talk about the case of the dog and 'sour' grapes!

Anonymous said...

sincerely speaking i heard she has aids but she is managing it,cos she can afford the drugs.

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