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Sunday, 8 May 2011

Denrele Edun robbed in Lagos traffic

He was on his way to Jay Jay Okocha's Club 10 with friends for May7ven's birthday party when he was robbed at gunpoint in stand still traffic around Anthony area on Friday night at bout 9pm. The four armed robbers jumped into their car, took their phones, money, and other valuable goods they found on them.

This is why I hate driving at night in Lagos...I've been harassed so many times in traffic by area boys...just nothing as major as this. God protect us all.


Anonymous said...

huh??? i thought lagos is suppose to be the perfect place now, hummmn o ga o

s.a boy said...

why all this noise about jo'burg bein corrupt when lagos remains as dangerous and corrupt as hell

Jayjazzy said...

why wld he leave hs car door open @ night in lagos? na wah oh!so sorry anyways i did pass tru Anthony around that time on Friday and there was standstill traffic! God will help us all!

R4BIZ said...

But 9pm is not late. I thought armed robbers operated around midnight to 4am. Na wa.

sexy said...

lol! i can imagine d scenerio. i hope they striped off all the weirdy's from him. lol! just messing around. pele derele.

Anonymous said...

useless country where armed robbers operate in broad daylight and no one fit do jack...did they call 911? ooops...they did and the response was
"all trunks are busy pls try your call later"

Anonymous said...

Awwwh! The robbers don jam better market! Derenle that wears 3 watches and several necklaces and bangles! Sorry o!

Anonymous said...

Wat did they steal from him?high heeled shoes?

Anonymous said...

@ last anon
with this fake looking watches
kpele o

Oteri Agboro said...

I wonder what the robbers took. lip gloss conceallers, pins, high heeld shoes,brazilian weavons and darling yaky,bullet chains and sleek
It is well.

Tayo said...

Great article.

Anonymous said...

Why rob him of his 'filth' am sure they have no better thing to do.GAY IRRITANT.

Anonymous said...

omo!! this thing na serious matter.
last friday i was on my way to the Island to unwind at Newscafe for the first time in over a year.
Just before Bonny camp (around that Afinkuyomi's fraudulent ship) there was a heavy traffic and a guy just appeared from no where approached the cab in front of me and robbed the woman in the back seat of her mobile phone at gun point.
Within w mins it was all over.There and then i vowed that it would be my last night out in Lagos.
I could not get over the trauma of the incident and i was in bed before 1 am.
the painful part was that it seemed so normal to everyone around.
People just wound up their windows,cross checked their central locks and continued gisting in their cars as if nothing was happening.

Anonymous said...

Hahahahhaha! all that was stolen from him is not worth 1000 naira. very sure of that. Sori dude, u can get a replacement from yaba market soon.

Anonymous said...

Hmn..people are really bad sha. To say that of a person who was robbed at gun point? If you've been robbed before and were lucky enuff to have thieves who weren't really high on crack do dat to would be sympathetic to anyone robbed even if he were ur enemy.
Rele i cannot imagine your trauma. Pele. It is well.

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