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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Uganda to pass the 'Kill The Gays' Bill?

Since last week, Parliament in Uganda have been debating the 'Kill The Gays' bill, also known as the “Anti-​Homosexuality Bill,” or AHB, which, if signed into law in its current form, mandates the death penalty for anyone convicted of the “crime” of homosexuality, anyone convicted of same-​sex rape, anyone who is classified as a “serial offender,” even anyone with HIV.

The bill will most likely get a vote this week in parliament and activist groups in that country are calling on President Yoweri Museveni to veto it.

I hope they don't pass will be too unfair...please God, don't let it happen. Kill another human being because of his sexual preference? Wow!


Anonymous said...

It would be a case of a repugnant law for a repugnant behaviour.

galore said...

in Jesus name,,the bill will not be passed,,if passed it will b opposed by majority.........Why kill people cus of theair Sexuality......its unfair.......The govt should focus on the welfare of d citizens,(Shelter,,Food,Clothings,free education),,than pass such Bill.....

Anonymous said...

while I do not agree with the death penalty, there are much worthy causes to fight for than this!!

and this currently happens in a lot of muslim countries so except you have been sleeping for the last 20 years or you have never bothered, I dont see what the fuss is about.

Kay said...


Can I ask you some questions

Would you like it if some big, scruffy girl to corner you somewhere in the middle of the night and raped you badly till the anal and v.. got sore?

Would it seem palatable to you if one of your relatives was gay ?

Would you prefer to get married to and start a family with a woman ?

If you answer is NO, then you probably have not explained your viewpoint thoroughly for all of your blog readers to understand.

I am sorry if my questions offend you, but homosexuality should not be treated with kid gloves today. It must be discouraged to prevent the wrath that the people of Sodom and Gomorrah faced in ancient times! That can still happen now if care is not taken. GOD has not changed since then.

Anonymous said...

....Most people are just Hypocrites. We all hate prostitutes and condemned them when they protested for their rights in Lagos some days ago. If Gay people can have rights, then Prostitutes should be given freedom to ply their trade...

Esther said...

Kay, you are very stupid. GOD destroyed Sodom & Gomorrah, he NEVER gave a human being such power. If homosexuality is wrong, then that is for our Lord to decide, not ordinary human beings.

Would you like if someone killed your only brother because he is gay? What business of anyone's is it what someone does in the bedroom? That he doesn't want to sleep with women so they should kill him? MURDER? What's the difference between that and having armed robbers kill him in cold blood?

Whoever lays a finger on a homosexual will face the full wrath of GOD because you have no authority to kill.

Kay said...


Esther take it easy, this forum is not for insults, it is just for sharing views. why are you using harsh words against me ? I am only asking questions, I am not stamping my opinions on anyone, so please stop calling me names! I would never use such a harsh word against you or anyone in this forum.That would be childish. So please no name-calling ok(C'mon, you are not a primary school student now)

Besides, I already made an apology to Linda in advance. Probably, you must have skipped that. Now, why should I call you names if you did? That is not mature.

BTW Esther, my brothers ain't gay ok.! Really, I ain't mad atcha. One love .

Anyway, I was only trying to get opposite views that were not condescending or confrontational ot insulting in nature, ok

galore said...

@Esther well said,,,,,,,,,,,@Kay go put ur mouth for toilet......

Anonymous said...

@ Kay, to answer your ridiculous questions.

1. I'm female and wouldn't want to be raped by EITHER a man or a woman. To imply that it would be more palatable if you are forcibly raped by someone of the same sex than the opposite sex doesn't even make any sense

2. Wetin concern me if my relatives are gay? If my siblings or brothers or sisters are gay, I will love and support them with all my heart. I have lots of gay friends and trust me, none of them chose it.

3. ? another silly question. I'm straight, ergo I prefer men. If I didn't, then I would prefer women. BTW I know a lesbian couple with adopted kids and I'm so jealous of the kids because they have far more stability in the house than in the traditional naija family I grew up in.

