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Saturday, 14 May 2011

FG To Spend N500m On Jonathan’s Inauguration

Back at ya!!!
A whopping N500 million has been earmarked by Federal Government to mark the inauguration ceremony of President Goodluck Jonathan as the president of Nigeria for the next four years later this month.
Also, former president of Brazil, Mr Lula Da Silva, has been slated to deliver an inaugural lecture as a mark of honour for of the president with about 35 presidents and heads of governments across the world having signified their intention to be part of the inauguration ceremony.

The lecture, with the theme: “Consolidating Democracy For National Transformation,” is billed to come up on the May 27 in Abuja. In the same vein, an inaugural football match between the Kaduna United Football team of Kaduna and the Eyimba Football Club of Aba is slated for the Abuja Stadium on May 28. - Tribune


Anonymous said...

Ah my Nigeria. 500m for inauguration. I bet there is a panel of whomever set up to plan this and they are making some cool millions (not including the 500m). We seem to have the funds to celebrate lavish independence day celebrations and inaugurations but we can't fund the essential projects. Hmmmm

alleny said...

N500 Million for what!!! Will they cook rice for the whole nation??? There are people that needs that money more. I don kukuma tire for Nigeria, promised myself I will neva complain again, so make them carry go!

Rare Poster said...

It would be a big shame if this turns out to be the same "Government as usual".

This news and his attendance of the inauguration of the 25-year running Ugandan President have really gotten my eye-brows up.

I casted a vote for my conscience and I voted ACN, in as much as I knew they stood no chance.

I'm so glad I did.

However I don't give up easily on people so I'm still hoping and praying for the best from GEJ and this Government.

God bless Nigeria.

Anonymous said...

so this kind of money is available and the government is only giving $5million each to the families of those NYSC victims.
Again, too sad.

Anonymous said...

It would be awesome to put that 500million is context before we bury the president. How much did it cost for the other presidents inaugurations? What is the money being spent on etc. Then we can judge the matter.

Suuisaidl said...

Make Jona and FG go siddon somwhere abeg! And dem dey sleep OK at night wit N18,000 as minimum wage.

Nwa Naija said...

Official amount 500m, unofficial then will be 5billion.

500m my behind!
Carry o
When the real work happens in the next 4yrs, let me know!

Anonymous said...

Oh Nigeria! When will u turn from your treacherous ways? Kai! Half a billion for a bloody inauguration. What's their to celebrate? Yet they give the family of corpers who died in the post-election violence a meager 5 million! I think our problem is too much money they worry this country.

Anonymous said...

i have foreseen this guy ruling for thr next four years just like others,500m naira ,when some women give birth at the General hospital on the floor(mat).....Our president is comfortable spending 500m for inauguration....God its time we start Cursing this leaders everymorning..........and i will recommend Goodluck for a proper check up @ Maudsely Hospital(mental health) awon olori buruku mental problem ati cancer loma pa gbogbo yin danu.....

ibiluv said...

500 million with the poverty in this country?

shaking my head

Anonymous said...

God will punish them #thatisall

R4BIZ said...

Hope Goodluck Jonathan and his gang don't bankrupt Nigeria by the time they leave office. Smh.

Anonymous said...

u voted wisely

hater said...

......and 5m each was given to the slain corpers family total =50m?


passing by said...

So glad i did not waste my vote on him!

corpers family, N50million!

minimum wage N18,000.00 with by force!

constant electricity,
medical care,
infrastructural facilities


People that value their lives should not go because there MIGHT be another bombing as a blood sacrifice to his occult for winning the election as what happened on October 1st last year, when he was initiated into the society! DON'T BELIEVE ME?

Alicia says... said...

see as he dey give me waka! chei!

Anonymous said...

Waka back to you!!!

I don't know what to think of him yet but I like that there's a new face. I'm just wondering why he hasn't spoken out or said anything about the youth corpers that were innocently killed. Where is JUSTICE?

franco said...

I have said it and will continue to re-echo it, nothing good will come out from this man called Jonathan....he's too dull for my liking..naija should get ready for another 4 wasted years....500m for inauguration!!! Not surprise, vangabond and thieves in power.....Shameless looters

Anonymous said...

Shocking what did i hear 500milla for what oh my goodness and people are dying of starvation in 9ja so there is 500m stocked away somewhere for this haba GEJ take your time ooo and don't be foolish by spending lavishly

Anonymous said...

Shocking what did i hear 500milla for what oh my goodness and people are dying of starvation in 9ja so there is 500m stocked away somewhere for this haba GEJ take your time ooo and don't be foolish by spending lavishly

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