Conclusion - I still think the law is IDIOTIC and inhumane. What do I care what others do in their bedrooms as long as it's consensual and legal (meaning they are of legal age) EITHER homo or heterosexual. How do you prove someone is homosexual? put cameras in every citizen's bedroom? RIDICULOUS

Unknown said...

Wow, seeing some comments here just surprises me, like WTH???!!!

No human being deserves to die simply because of who they choose to sleep and show affection with. No matter ur point of view on the matter, that is just wrong and sad. Who are we to declare ourselves judges. If it's wrong, let God decide.

And for the person likening this to prostitution, I doubt the punishment for prostitution in Uganda is death, so that doesn't even make sense. I don't hate prostitutes and I don't think they should die for what they do. Stop thinking we are all close-minded like you obviously are.

I pray such a law never gets passed, they have more pressing problems than that, why are they wasting these resources on such a inhumane law.

hot N cold said...

even people with HIV? their president needs to be killed first. What a terrible person. In Uganda, 3 out of every 5 persons have HIV.

Anonymous said...

First of all, has the government of Uganda provided basic amenities for the citizens?How dare they even think of killing another man for what he does in the privacy of his house. People are so hypocritical. This is In a continent where children are forced to marry men old enough to be their grandfathers.A continent where a woman is blamed if she is sexually assaulted.AND THEY HAVE THE GUTS TO UTTER SUCH CRAP.

Why would anyone want to be gay in a place like Uganda except they are really born that way.Pls stop judging other people for their sexualy preference.

@ Kay, your argument is quite senseless so, i will not waste my time dissecting the rubbish you wrote

Anonymous said...

That is a good move in Uganda, other country shopuld follow that steps. Homosexuality is worse than armed robbery.

Anonymous said...

its a stupid

Anonymous said...

its a stupid

Kay said...

Hello People,

I have received a lot of unjust insults without insulting anyone. In my last 2 responses, I never said that homosexuals should be killed(I am not in support of killing people), but that homosexuallity should be discouraged.

I am only asking questions about what makes sense in homosexuality.

Please, I beg you all, before you crucify me, read the following :

I am not the one who wrote it.

Like I always say, I am sorry if my responses offended you, but nothing justifies your calling me names like stupid, senseless, or crazy or all that stuff. Linda's blog is for exchanging ideas and peaceful debate, not for abuse or name-calling.

I also want us to know that if homosexuality is encouraged in our days then in the nearest future bestality(the horrible practice of men and women sleeping with animals like horses, dogs, etc) will also be encouraged.

Like I said, I am not insulting Linda or anybody(sorry if I did),this is my opinion which I am entitled to as an individual.

Anonymous said...

I wonder why people are attacking Kay, blog forums are for freedom of speech. Please leave her alone and tell us your view on the matter biko! haba...

My own stance? I have never and will never support the death penalty (even though some heinous crimes deserve such) but i am 200% against homosexuality. I do not believe the Ugandan govt is making the right decision should they veto it. If anyone close to me were gay, i would pray them to the Lord for deliverance for such a desire is from the pit of hell! (born that way or not-if there is such a thing)..
For more guidance on those who beg to differ on homosexuality, read Leviticus 18:22, Leviticus 201:13, 1 Corinthians 6: 9-10, 2 Timothy 3:2, Romans 1: 23-27, Jude 7 etc) i have ensured to put new testament scriptures so you won't say the words of the old testament have been abolished (e no dey hard us to twist bible for our convenience). My point at the end of the day is that there should be some sort of punishment for such sins but as much as we may like to have authority to judge, we cannot. In the words of Jesus. "he without sin, cast the first stone".

Anonymous said...

That's our own Bissy remember the guy who came out and said he was gay on funmi iyanda's nta show? well he's living the gay fantasy life in London!

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